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Horse Racing Matched Betting Guide

Betting on horse races is considered to be one of the most classic methods of sports betting, with gamblers placing bets on races for hundreds of years. This popular method of gambling has progressed through the years, from placing stakes with bookmakers at the races only to betting on races around the world from online sites. The newest way that people are placing stakes in horse racing is called matched betting; this provides great potential for players to win from their horse racing bets.

The concept of matched betting removes the potential for players to lose their stake by covering all eventualities of the race. This method of placing stakes originally became popular with football betting, where the gambler would bet on a team to win and then another stake on the team to lose or draw. You may be wondering – Is matched betting on horses any different to football matched betting? – Let’s take a look at what matched betting with horse racing includes.

Horse Racing Matched Betting Explained

Matched betting on horse racing is quite simple and easy to learn, especially for those with experience in football matched betting. Like with football, successful horse racing matched betting is based around placing a back and lay bet covering all eventualities of the race. This means that if the horse you are backing does win, you will receive the payout from your back bet. If the horse fails to win the race, the horse racing matched betting lay bet will reward a payout dependent on the odds that were used to place it. Matched betting with horse racing removes the possibility of losing, with those placing the stakes able to win a payout or their bet stake value back.

How does Horse Racing Matched Betting Work?

When it comes to matched betting with horse racing, you will start by placing a ‘back’ bet on a horse of your choosing to win. You will then go on to place a ‘lay’ bet on this horse not to win, covering both aspects with the specified stakes. It is better to back a horse with low odds of winning here, as it means the ‘lay’ bet will not cost so much to offer a return covering both stakes. At OddsMonkey, we provide software known as a Matched Betting Calculator that calculates the various stake amounts to place and cover all bet outcomes. 

The main differences between horse racing matched betting and football matched betting are based on the number of potential outcomes in a horse race. Many horse races include a different number of horses taking part, with between four and 20+ horses in some races offering odds to bet on. Whereas the outcome in a game of football is Lose, Draw or Win, the outcome of a horse race could be any placing out of all the horses taking part. This could affect the odds of a horse winning, something that could make the price of ‘lay’ bets higher than in Football betting.

Matched Betting Horse Racing Rules

The matched betting horse racing rules when placing stakes on horse racing are simple to understand for newcomers to this betting strategy. When it comes to matched betting horse racing rules, the most important is not to place your ‘lay’ and ‘back’ bet with the same site or company. Although horse racing matched betting is not illegal, many sites do not like users covering all outcomes of a bet, so it is important to place your stakes across two betting sites. There aren’t many matched betting horse racing rules to take into consideration; you can find out more about his betting method at OddsMonkey.

How to start Matched Betting with Horse Racing

If you’re new to horse racing matched betting, you will find a lot of information available on-site to get you started. One such tool that can help players successfully use the matched betting format is a matched betting calculator, available to use at OddsMonkey. This software will help players calculate the amount of money they will have to put on the ‘lay’ bet and what the stakes could pay out here.

Matched betting horse racing is a great way to remove the risk of loss from bets placed in order to access promotional offers on a site. For example, if a sports gambling website is offering members bet credits after they have placed a stake in horse racing. Covering the cost of the qualifying stake with a ‘lay’ bet on the opposite outcome can mean players gain bet credits without theoretically spending anything. These bet credits can then be used to place regular betting stakes on selections you like, or to cover the ‘back’ bet of more matched betting with horse racing!

If you’ve not been involved with matched betting before, it would be wise to start off small and build up the stakes with any money paid out by this process. This way, you can change a low stake into a decent return over the course of gradually increasing bets.

Best Horse Racing Matched Betting Offers 

As mentioned, using matched betting as a way to access bonus offers that sites have available is a great way to place bets free of charge. The huge range of online gambling sites available brings with it a brilliant selection of bonus offers that you can trigger through the process of matched betting. Many of the deposit bonuses on offer, including the sign-up bonuses, can be claimed by users of horse racing matched betting providing more funds for sports betting. In order to get the best out of these potential offers, we also have a number of other tools you could utilise, including the each way calculator and the additional odds checker tool.


As you can see, there is a lot of great gambling potential on offer from horse racing matched betting. It is important to understand that matched betting with horse racing is not really a way to get rich quickly; it is a way for users to gradually build up their bankroll without risking a loss. Covering all ends of the bet seems like a more reliable way to bet on horse racing, and it can prove to be this if done correctly. If you’d like to learn more about horse racing, check out our ultimate horse racing betting guide to find out all of the aspects you are likely to encounter within this sector of betting.

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