Women’s World Cup Matched Betting Guide

Although it’s not on the same level as the men’s world cup in terms of popularity, the women’s world cup is now more well known than ever before. Since the first women’s world cup back in 1991, there have been 8 tournaments to date, with the level of quality and competition only continuing to grow with each and every outing.

Mirroring the overall popularity’s upward trajectory, betting on the women’s world cup and even women’s world cup matched betting has also become more prevalent, with there now being more betting options and opportunities than ever before. Matched betting has slowly become one of the more popular side hustle ideas, and in order to understand how it can apply to the women’s world cup, all elements revolving around it will be addressed in this following women’s world cup matched betting guide.

Women’s World Cup Matched Betting Explained

Before touching upon women’s world cup matched betting, we will first explain exactly how the women’s world cup works and plays out. The tournament itself includes 32 different participating nations, with these divided equally into 8 groups of 4. Each team will play each other once during the group stages and the top two teams of each group after all matches have been played will progress to the round of 16 knockout round. From here, the games are sudden death, with the winners progressing to the next stage and the losers being knocked out entirely. This continues until there are just 2 teams remaining in the final, with this last match deciding who lifts the golden trophy by the end of it.

It is worth noting that not all matches are won in the 90 minute time frame though, with games potentially going to extra time if it is a stalemate at the end of regular time. Should extra time not produce a victor, a penalty shootout could ensue, with these being some of the most tense situations both players and fans alike can find themselves in. If you are a newcomer to the world of football in general though, you could potentially check out our fully detailed football betting guide or any of the alternative sports betting guides we house at OddsMonkey.

How Does Women’s World Cup Matched Betting Work?

Now that you have familiarised yourself with how the women’s world cup operates, you may be wondering how matched betting ties into it. What’s more, you could even be asking yourself ‘what is matched betting’? If you are unfamiliar with the concept, matched betting is a betting strategy which utilises separate bets in order to cover all possible outcomes of a match or event. Essentially, matched betting removes the reliance of luck when it comes to sports betting, applying a unique strategy which can potentially lock in margins of profit.

This is achieved thanks to the process of placing two bets. When matched betting, you place both a back bet and a lay bet. A back bet refers to you placing a wager on an outcome to occur, with the lay bet operating in a counteractive way, referring to an outcome not happening. 

In order to secure profits when applying this betting strategy, you utilise multiple bookmakers and exchanges in order to identify odd discrepancies and differences. By finding odds which could both return profits, you could place a wager on each of these, meaning no matter the outcome of an event, at least one of your best will win.

This is where matched betting calculators come into fold when women’s world cup matched betting. These allow you to take two different selections at their respective odds and input them into the calculators. By doing so, this can determine the stake required in order to successfully apply the strategy.

Women’s World Cup Matched Betting Markets 

When it comes to the betting markets for women’s world cup matched betting, there are a number of options you may recognise should you be familiar with football betting as a whole. Starting off with the most popular betting option, these are outright winner bets, with these arguably being the most simplistic out of the bunch. As its name implies, these bets refer to you placing a wager on a team you think will win a match. 

Due to the straightforward way these bets operate, these can be utilised effectively when it comes to women’s world cup matched betting, especially when it comes to the knockout rounds. This is because there are no possibilities for a draw in these games, with a winner being guaranteed either at the end of full time, extra time or a penalty shootout. Consequently, by placing back and lay bets, you can cover all possible eventualities of these matches. These bets are most commonly placed as singles, therefore, using a single bet calculator could come in handy.

Another of the most popular markets within women’s world cup matched netting is the over/under goals markets. These bets allow you to predict how many goals there will be in a match, with these being displayed in intervals of 0.5. For example, if you think there will be more than two goals in a match, you will place a stake on over 2.5 goals. This works in the same way should you wish to place a stake on under 2.5 goals as well. Once again, these types of bet open up the opportunity for women’s world cup matched betting, with their likely being discrepancies in odds across various bookmakers.

However, these over/under bets don’t solely relate to goals either. You can also place these types of bets on corners, goal kicks, free kicks, throw-ins and even cards if a bookmaker offers these women’s world cup matched betting markets. Although these markets as a whole are relatively new, they are seemingly popular amongst bettors.

Both teams to score (BTTS) bets are another popular women’s world cup matched betting market, with their name literally implying what these bets refer to. If you think both teams have a good chance of scoring in a match, these betting options are ideal. On the contrary, if you think a match will end 0-0, you can place a lay bet for both teams not to score, with these contradicting bets potentially being able to lock in profit should the odds differ.

Things To Consider With Women’s World Cup Matched Betting 

There are a number of factors that can potentially affect the outcome of a women’s world cup match. The teams themselves are a deciding factor and researching their form, any star players they may have and the records of previous matchups between opponents could give some indication of how a match could potentially play out. Paying attention to any potential injuries a team may have could also impact how a game could play out.

Researching all of this should occur before a match, usually an hour before as this is likely when the teams lineups are announced. This could give insight into what approach a team is taking, whether they are going attack heavy or deciding to draw out the game with a defence heavy midfield and backline. These pieces of information could be useful should you be wishing to place bets that relate to goals being scored.

How To Start Women’s World Cup Matched Betting 

When starting your women’s world cup matched betting journey, there are a number of things you should do first to get you ready. Learning how to manage your bankroll should be key when first starting out as thai can keep track of all the funds you are likely to have spread across various different bookmakers and exchanges. This whole process can be one of the trickiest factors of womens world cup matched betting at the start, but setting a budget and tracking all deposits can be significantly important.

Due to there being many betting options and markets out there, you may not be familiar with how a certain option may work. This is where betting calculators can come into play, with these being able to automatically calculate any potential returns with accuracy with just a couple pieces of vital information.

All that is required for betting calculators to work is the odds of the selections you have chosen, the result of each leg if there is more than one, and the desired stake you wish to wager. Inputting all of these can calculate any potential profits a bet could return, with this negating the possibility of human error and saving immense amounts of time when compared to doing these calculations manually. Two of the most popular calculators we have on site are the accumulator betting calculator and the matched betting calculator, with the latter being especially useful if starting your women’s world cup matched betting journey.

Best Women’s World Cup Matched Betting Offers 

When it comes to football, there are some certain offers and promotions that could aid with women’s world cup matched betting. One of the most nuanced offers out there that is relatively new is the bet365 bore draw offer, with this potentially refunding your stake with free bet credits should a match you wager on end 0-0. These could be utilised for matched betting as placing a lay bet to counteract this possibility could potentially see both legs return, even if one is in bet credit form.

Another popular bonus offered by bet365 is the 2Up offers. These are not limited to this bookmaker however, with them being referred to as early payout offers on most sites. These could pay out any returns early should a certain team go 2 goals up at any point in the match. These can work great when women’s world cup matched betting as if a team goes 2 goals up and then either draws the match or loses by full time, both the back and lay bets could potentially return profits.

However, it is not just situational offers that could be good for women’s world cup matched betting. General welcome offers presented by online bookmakers could also aid your strategy. Most commonly, bookmakers could either give out a certain amount of free bet credits or even a matched deposit bonus up to a certain amount which could accredit your account with additional bonus funds. The overall aim of womens world cup matched betting is to convert these free bets into real funds by using these as either the back or lay bets.

When actually signing up to bookmakers for the first time, it is important for you to opt in for marketing communications. This is because this is where the bookmaker is likely to send free promotions to claim. If you don’t opt into these, you could potentially be missing out on for women’s world cup matched betting opportunities


Now that you are familiar with everything that revolves around women’s world cup matched betting, you may wish to try and apply the strategy for yourself. If this is the case, then we here at OddsMonkey specialise in everything there is to know when it comes to matched betting. 

If you wish to delve further into the whole matched betting approach, then you could take a look at our specialised matched betting blog which details a whole host of intricacies and significant factors that relate to this strategy.


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