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What exactly is an early payout? In some cases where a bookmaker deems an event to be as good as finished, they will offer an early payout that means your bet is secured and classed as a win before the event finishes. Sometimes, these offers end up paying out early, and then the event goes on to win as expected, but in other cases, the bookmaker could pay out early and then the event could go on to lose. The loss, in this case, would not affect you because the bet has already been paid out. These early payout offers are generous and can be beneficial in more ways than one; you can find out more about them at OddsMonkey.

The main benefit of early payout offers is that they provide a level of security for the bettor, especially in the modern world of sports, where upsets are increasingly likely. These offers mitigate the risk of late turnarounds, and with early payout offers, bettors can lock in their win while avoiding the stress. These are particularly useful within accumulator bets calculated using our accumulator bet calculator, where teams could go 2-0 up in a football match, and then losing the game would not change your acca’s outcome.

However, there are considerations to keep in mind. Early payout usually comes with terms and conditions. For instance, the offer might only apply to certain leagues or events, and there could be restrictions on the type of bets or the amount wagered. Additionally, by opting for an early payout, bettors might miss out on potential profit if the game’s final result is more favourable than the situation at the time of the early payout. You can use early payout offers as a way to make money online.

How Early Payout Betting Works 

In early payout betting, the sportsbook sets predefined conditions, such as a team leading by a certain number of points or goals. For instance, in a football match, the condition for an early payout might be that the team you have wagered on leads by two goals at any point during the match. If this condition is met, the sportsbook treats the bet as won and pays out the winnings, regardless of the final outcome of the game. You can combine these early payout offers with things such as betting calculators to maximise your profitability and make your experience more seamless.

This form of betting is particularly appealing to bettors who want to mitigate risk. It provides a sense of security, as it guards against the possibility of a losing team bringing the game back and the bet losing. Bettors interested in this feature should carefully review the terms and conditions offered by their sportsbook to understand how early payout betting works and its potential implications on their wagers.

Early Payout vs Cash Out 

Early Payout is a feature that automatically pays out a bet as a win if certain conditions are met during the game, regardless of the final outcome. For example, in a soccer match, an early payout might be triggered if the team you bet on leads by two goals at any point. This feature is appealing because it offers security against a game’s unpredictable turn of events, allowing bettors to lock in profits early. However, it’s only activated under specific, predefined scenarios set by the sportsbook. 

Cash Out, on the other hand, is more flexible and controlled by the bettor. It allows bettors to settle their bet and receive a payout at any point during the game based on the current odds and the likelihood of the bet winning. The amount received when cashing out can be more or less than the original stake, depending on how the game is progressing. Cash Out is typically used as a risk management tool, giving bettors the chance to cut their losses or secure a profit before the event concludes.

Why Do Bookmakers Offer Early Payout?

Bookmakers offer early payout primarily as a strategy to enhance their appeal and competitiveness in the market. This feature attracts new customers and retains existing ones by providing an additional layer of excitement and convenience in betting. The prospect of securing a win before the end of a game can be very appealing to bettors, especially in sports where late-game changes are common. 

From a risk management perspective, early payout allows bettors to lock in profits, reducing the uncertainty associated with the final moments of a game. This security can encourage bettors to engage more frequently or place larger bets, as the perceived risk is somewhat reduced.

Marketing and publicity also play a significant role. An early payout can generate positive buzz for the bookmaker, especially when bettors benefit from this feature. Positive experiences shared by customers can lead to organic promotion, enhancing the bookmaker’s reputation.

Additionally, early payout helps bookmakers manage their financial liabilities. By paying out certain bets early, they can mitigate the risk of larger payouts at the end of the game. This also aids in cash flow management, as not all bets will reach their natural conclusion.

Why Do Bettors Use Early Payout? 

Early payout offers could be utilised alongside other betting strategies, such as matched betting, which would make for a beneficial form of betting. You would be able to place both sides of your matched bet for a team or player to win an event and then match it, securing an early payout on one side and your matched lay bet on the other side. You can even use our multi-lay calculator for bet selections that include more detail or our matched betting calculator to figure out your lay value.

Best Sports For Early Payout 

Football, basketball, rugby, and American football are ideal for early payout betting due to their dynamic and unpredictable nature. These sports often experience sudden shifts in momentum, making early payouts appealing for securing profits before potential game-changing moments. Their scoring systems, especially in basketball and American football, allow for rapid point accumulation, increasing the chances of meeting early payout conditions. Furthermore, these sports have a large fan base and extensive coverage, providing ample betting opportunities and a wide audience interested in such features, making them highly suitable for bookmakers to offer early payout options.


Using our football betting guide, along with the concept of early payouts, could give you some good insights and information about what bets to place. If you want to place a bet on something like Bayern Munich to beat Borussia Dortmund, you can place a bet with an early payout activated. This bet will be an instant winner if Bayern Munich go 2-0 up at any point. This also applies to 3-1, 4-2, etc. If they have a 2 goal advantage, the early payout may win.


Continuing from the previous, leveraging our basketball betting guide in conjunction with early payout offers can significantly enhance your betting strategy. For instance, if you’re planning to bet on a team like the Los Angeles Lakers to defeat the Boston Celtics, you can opt for a bet with an early payout. In basketball, early payout often activates if your chosen team gains a substantial lead, say, 20 points at any point in the game. So, if the Lakers lead by 20 points during any part of the match – whether it’s 30-10, 50-30, or any such scoreline – your bet would be considered a winner right then. This approach is particularly useful in basketball, where momentum swings and high-scoring periods are common, providing opportunities for early payouts.

Betting Tools And Calculators At OddsMonkey 

You can find a list of different betting tools and betting calculators at OddsMonkey, including sports betting calculators and even a Blackjack strategy calculator that is used for determining the best move to make during a game of blackjack. If you are looking to convert the odds on your bet between each format, we also offer an Odds Converter tool that is incredibly useful for this.

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