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Formula 1 Betting Guide

Formula 1 is often seen as the pinnacle of competitive motorsports worldwide. As a result, it has become a global sensation that has captivated audiences and fans from all over the globe. Thanks to its fiercely competitive races, high-speed thrills, cutting-edge technology, and tracks in all corners of the globe, Formula 1 has established itself as one of the most prestigious sporting events on the calendar, garnering a massive following.

As Formula 1 continues to expand its reach and evolve in various areas, this can also be said for the world of Formula 1 betting. If you want to utilise Formula 1 betting markets but are still trying to figure out where to begin, don’t fear. We here at OddsMonkey have constructed a fully fleshed-out Formula 1 betting guide to help you understand everything revolving around this electrifying sport, navigating you through all the turns and twists it brings to the table.

Formula 1 Betting Explained 

Before delving into the intricacies of Formula 1 betting, it is key to understand the fundamentals of motorsport itself. Formula 1 racing involves a 20-place grid of high-performance cars competing in a series of 23 races held at various circuits around the globe. The objective of each race is simple: drivers aim to cross the finish line in first position after completing a number of predetermined laps.

Formula 1, unlike many other sports, is spread out over a weekend instead of just a single day. Each race weekend consists of multiple sessions, including practice, qualifying and the actual race. Practice allows drivers to test the car on the circuit, typically on Fridays. Qualifying takes place the day after, with this determining the starting grid for the race, with all 20 drivers aiming to record the fastest lap to secure pole position/ The race itself takes place on the day following qualifying, with skill, strategy and endurance all being key considerations by the drivers and the teams behind them as they make their way around the intricate circuits at immense speeds.

After each race, the drivers who finished in the top 10 receive driver points, receiving more of these higher up the order they came. The 20 drivers are split into 10 teams of 2, with these being referred to as constructors, with these creating, tweaking and fielding the racecars. There is also a constructors championship in which teams could receive points based on where their respective drivers finish each race. By the end of the Formula 1 season, a constructor and driver are crowned champions based on their accumulated points.

Formula 1 Betting Markets

Due to the many factors that play into Formula 1, there is a wide range of Formula 1 betting markets that tie into all of this, with each potential selection within these having its own set of Formula 1 betting odds.

The first of the Formula 1 betting markets we will discuss is arguably the most popular among bettors: the race-winner market. By its name alone, you can likely denote how this works, with bettors predicting who they think will finish the race in first place after all of the laps have concluded.

Another Formula 1 betting market that ties closely to the race winner bets is the podium finish bets. In each race, the drivers who finished in the top 3 positions reach the podium for the trophy presentation. Instead of just placing stakes on the race winner, though, bettors can also bet on which drivers they think will finish on the podium by the end of the race.

If you are a bettor who prefers more long-form markets than the two options already discussed, the outright winner bets are another popular Formula 1 betting market that fits this bill. As opposed to just selecting a driver to win a single race, this type of bet refers to bettors placing a stake on the driver they think will win the Drivers Championship at the end of the season. The same thing can also apply to the Drivers Championship, should you prefer to predict which team will win instead of a driver alone, with these markets also being included across many other sports, most notably football betting.

Fastest lap is another popular Formula 1 betting market, allowing bettors to place stakes on which driver they think will claim the fastest lap by the end of the race. One thing to note regarding this is that it gives the driver an additional point in the driver’s championships, and as a result, some drivers lower in the pack will change their strategy towards the end of the race in hopes of claiming this.

Bettors can not only place stakes on the fastest lap within the race itself, either. There are two other identical Formula 1 betting markets related to the fastest lap in practice and qualifying specifically. Bettors can also predict who they think will finish in pole position after qualifying and who will win certain qualifying phases, with not all F1 betting markets solely tied to the races.

If a crash occurs, a car breaks down, or debris is thrown onto the racetrack, leading to a dangerous obstruction, this could cause a safety car. In this case, drivers have to follow a car around the track, not exceeding a speed limit or overtaking in the process. This opens up the unique possibility of a Formula 1 betting market, allowing people to place stakes on how many of these they think will happen in a race.

There are also some more F1 betting markets solely tied to drivers. One thing no driver generally wants to claim is the last finisher; however, bettors can place stakes on who they think will be the last to finish the race or retire first. Bettors could also predict the nationality of the winning driver. Although drivers hail from all over the world on the grid, certain nationalities appear more than others; therefore, it is worth bearing that in mind.

Due to overtakes being a focal point in a race, the number of race leaders is another Formula 1 betting market that could be utilised. This is a relatively simple market to use, simply allowing people to place stakes on whether there will be 1, 2, or 3+ race leaders.

Although race winner is an F1 betting market, another popular option that can coincide with this is the winning margin of the victorious driver. These options typically include ‘under 5 seconds’, ‘between 5 – 10 seconds’, and ‘over 10 seconds’, with each of these having odds that change throughout the race based on current standings. This is similar to the winning margin market in horse racing betting, with the only difference being time as opposed to lengths.

One thing that could occur in an F1 race is a red flag. This is a signal that suspends the race due to unsafe conditions from weather, track malfunctions, or a serious accident. As a result, a Formula 1 betting market allows bettors to predict whether or not there will be one during a race.

A pitstop is a crucial part of any team’s strategy, allowing drivers to change their tiers to suit conditions better or to have quick repairs should they sustain minor damage during a race. As a result, pit stop teams have to be incredibly quick in switching tyres and other components so as not to compromise a driver’s position in a race. Some teams have refined this process impressively, and as a result, one F1 betting market allows people to place stakes on which team they think will record the fastest pit stop in a session.

Another longer-form F1 betting market is the ‘driver race wins’ section, which allows bettors to predict how many races they think a driver will win throughout a season. This market typically presents options followed by a number and a +, meaning these don’t have to be dead on should the driver win more than the predicted amount.

Things To Consider With Formula 1 Betting 

Several key factors require a keen understanding when betting on F1 due to their potential impact on outcomes. These should all be carefully considered if placing any bets, and although some may be obvious, being aware of these is key to making sure any selections or decisions you potentially make are informed as best as they can be.

As is standard with most other sports, driver form is one of the main things that should be considered when placing stakes across various Formula 1 betting markets. Making a note of the number of wins and podiums they may have, their starting qualifying places, and their average positions throughout a season are good indicators of how they may perform in a race. If they are a seasoned driver, looking at prior performances they may have had at certain circuits could be valuable, too, as drivers have preferences regarding different racetracks.

In addition to all of these driver-related factors, being aware of technical developments, team dynamics, driver transfers, pit stop times and engine changes, for instance, can also help make decisions more informed. The conditions of a race are also key, as rain can completely alter a team’s strategy going into a race, especially in terms of the tyres they will use and the number of planned pit stops.

As Formula 1 is a highly dynamic sport, changes and unexpected development could potentially happen at any given instance. Being prepared to adapt to changes in circumstances is important, with the F1 betting odds often reflecting the factors at hand.

Best Formula 1 Betting Offers

As Formula 1’s popularity continues to soar, sportsbooks offer a plethora of unique casino promotions and bonuses. From welcome bonuses to reload offers, there are numerous opportunities that these sites often present.

If you are a new customer to a site, there is often a collection of sign-up bonuses, including matched deposits and free bets that could potentially be claimed to kickstart your Formula 1 betting journey. Additionally, existing players may also be eligible for ongoing promotions such as enhanced odds and cashback offers.

Before any F1 betting offers are claimed however, it is essential that terms and conditions are read fully to make sure you are made aware of any applicable restrictions or requirements. Time limits for a promotion and wagering requirements may need to be met in order to potentially withdraw any potential returns, therefore, being aware of these beforehand is important.

How To Start Formula 1 Matched Betting 

Should you be a savvy bettor who is looking to make the most of their Formula 1 betting offers, one strategy that could be applied is matched betting. This is an approach that involves covering all outcomes of a bet by placing a back bet on a sportsbook and a lay bet on a betting exchange, with this being able to lock in margins of profit if applied correctly. This is possible if the odds on both platforms are above evens, meaning that when using a free bet as one portion of a matched bet, this could potentially ensure a return.

To get started with Formula 1 matched betting, it’s crucial to sign up for multiple sportsbooks and claim their various promotions and bonuses. Opting into marketing communications can provide access to exclusive offers, too, something which can provide even more opportunities for matched betting.

As funds and free bets will likely be spread across many different sites as a result of this, one thing that should be understood is how to manage your bankroll effectively. This is down to two simple facts: it can help matched bettors understand any profits they have secured and it can also keep track of all of your resources for placing matched bets on the Formula 1.

One set of tools that can ensure your Formula 1 matched betting endeavours are remaining accurate and correct are the range of betting calculators that are out there. These pieces of software are capable of calculating any returns a proposed matched bet may offer if it is successful, with these being unrivalled in terms of accuracy and incredibly easy to use as a whole.

More specifically, if you wish to start ice hockey matched betting, arguably the most ideal tool is the specialised matched betting calculator. This simply requires the odds of both portions of a matched bet, the stakes of each, and any potential commission an exchange may take, easily calculating the potential profit the matched bet in question may yield.

Formula 1 Matched Betting At OddsMonkey

In the case that you are someone who wishes to take their Formula 1 betting endeavours to the next level, the matched betting approach may be the strategy for you. We here at OddsMonkey are specialists in this area, providing you with everything you may need in relation to this strategy that is becoming one of the more innovative and popular side hustles today.

In order to maximise the effectiveness of your F1 matched betting, on-site, we have compiled all key resources and tools, all of which boasts ease of use and pinpoint accuracy. Not only this but we have a range of sports betting guides and a matched betting blog derived from experts that can be used in tandem with all other informative tutorials available.


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