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Formula 1 Betting Guide
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Ice Hockey Betting Guide
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NFL Betting Guide
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Esports Betting Guide
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Rugby Union Betting Guide
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Boxing Betting Guide
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Cricket Betting Guide
What is Hedge Betting?
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Basketball Betting Guide
Handicap Betting Football Explained

When it comes to the world of sports betting, you may need a little bit of help to get started. You have come to the perfect place as we have a great range of online sports betting guides to check out. The purpose of our betting guides is to explain how betting works within each sport and provide you with aspects to look out for when placing a bet.

Introduction to Online Sports Betting

First things first, before looking at our online sports betting guides, it is important to understand sports betting itself. Put simply; sports betting is the process of wagering on outcomes and events to happen in a sporting event or match. Upon placing stakes, the corresponding sports book will multiply your bet depending on the odds should your bet win.

Sports betting can often be extremely unpredictable, with no result being nailed on to win. Underdog victories can be frequent upsets, and one poor performance from a favourite could result in your ‘certified winning bet’ falling short. This is why accumulator bets often let people down. As soon as one of the legs fails to win, the whole bet is gone.

However, there are certainly some elements and aspects you can take into consideration that could influence an outcome. For example, researching the form of a team could give a certain insight into how a team may perform leading into their next game. Not only this, but if they have any star players featuring in a lineup, this could potentially sway a result. In addition to this, you could even potentially look at any previous matchups to determine what outcome is most frequent.

OddsMonkey Online Sports Betting Guides

One way in which you could utilise your sports knowledge to your advantage is by applying it effectively when betting. With the help of our online sports betting guides, you may pick up some tips which help you when looking to bet on a specific sport, event or tournament. OddsMonkey has a wide range of betting guides detailing all aspects of different sports and their corresponding betting options in depth. Whether it is the frequent offers that are given out by bookies or specific bets that solely apply to a specific sport, our online betting guides will outline all possible avenues. 

If you would like to learn more about football betting, then you are in luck, as we have our own in-depth Football Betting Guide. Whether you like certain tournaments like the UEFA Champions League or a regular match in the Premier League, these cover all aspects, historical records and key pieces of information for you to take into consideration when placing bets.

We are also very proud of our Horse Racing Betting Guide, which was created by our very own experts here at OddsMonkey. This is the perfect online betting guide for someone who would like to learn more about horse racing betting and all the options available on race day.

Sports Betting  Guides Summary

Our online sports betting guides are to be used as a helpful source of information to help you when looking to place a bet on a specific sport. You may be able to learn about different betting options that you were not previously aware of, as well as standard, in-depth descriptions of standard bets you can place. We have aimed to explain all of the jargon you may find in sports betting in order to understand all the terminology you may see when betting. They can simply help players understand the odds and how they function, all of which should be considered before placing a bet.

When betting on sports, it is important to gamble responsibly. The online sports betting guides at OddsMonkey are to be used as sources of information to help you understand betting further; however, there is no exact science when it comes to placing bets.