How to bet online

In this day and age, knowing how to bet online is pretty confusing for those who are new to it.

A quick Google search for ‘how to bet online’ brings up thousands of different betting companies, options and ways of betting.

So we’re going to run through the few most important things to look into if you want to know how to bet online, before ending with our favourite.

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How to bet online

Sports betting

Sports betting’s been around for ages. Thousands of years, in fact! The ancient Greeks would place wagers on the original version of the Olympics. However, this was a pretty underground practice.

It was actually the Romans who first gave sports betting a legal standing, and they would place bets on the gladiator games. Obviously, the Romans spread far and wide around the world. And they took betting with them. They can think themselves lucky they didn’t have to scour the internet, searching for how to bet online!

But betting stayed relatively unchanged throughout the years. Generally, money would change hands between two people. It wasn’t until the internet arrived that things really started to get interesting.

Now we’ve got hundreds and thousands of different sportsbooks to explore. Not only that, but they cover almost every sport imaginable – from football to surfing. A little overwhelming, huh?

Not only is it overwhelming, but it’s easier to access than ever. Wherever you are, you can place a bet within 30 seconds. Just as long as you have your mobile phone with you.

It could be the sheer number of options, along with the ease of access, that has led many to fall into gambling. You should probably prepare to lose money in the name of entertainment, as not many people win. There’s only one guaranteed way to win, which we’ll come to at the end…

Casino betting

No article telling you how to bet online is complete without some info about casino betting.

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Online casinos have been growing in sophistication for years now. Even to the extent that you can play games live – with live dealers – from the comfort of your own home. It’s like being on the Las Vegas strip without the legions of drunk, shouty people ruining your concentration.

As well as live dealer casino games, you can also bet on a variety of video table games. Things such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette in hundreds of different versions, are available for you at the click of a button.

Perhaps the most entertaining though, are the video slots. Some of these incorporate high end graphics and provide an immersive and entertaining experience.

Of course though, games companies design these games to make you lose your money in the name of entertainment.


“Man alive”…”legs eleven”…we’ve all heard the bingo lingo used in halls up and down the country. In fact, that’s probably half of the fun of bingo, isn’t it?

But in recent times, many bingo players have opted for comfort over entertainment and are now playing from their sofa. Probably with less blue rinse perms on display, too…

This is another interesting option in your search for ways to bet online. But once again, it’s hard to win any money. You need to consider it a form of entertainment, rather than a money-making scheme.

Our favourite…

You may not be expecting this, but we’re going to show you how to bet online and guarantee yourself winnings. We get it – you’ve probably just rolled your eyes and laughed, saying “yeah right”. But it’s true! Even the Guardian newspaper has reported on it.

Drum roll please…It’s called matched betting. Now, it’s too long a subject to cover here, so head over here to see how it works. In short, it’s basically a way of turning free bets offered by bookmakers into real cash.

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