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Luckiest Horse Numbers In The Grand National

Every year, the Grand National is one of the biggest horse races in the UK, with the Aintree racecourse seeing thousands of people flock to it annually to see one of the most competitive races in the calendar. 40 different horses compete in this horse racing spectacle, and when horse racing betting, there are a number of factors such as form, jockeys, trainers, stamina and jumping capability that bettors take into consideration when making their choices.

However, many others tend to just pick the number of horses that stand out to them should they be more casual about the event. More often than not, a person will have their own lucky numbers, but in relation to the Grand National, there are groups that are lucky as well as unlucky in their own right.

Which Numbers Have Won The Grand National The Most? 

Over the last 23 iterations of the Grand National, 16 individual numbers have claimed victory. In the steeplechase, the numbers between 11 and 29 have proved to be the most successful, supplying 12 winners over this period. 35 and 29, 13 and 10 lead the way, however, with these numbers claiming victory twice each so far. 

Which Numbers Have Placed The Most?

When betting on the Grand National, most bookmakers tend to pay each way for the first four finishers. However,  some of the best Grand National betting offers, include bookies paying up to six places. One thing that is worth noting is that in the last 22 years, three numbers have not managed to finish in the top six on any occasion, with those being 39, 25, and 8.

One number, though, that has claimed a silver medal on 4 different occasions, is 27, with it being second past the post more times than any other number. However, in regards to the top 6 finishes overall, 37 tops the table, finishing within these places on 5 separate occasions since 2010. When compared to other numbers across the same stretch, no other horse has even finished more than 3 times.

Which Numbers Have Finished The Grand National The Most? 

Since the turn of the millennia, 875 different runners have lined themselves up at the starting tape on the Aintree racecourse. However, out of these, only 198 of these have completed the trip. As you’d likely expect, considering it has finished in the top 6 the most, number 37 has also finished the race a total of 12 times, a record since 2012. This number is closely followed by 32, 24 and 10 as well, with these having finished the race 11 times each.

Which Numbers Have Finished The Grand National The Least? 

Over the same period, the numbers 6 and 9 could be considered unlucky as they only finished 4 times each over 23 editions of the Grand National. All of the numbers between 1 and 9 are actually within double figures in regards to not finishing the race, however, arguably the most unlucky number since 2010 has been 31, with this number only passing the racing post on one occasion in the 12 outings since then.

Which Numbers Have Been The Unluckiest? 

When talking about horses failing to finish, this could actually occur in a number of different ways. Some may be brought down when coming into contact with a horse in front of them should they fall or make a mistake, whereas some could even lose their jockeys after a bumpy landing, seeing the run of track riderless.

Since 2000, the number 20 has been a victim of these outcomes most often, with it actually going through a stint of 15 Grand Nationals where the number only finished 4 times. Although these instances are down to pure luck, this number has repeatedly fallen prey to being brought down and unseated the most.

Which Numbers Fall The Most In The Grand National

Due to there being 40 horses competing in the Grand National, some are bound to fall at some point, with the closely packed racers having to jump over 30 separate fences across the 4-mile racecourse. Error prone jumpers could potentially fall over the opposite side of the fence by misjudging its leap or potentially dismount its jockey should it land in such a way when making it over the fence in question.

Between 2010 and 2023, the number 31 managed to claim the honour of being the clumsiest horse in the Grand National, either unseating or falling during the steeplechase on 8 different occasions.

Since the turn of the millennia however, the number 8 has been by far the worst offender when it comes to falling and not finishing the race, with 15 examples of this occurring since 2000. On the contrary, the number 4 has only fallen or unseated its jockey 2 times, the lowest total over the same time period. 

Matched Betting On The Grand National

Although the numbers we have discussed could potentially help you make choices in the Grand National, one way in which you could potentially make the most out of any horse racing promotions, offers or bonuses is via the matched betting strategy.

At OddsMonkey, we have all the tools and betting calculators you could possibly need should you wish to apply this strategy on the Grand National, with there also being some dedicated Grand National matched betting guide that could ensure you are fully informed going into the big race at Aintree.

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