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How To Profit From Cheltenham Festival 2024 With Matched Betting

It’s that time of year again; one of the horse racing calendar’s biggest events is on its way. This year’s Cheltenham Festival is set to take place between March 12th–15th. This post will look at how to profit from Cheltenham Festival 2024 with matched betting.

  • Champion Day: March 12th 2024
  • Style Wednesday: March 13th 2024
  • St Patrick’s Thursday: March 14th 2024
  • Gold Cup Day: March 15th 2024. The Cheltenham Gold Cup, the Festival’s most prestigious race, takes place today.

What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a technique that allows you to make money from the free bets offered by online bookmakers. Rather than relying on luck, you cover all potential outcomes of an event by placing two bets so that you win no matter what happens. Use matched betting software to calculate how much you need to stake on these bets in order to lock in a profit.

Matched Betting With OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey offers a full matched betting service which includes tools, the latest and best offers, and expert support. We created the original odds matching software to make matched betting quicker and easier. Since then, we’ve added a range of software to help with specific offer and event types, such as the Each Way Matcher as well as a whole hots of other betting calculators.

Cheltenham Festival 2024 Matched Betting

There are lots of opportunities when it comes to how to profit from Cheltenham Festival 2024 with matched betting. Some of these profit-making opportunities come from the bookmakers and the promotional offers they run. However, there are other ways for you to add to your profit at this year’s festival.

Free Bet Offers

Free bet offers are the bread and butter of matched betting. For more information on how this type of offer works, check out our ‘What is Matched Betting?’ guide. In celebration of the festival, you might also come across some enhanced sign up offers.

Racing Refund Offers

Racing refund offers and money back specials are a fantastic way to profit at Cheltenham 2024. OddsMonkey Premium members can get full training on how to make the most out of these types of offers.

0% Commission

Premium members can also make use of our fantastic O% commission deals with both Smarkets and Matchbook. That means you won’t pay anything on a winning lay bet at the betting exchange. What a way to boost your profits!

Invite-Only Offers

Check your emails for offers exclusively for you. Bookies like to give out invite-only offers, from time-to-time so keep an eye out for those.

Price Boosts

Price boosts are enhanced odds offered by bookies. OddsMonkey Premium members can find price boosts in a dedicated “No Chat” section on the Community forum. It’s a good idea to set up alerts so that you can jump on a price boost as soon as possible.

Extra Place Races

Bookies sometimes offer extra places at large racing events such as the Cheltenham Festival. An extra place is when one or more places are added onto a bookie’s standard place classification. For example, if they usually pay on three places in a horse race, they may offer to pay the 4th position too. The fourth position is the ‘extra place’, which means that you could still win money if your horse crosses the line here.

Offers for Cheltenham Festival 2024

Offers will be announced throughout the event, so it’s worth taking a look every morning. OddsMonkey Premium members have access to our Daily Offer Calendar and dedicated Cheltenham offers forum threads. Members can cherry pick the offers they want to complete and then choose the right tool for the job from our range of matched betting software.

Tips For Matched Betting At Cheltenham Festival 2024

Whilst the buzz around the Cheltenham Festival is always exciting, it’s important not to get swept up in things. Especially if it’s your first Cheltenham experience or you’re relatively new to matched betting. Remember that different matched bettors have different levels of knowledge and bankrolls which will see them get different results in terms of profits.

The best way to enjoy Cheltenham Festival 2024 is to focus on yourself and your experience. Whether you bet on every race, or cherry pick a handful of offers, this is your festival.

We’ve put together a few tips for you in the lead up but if you have any questions about the festival as well as devising a dedicated Cheltenham 2024 betting guide.

1: Work out how much money you have in your bankroll.

Your bankroll can be whatever amount you have available to use. If you have a smallish amount, ie £100, then you’ll need to focus on a couple of offers. However, the higher your bankroll, the more offers you should be able to do.

It’s also worth thinking about how much you may need in your accounts and to deposit money beforehand. That way, you won’t be moving money around when you want to be getting your matched bets on. Look at account deposit limits, as these may impact how much or how often you deposit funds.

It may also be an idea to have any documents ready such as payslips, investments, bank account statements close by in case a bookmaker decides to conduct a SOW (Source of Wealth) check.

2: Complete as many sign up offers as you can before the festival starts

By signing up to as many bookies as possible, you should be able to increase your bankroll for the big event.

Also, once you’ve completed a bookmaker’s sign up offer, you’ll be eligible to take part in reload offers. Therefore, if they offer any throughout Cheltenham Festival 2024, your account will be set up and ready for you to jump onto them.

3: Sign up to a minimum of 2 betting exchanges

Cheltenham is a busy time for everyone. And whilst it’s rare, there’s always the chance that the betting exchange you’re using could hit some kind of technical difficulty. The four main exchanges are: Betfair, Smarkets, Betdaq and Matchbook. It’s a good idea to sign up to at least 2 of these, just in case you need an alternative option for lay bets.

And don’t forget that you can also take advantage of the 0% commission deals we have with Smarkets and Matchbook for OddsMonkey Premium members.

Please keep in mind that some exchanges may ask for additional ID documents, so have them set up in advance.

4: The easier reload offers tend to be the first race of the day

The first race of each day of Cheltenham Festival 2024 will be at 13:30. In previous years, the first race has often attracted the greatest number of offers. The reason why bookmakers target the first race is because they hope punters will continue to use them throughout the day/festival.

5: Go along at your own pace

Cheltenham can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if it’s your first year of matched betting. And depending on your personality, you’ll either find it inspiring or overwhelming, seeing what other matched bettors are achieving.

Use OddsMonkey’s tools to filter offers by profitability. Even if you only complete a few offers a day, you should still be able to make a profit that you are happy with by the end of the week.

Start your free trial with OddsMonkey today.

Start making profits now for free!

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