meet our members Paul

Meet our members: Paul

The OddsMonkey community is full of people doing matched betting for lots of reasons. Everyone has their own goals, reasons and bankroll size. It’s time to find out more about OddsMonkey Premium member, Paul, in our ‘Meet our members’ blog series.

Meet our members: Paul

1. What is your average weekly profit?

My average weekly profit from matched betting is £295.81*.


2. What do you do with your matched betting profits? Any exciting purchases or stories to share?

I mostly keep my matched betting profits to build my bankroll. My partner is into crystals so she buys a lot of them every other week.


3. What is your bankroll? How much did you start with?

In terms of earnings, my bankroll is knocking on the door of 17k. I started with £100 in July 2022*.


4. How long have you been matched betting?

I first tried matched betting in 2016. Back then, I did the sign up offers but when it got to the reloads and more advanced stuff it was too much at the time so I stopped. I rejoined OddsMonkey in July 2022, completed the remaining sign up offers and then spent time learning the advanced stuff.


5. How much time/hours in an average week do you spend matched betting?

I work this around a home-based business so it’s great as it’s so flexible. I tend to do most of the bets in the morning of each day and then come back to it periodically until the last horse race is run at the end of the day.


6. Any particular days that you do more than others?

No, I work it 7 days a week.


7. What type of offers do you focus on most and why?

I tend to go for the Paddy Power horse racing refunds and the Bet Clubs with Paddy Power and Vickers. I also do a lot of Extra Places and sometimes BOGs. As I have a lot of stake-restricted accounts, I also arb them with maximum stakes and underlay.


8. Could you tell us a bit more about your background and how you came across matched betting?

I came across matched betting many years ago with a different company and thought it looked good so gave it a go and found I was making instant profit. I was surprised at how easy it was so kept going until all the sign up offers were complete.


9. Where do the majority of your profits come from?

My main earnings from matched betting would have to be Extra Place offers and races.


10. Do you do low-risk casino offers? If so, tell us more about that.

I do some casino offers that I take from the reloads section. I particularly do the ones with no risk like the deposit money, claim bingo tickets and then withdraw and also I do the Betfred mystery spins daily.


11. Do you have any advice or tips to offer to other OddsMonkey members?

My advice to anyone new is to take your time and work your way through the sign up offers on the OddsMonkey site. Reach out to any of the helpful staff or some of the more experienced matched bettors as we are all there to help you.

For the more advanced members, I would say to have a plan before you start your day. Think about what you’d like to achieve. Carry out your activities and record your results. The OddsMonkey site has a great Profit Tracker or design a spreadsheet of your own. I record my earnings and daily tasks in my diary and tick them off at the end of the day.

It’s also helpful to review your week to see what went well and what didn’t. Change your plan for the following week, carry out your revised plan and repeat. Remember: Plan…Do…Review.


*Results, bankroll, and profit amounts are strictly personal and will vary from person to person.

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James OddsMonkey

James OddsMonkey

James' background in IT support and matched betting knowledge is how he's ended up at OddsMonkey updating offer, answering tickets and generally being super helpful.

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