Football Matched Betting Guide

Betting on football matches is easily one of the most popular types of sports betting in the UK, if not the world. Modern football dates back to the 1800s, and though there is no proof of it, we assume that bettors have been pacing stakes on football games since then. Gambling on football matches became legal in 1960, after which bookmakers started to appear in and around football venues across the UK. Football betting, along with all sorts of sports gambling, now takes place mostly online, with bookmaker websites offering great features and odds on upcoming fixtures.

A method of sports betting that is becoming more popular at the moment is football-matched betting. The basis of matched betting on football is placing an initial stake backing a team to win and a second bet that covers the game ending in a draw or the team losing. This betting method sounds simple, though there are a number of components that go into making the correct bet stakes covering all outcomes of a football match. Let’s take a look at matched betting football and how the site features of OddsMonkey can help you successfully execute stakes on football without the risk of losing.

Football Matched Betting Explained

If you are looking into the concept of matched betting football fixtures, this isn’t too complicated to learn and could remove any chance of losing stakes. You will start by placing a ‘back’ bet on the team you want to win the match; normally, the team that offers the greatest payout should they win. Next, you will have to place a ‘lay’ bet covering all other outcomes, including a draw or the other team winning. 

When placing the ‘lay’ bet, it is important to calculate the stake required that would ensure this bet can pay out a return covering both the ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bet prices. In most cases, those that use football matched betting will want the ‘back’ bet to pay out the values of both stakes and more. If the ‘lay’ bet pays out with the team drawing or losing, then at least the bet value is returned, which removes the risk of the bettor losing out from this bet. This method of placing stakes on football means that those placing the stakes can either win or break even. Football matched betting is unlikely to provide massive payouts but a steady stream of small returns that could then be placed elsewhere.

How Does Football Matched Betting Work?

The number one football matched betting rule is ensuring you have placed the correct stakes on a game to ensure any outcome will, at the very minimum, return your bet stakes. The amount that is placed on a ‘lay’ bet is determined by the stake of a ‘back’ bet and the odds in place for the outcome of the ‘back’ bet not to occur. Those that are looking to get into football matched betting should start by backing a team with low odds on it to win; this means that the price of the ‘lay’ bet will be less as it offers greater returns. The easiest way to determine the odds for each side of the bet is to use our matched betting calculator.

Football matched betting is probably the simplest form of matched betting, which makes it great for people that are new to this style of placing bets. Along with matched betting football games, you can also use matched betting with a great list of other sports, including horse racing matched betting. Using matched betting with different sporting events can be more confusing with different potential outcomes and odds included; in comparison, football matched betting is a lot easier.

How to Start Matched Betting with Football

If you are new to football matched betting, the tools available from OddsMonkey will help you to successfully place ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bets. The matched betting calculator feature on site is a way for users to see the potential profits that users can expect from their ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bet stakes. This system takes into account the amount placed on each stake and the odds of either paying out to determine what should be placed to ensure the user will not lose.

We would advise newcomers to football matched betting to start with smaller stakes whilst they experience the format for the first couple of times. The outcome of an initial football matched betting stake could provide the bettor with more funds to place on the next one if they are looking to continue the chain. If the ‘back’ bet does not pay out, then the ‘lay’ bet returns all money staked, and you can try again. 

Alongside placing stakes, there is a lot of information around matched betting football and more available to read through at OddsMonkey. Pages on site include information on the huge range of bonus offers available across online bookmakers, matched betting and ways of tracking or calculating profits using this method. Additionally, should you wish to get the most out of these offers, we also have some tools including the accumulator calculator and the odds matcher tool at OddsMonkey which could be extremely useful during your betting experience.

Best Football offer for Matched Betting

Because of the usually low return rate of football matched betting, this format is often used as a risk-free way of claiming bonus offers from online betting sites. The most popular bonus features provide users with funds back in bet credits after they have placed an initial stake, for example, ‘100% back on a first stake of £10 or more’. The glory of using matched betting football stakes here is that the user will gain access to these bonus credits without risking their initial stake.

A great selection of the different bonus offers that sports gambling sites are offering users right now is available for members at OddsMonkey. This means you can start using football matched betting to claim bonus funds which can be placed on different bets to turn over more of a profit!

Football To Matched Bet On

The regular football season in Europe runs from August to May with matches almost every day of the week. South American leagues such as the Brazilian Serie A start in April and finish in December. This means that there is always football matches to matched bet on! Outside of the regular season, there are also tournaments to look out for such as the World Cup, Euros, Copa America etc. With the rise of the women’s football there are plenty more opportunities for matched bettors as the Women’s Super League is growing and the Women’s World Cup are both growing in popularity. For football matched betting fans, there are always games available!

Football Matched Betting At OddsMonkey

The glory of football matched betting, when done correctly, is that there is no way to lose the money placed on bets. The returns on offer aren’t great; this is in no way a get-rich-quick scheme though it can gradually increase the user’s kitty over time. Users of football matched betting can then use the bonus bet credits to place higher returning stakes or decrease the cost of future matched betting stakes.  If you are looking to find out more about betting on football, check out our complete football betting guide to learn everything there is regarding this sector of betting.

If you are interested in matched betting on other sports to football, then you may like to check out our best sports for matched betting guide.

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