Freshers’ Week Survivors | Student Finance Advice

Is there a big empty hole where your student loan used to sit? Have you gone hard without going home a few too many times this year? It was probably fun at 3am the other morning, but it won’t be such a laugh when you have to find some money for the next bill. If […]

Best paid student jobs | OddsMonkey infographic

Whether you’re just starting university or are a returning student, you’re probably feeling the effects of uni life in general. And let’s face it – we could all do with a bit of extra money. But how can you make money and what are the best paid student jobs? Check out this infographic which looks […]

6 ways to make money as a student

We all have better things to do than leave the house (except for a seminar or night out, of course). What do they think we are – fully-functioning adults, or something?…But the thing is, you’re running low on funds and you need to make money – fast. So what are some of the best ways […]

The number one way to make money online for students

Are you destined to become the stereotypical student: living on Pot Noodles, desperately collecting pound coins from supermarket trolleys and spending the day wrapped in your duvet because you can’t afford to put the heating on? Or is there an alternative? There is! And if it isn’t already, it’s quickly on its way to becoming the number […]

Interview | This student makes extra money matched betting

Matched betting is a great way for students to make extra money at uni. I caught up with 2nd year university student, Connor. You might remember him from his OddsMonkey Case Study. If you haven’t seen it, you should take a look. What are you studying? I’m studying an MSci in Biomedical Sciences. Do you […]