Callum and Shaughna new favourites for Love Island

Callum Jones & Shaughna Phillips have emerged as favourites to win Love Island after the latest re-coupling. Callum and Shaughna originally linked up on the opening night, before he was then picked by twin Eve Gale – who was the first person eliminated from the Villa on Friday. Shaughna was reunitied with Callum as he picked her to re-couple with, and now the public are backing the pair to go on and claim glory, ahead of Mike Boateng & Leanne Amaning. Mike and Leanne, like Callum and Shaughna, had got together on the first night before being separated by a twin – in their case Jess, but they were all back together by Friday and are also proving popular. After the first two couples, it gets complicated with Sophie Piper third favourite – but it is with two people, Connor Durman and Connagh Howard. Model Connagh, who is new to the Villa, caused a storm at the re-coupling when he opted to pick Sophie, when everyone assumed it would be Siannise Fudge. Connor then chose Siannise, to make sure she stayed in the Villa – but it has left a big rift. Nas Majeed was left with the task of choosing one of the twins and he picked Jess, but it appears only a matter of time before he departs as he he is odds-on to go next. OddsMonkey spokesman Peter Watton commented: “History tells us that the winning normally comes together in the opening week, and it looks like Callum & Shaughna are really generating the most buzz at the moment and the public are backing them. “Mile & Leanne are not far behind in terms of the betting and those two are clear favourites at the moment.” Love Island Winners Callum Jones & Shaughna Phillips – 3/1 Mike Boateng & Leanne Amaning – 4/1 Connor Durman & Sophie Piper – 7/1 Connagh Howard & Sophie Piper – 7/1 Finley Tapp & Paige Turley – 11/1 Connagh Howard & Siannise Fudge – 16/1 Connagh Howard & Shaughna Phillips – 20/1 Finley Tapp & Siannise Fudge – 22/1 Mike Boateng & Jess Gale – 25/1 Nas Majeed & Siannise Fudge – 25/1 Callum Jones & Jess Gale – 33/1 Connor Durman & Siannise Fudge – 33/1 Connor Durman & Jess Gale – 40/1 Love Island 2020 – 1st Male Eliminated Nas Majeed – 4/9 Connor Durman – 10/3 Callum Jones – 8/1 Finley Tapp – 12/1 Connagh Howard – 16/1 Mike Boateng – 28/1 *Odds correct at time of writing Spokesman Peter Watton is available for further comment or one-on-one interviews on this subject or anything connected with a betting market – for more information please contact [email protected]  You can also check out all our latest Press Releases  – which you are free to use
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