The Best Sports For Matched Betting

Matched betting is quickly becoming one of the most popular side hustle ideas out there, with a growing number of people implementing this tactic in their sports betting. If you’re new to matched betting, this method involves placing stakes that cover all outcomes of a fixture to minimise the chance of losses. 

When it comes to placing matched betting stakes, there are a number of sports to choose from, with fixtures taking place around the world 24 hours a day. If you’re wondering which sport to use, check out the breakdown of the best sports for matched betting at OddsMonkey.

Understanding Matched Betting? 

This format of placing stakes on sports fixtures is based on covering all of the potential outcomes, which means the worst-case scenario is for the bettor to break even. This is done using tools such as matched betting calculators to work out the bets required in order to apply the strategy correctly.

This method of betting consists of placing 2 separate bets, known as a Lay and Back bet which cover all possible outcomes of play. For example, in a football match, the Back bet is placed on the team or player you think will win, and the Lay bet covers the chance of them not winning. The Lay bet covers both the potential for the Back bet selection to lose or the game to end in a draw where possible.

Matched betting can be used as an effective way of turning bet credits that many sites offer new and existing customers into withdrawable funds. Not only this but it can also be used across any sports fixture or other competition betting markets, like a general election or television show. With such a range of options available, it can be hard to decide which is the best sport to select in order to make money online in the UK.

What Makes The Best Sports For Matched Betting?

When thinking about the best sports for matched betting stakes to be placed on, there are a number of things which can benefit this betting format. Firstly, sports betting markets often offer greater matched betting potential than other markets, like this year’s X Factor winner or the next U.S. President. 

The best sports fixtures for matched betting are the ones with the most people betting on them as it can help the bettor to blend in amongst the various other stakes. Whilst matched betting is completely legal, sports betting sites do not like users placing the Lay or Back bet on their sites and can block accounts found to be doing so. This is why the markets with a high number of stakes involved, also known as liquidity, are often the best sports for matched betting.

When choosing the best sports for matched betting, the most popular ones often include offers that bettors can make use of. Whether that be free bets on a popular fixture or increased odds requiring smaller stakes on a Lay or Back bet, the offers sports betting may present make it ideal for matched betting.

The Best Sports for Matched Betting

If you’re looking to use this betting method with future fixtures, here are some of the best sports for matched betting we advise you to use. 


Arguably one of the most popular sports for betting, the liquidity of football betting makes it great for bettors to use these fixtures in their matched betting. From the football league fixtures of countries around the world to international competitions like the World Cup, there is plenty of potential football-match betting available. 

The possibility for football fixtures to end in a draw can provide greater odds for the Back bet with a total of 3 potential outcomes in play. The overall popularity of football means that many sites will offer boosted odds or free bet credits on certain fixtures making football one of the best sports for matched betting!


Another one of the best sports for matched betting is boxing, with certain matchups seeing a huge influx of bets placed. The popularity of betting on boxing matches means that bookies quite often provide promotional offers, particularly in fights that have gained public interest in the build-up. 

These bouts provide great odds for the Lay and Back bets here, with a number of bettors placing stakes on fights. When matched betting with boxing, it is important to ensure the method of victory is not selected to ensure all of the potential outcomes are covered. This is simply because a fight can end in a number of different ways, including TKO, KO, decision and even disqualification.

Horse Racing 

Another type of sport offering great potential for matched betting is horse racing. Matched betting with horse racing could be based on a rider, horse, or trainer to win/place or not with great odds offered on the variety of different races in this sport. Huge events like the Grand National or Royal Ascot can offer brilliant odds and promotional offers to implement in future matched betting stakes. At OddsMonkey, we have both a horse racing betting guide and a more specified Grand National betting guide, both of which break down all aspects of this sport and its events. 

When matched betting with horse racing, it is important to place stakes at the right time just after the liquidity has started to increase, though before the odds start to change.

Matched Betting at OddsMonkey 

Along with the best sports for matched betting, there is plenty of useful information on sports betting methods available at OddsMonkey. If you want to find out a bit more about matched betting in particular, check out our matched betting beginner’s guide before using this popular sports betting method. 

The resources at OddsMonkey can greatly benefit bettors looking to remove the potential of losing stakes from their future sports fixtures. There are plenty of real stories on site as well as a whole bunch of other useful resources that can be found on our matched betting blog!

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