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7 top tips for matched betting newbies

November 12th, 2016 Beginner, Matched Betting

Welcome to the world of matched betting. As a matched betting ‘newbie’ chances are, you’ll be looking for a bit of advice. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Take a look at OddsMonkey’s top tips for matched betting newbies and you’ll be ready to start making a risk-free profit in no time…

tips for matched betting newbies

OddsMonkey’s 7 top tips for matched betting newbies

1. Do ALL of the offers

On OddsMonkey, we have a list of all of the best welcome/signup/new account offers currently available from UK bookmakers; there are 40+. The offers have been tried and tested and we’ve written up a tutorial for each one.

As you work your way through each of the offers you’ll get faster at finding the odds, finding your way around the OddsMatcher and start to learn the differences between individual bookies’ sites.

The point of bookmakers’ welcome offers is to encourage people – you – to open an account and bet with them. Customers who gamble rather than matched bet are likely to only have acounts with a couple of different bookmakers. However, matched bettors benefit from having one account with as many bookies as possible.

Just think – the more accounts you have, the more ongoing offers you’ll be able to take part in once you’ve completed the signup offers. More ongoing offers equal more ongoing monthly profits.

OddsMonkey’s Ben shares how he makes £600+ a month with ongoing offers.

2. Separate emails

Set up an email address specifically for matched betting. That way, you can avoid ‘spam’ in your personal account and all of the offers that are sent to you will be in one place (easy to find). There are loads of free email services out there (Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, Mail.com). Get a separate account and sync it up to your smartphone so you never miss an offer!

3. Save, Save, Save

As you work your way through the new account offers list, you’ll soon discover that you need a larger float to cover some of the larger offers. OddsMonkey’s tip is to save all of your profits from the welcome offers and use these to build your pot. If you don’t, one of the biggest problems you’ll have is not having a big enough float to transition from signup to ongoing offers.

4. Write it down

Keep a note of the basic information associated with your betting activity. Forgetting your login details for a bookie account can be frustrating, especially if it means that the odds change before you get chance to put a bet on.

Track your profits. It’s surprising how quickly the odd £8, £27 and £76 will add up. By noting it all down, you’ll soon see how profitable matched betting can be for you.

5. Double Check

Some bookmakers – particularly the smaller ones – change their sign-up offers regularly. Before registering a new account with them, OddsMonkey would advise you to double check their website to make sure that the sign-up offer they are advertising is the same one as in our guides. If it has changed, you’ll be able to let us know and will quickly receive instructions for the new offer from our team.

6. Get involved in the Community

As soon as you upgrade to OddsMonkey Premium, you’ll be able to jump straight into our Community. There you’ll find members of our customer support team who are experienced in all things matched betting-related and ready to answer any question you have. You’ll also meet other matched bettors, of all experience levels, who are really friendly and super supportive. All newbies are welcome!

7. Daily To-Do list

The Daily Offer Calendar is updated as soon as new offers are announced. Follow our To Do list and you’ll be well on your way to earning £500 to £700 a month.