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WTF?!: Common betting, matched betting and casino abbreviations explained

November 15th, 2016 Beginner, Matched Betting

As you navigate the world of the OddsMonkey Community, you’ll see lots of matched betting acronyms and abbreviations. Some you’ll know, some you’ll be able to work out and others will just leave you thinking “wtf?!”

I’ve put together this list to help you decipher what they all mean. If you come across any new ones that don’t appear in this list, just let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page and I’ll get them added on.


Common matched betting acronyms and abbreviations

Acca: Accumulator

A multiple bet, usually refers to when you have 4 teams or more on a coupon at a bookmaker.

matched betting terms

AGS: Anytime Goalscorer

Refers to a specific market at a bookmaker.

AH: Asian Handicap

Refers to a specific market at a bookmaker.

AP: Advantage Play

This is when the offer is not risk free but we have an advantage over the long-term thanks to the terms of the offer/promotion. An example would be a No Lay Acca.

ARB: Arbitrage

When you back at a bookie and lay at a lower odds at an exchange. These are displayed on our OddsMatcher software with a rating of over 100%. Do not do too many of these as bookies are likely to restrict your accounts.

Check out this post which answer the question: ‘Is it ever safe to arb as part of your matched betting strategy’.

AWS: All Weather Surface

The type of track at a horse racing course.

BBL: Beaten By A Length

A type of horse racing offer from a bookmaker.

BF: Betfair

When people post bookie odds and the exchange odds, the 2 initials at the end are to indicate the exchange. For example: 14.30 Doncaster – A horse 6.00/6.20 BF

BFSB: Betfair Sportsbook

Betfair’s sportsbook (bookie) offering. If you place a bet in the BFSB do not lay it on BF!

BOOM!: Boom

What some people say when a trigger has been hit which means that they’re going to receive a free bet. For example their horse may have finished 2nd to the SP FAV

BOG: Best Odds Guaranteed

This is when a bookmaker will pay you at out at higher price if the SP is higher than the odds you backed it at.

BSP: Betfair Starting Price

The odds a horse was at when the race started, which is usually higher then the ISP or SP44

BTTS: Both Teams To Score

Refers to a specific market at a bookmaker.

C&D: Course & Distance

Refers to a horses form (ie. it’s previously won at this course and over this distance).

CS: Correct Score

Refers to a specific market at a bookmaker.

DBL: Double

A bet involving 2 teams on one betting coupon.

DYOR: Do your own research

Someone letting you know that you should check the T&Cs before completing the offer.

EV: Expected Value

The amount of profit we have calculated that an offer will return to us over the long-term.

EWM: Eachway Matcher

One of our horse racing tools which helps with each way matching.

Check out this post and meet the Each Way Matcher.

matched betting acronyms and abbreviations ewm EachWayMatcher

FAV: Favourite

The favourite to win an event, usually refers to horse racing offers.

FB: Free Bet

We like these!

FGS: First Goalscorer

Refers to a specific market at a bookmaker.

FP: Free Play

When we get to play a game at a bookmaker without it costing us any money to do so.

FS: Free Spins

When we get to play spin the wheels on slot machines without it using our real cash balance.

HCP: Handicap

Often referred to in horse racing. A handicap race is one in which horses carry different weights. A better horse will carry a heavier weight to give it a disadvantage when racing against slower horses.

ISP: Industry Starting Price

Referred to on Betfair’s results page, the average of major bookie’s SP odds.

LC: Live Chat

An instant text based chat service offered by most bookies.

LGS: Last Goalscorer

Refers to a specific market at a bookmaker. Like the name suggests, you’re betting on the last person to score a goal in a particular game.

MB: Matched Betting

The thing we’re all doing to make some money!

MBS: Money Back Special

A type of offer from a bookmaker. This is a type of bet where you could get your money back when a certain event happens in a match. The event will usually have been decided before the game and when it happens, all losing bets will be refunded. This is great news, especially when that 89th minute goal just cost you a winning bet.

NH: National Hunt

A particular type of horse race in which horses are required to jump fences and ditches. The opposite to flat racing.

NR: Non-Runner

When a horse withdraws from a race it is then classed as a Non-Runner.

O2.5: Over 2.5 Goals

Part of the Over Under market at a bookmaker. Over Under betting is based on the total goals of a game. In football, the bookmaker usually sets 2.5 goal as the line and the punters choose Under 2.5 goals (no-score, 1 goal and 2 goals) or Over 2.5 goals (3 goals or more). Can also be O1.5, O3.5, O4.5 etc

OM: OddsMonkey / OddsMatcher

That’ll either be the wonderful Community you’re part of (OddsMonkey) 🙂 or our main piece of software (the OddsMatcher).

oddsmatcher tool on mac

OP: Opening or Original Post

The first post in a thread in the OM community. You may have asked a question that was already answered in the OP, so people will politely point you there by saying “Check the OP” etc.

R4: Rule 4

When a Rule 4 deduction is imposed by a bookmaker due to non-runners in a horse race.

RF: Risk Free

When we get to attempt an offer and there is absolutely no risk to our bankroll.

RM: RacingMatcher

OddsMonkey’s horse racing tool.

RTP: Return To Player

All casino/slot games have a house edge built into them and that leaves the expected return to player. If a house edge is 5%, then the RTP would be 95%.

SM: Smarkets

When people post bookie odds and the exchange odds the 2 initials at the end are to indicate the exchange. For example: 14.30 Doncaster – A horse 6.00/6.20 SM

SNR: Stake Not Returned

Most free bets awarded do not return the free bet amount in the returns if the bet wins at the bookmaker.

SP: Starting Price

The odds at which a horse starts a race at a bookmaker.

SR: Stake Returned

It will be a rarity if a bookie returns your stake in a free bet.

T&Cs: Terms and Conditions

The specific terms that apply to a bonus or promotion. It’s always good practice to quickly check these before starting an offer in case a bookie has changed them since the offer was first posted.

TBL: Treble

A bet involving 3 selections on one betting coupon.

TM: Tennis Matcher

OddsMonkey’s tennis software.

WR: Wagering Requirement

The amount of times you need to wager a bonus for it become cash you can withdraw or the amount of times you need to wager a deposit in order to trigger an award of a free bet/bonus etc.

Learn those matched betting acronyms and abbreviations and you’ll find your way around, no problem. However, for all the matched betting terms you’ll ever need, download our handy glossary:

matched betting glossary abc cta