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Ice Hockey Betting Guide

Even though ice hockey may only be perceived as a popular sport in colder countries, the fact is that this sport is actually a global phenomenon and one of the most popular out there. Ice Hockey has evolved dramatically since it was invented in the 19th century, with loyal fanbases, prestigious franchises and highly competitive leagues all participating in the sport. 

Due to this, the notoriety of ice hockey has only continued to grow, with the same applying to ice hockey betting. However, if this is a side of online sports betting you are unfamiliar with, we here at OddsMonkey have developed an in-depth ice hockey betting guide that covers everything revolving around this fast-paced sport.

Ice Hockey Betting Explained

Before we actually explain how ice hockey betting works in detail, we must give a rundown of how the sport of ice hockey actually works. A game of ice hockey is between two teams of 6 players on an ice rink, with the object of the game being to score a small black puck into the opposition’s net, guarded by a goalkeeper. The game is divided into 3 periods, with each being 20 minutes in length. Regular games are an hour because of this; however, if a playoff game is being played, these games can progress to overtime should regular time finish all tied up.

There are a number of popular ice hockey leagues around the globe. However, some of the most popular ones include the NHL and the Finnish Elite League, just to name a few, with international ice hockey also garnering a huge following. Due to there being so much ice hockey around, there are a number of ice hockey betting options available to correlate with the biggest and best events in the sport.

Ice Hockey Betting Markets

In regards to the markets available in ice hockey betting, these are varied in their own respective ways, relating to different aspects of the sport as a whole and having their own unique set of odds defined by a number of factors. One of the most simplistic markets out there, which could be considered the most popular, is the ‘match winner’ market. This market essentially does as it says on the tin, relating to bettors predicting who they think will come out victorious at the end of a match. It is worth remembering, though, that ice hockey games can actually end in a tie; however, with post-season matches and playoffs, these games instead progress to overtime to be able to determine a clear winner.

If you wish to predict who will come out victorious as champions at the end of a season instead of just a single game, outright bets could be the ice hockey betting market for you. Before a season or tournament starts, each team involved will have its own respective odds, with these generally being the highest before the competition begins. However, as standings change, teams are eliminated through knockout rounds, and the odds of the selections will change accordingly.

With leagues such as the NHL, draft betting is another standout ice hockey betting market available. With this, franchise teams systematically select and draft the hottest ice hockey prospects from all over the globe from their respective amateur leagues. With certain players being more highly contested than others, a number of teams will often fight it out in order to secure their signature. With draft betting, though, you could predict which team you think will sign a certain player and can even go more in-depth into which round of the draft someone may be selected. This is also the case when it comes to NBA basketball betting!

Over/under markets are also highly popular in ice hockey betting, with these being in relation to the prediction of whether there will be over or under a certain total of specific actions in a match. This can refer to the total number of goals scored in a match, with all applicable selections being displayed in intervals of 0.5. Player markets often feature this type of ice hockey betting market, with bettors being able to predict if a player will achieve over or under a specific number of actions in a game.

Highest-scoring periods are yet another simplistic ice hockey betting market out there. These betting options require bettors to predict whether they think the 1st, 2nd or 3rd period will be the highest scoring or whether all of these will be tied.

Correct score markets could be considered one of the most difficult markets to get right. This is simply down to the fact that the score at the end of full-time needs to be predicted exactly in order to be deemed a winner. The difficulty of predicting these results correctly is not only applicable to ice hockey betting but also applies to football betting.

Things To Consider With Ice Hockey Betting

Even though ice hockey betting may seem pretty straightforward, there is a collection of elements you could take into consideration before actually placing any bets of your own. Despite some of these teeming obvious, it is vital that you are made aware of some of these in order to ensure any potential decisions and selections you make are fully informed.

Like with most other sports betting formats, one of the key considerations when making selections in ice hockey betting is noting a team form. The way in which a team is playing, and previous results can be good indications of how a certain team may perform in an upcoming match or tournament. 

This doesn’t just apply to the out-and-out results a team may be claiming; it is also in reference to the manner in which their games play out. From winning margins to the number of goals scored and conceded, all of these factors can be good drawing points that highlight a team’s good or bad form.

Using the Stanley Cup playoffs as an example, taking into consideration the bracket format could also be valuable when it comes to choosing selections in an informed way when ice hockey betting. By doing this, you can visualise routes teams could theoretically take should they progress through the knockout rounds, allowing you to make note of teams they could potentially face off against. Although the factors already mentioned can play a role in making decisions, they can also bring into question previous matchups between sides, another aspect that can once again help make decisions more informed overall.

It is not just team-based statistics that are valuable when making your ice hockey betting informed, though, with there being a whole host of ones on the player side of more individualised things. Although team coherency and tactics play important roles in deciding the outcome of the game, none of this is possible without the players. Therefore, it is key to note a player’s goal and assist tallies, average points per game, and their role in the team as a whole. 

If a team has a star player who is influential or is missing a player through injury, this could potentially be the difference between a team winning or missing out on victory. There is a wide array of alternative statistics that could be analysed in reference to players individually that could also help identify any ice hockey betting odds with good value, as the data may not align with the prices a bookmaker has allocated to certain markets or selections.

Best Ice Hockey Betting Offers

As the overall notoriety of ice hockey continues to increase, the same can be said for the quantity of ice hockey betting offers given out by all the various sportsbooks. Although there are certain types of promotional bonuses that are more frequent than others, it’s worth bearing in mind that each individual bookmaker often has its own unique offers.

When signing up to sportsbooks for the first time, most likely you will be eligible for their respective welcome bonus. As we said, depending on the bookmaker, these can come in many different forms. However, some of the ones you are most likely to encounter are matched deposit offers. These work by taking your initial qualifying deposit and matching it 100% of the way up to a certain amount, giving any bonus funds in the form of free bets.

There is also a collection of ice hockey betting bonuses that are able to be claimed by already existing players, too, with these being referred to as reload offers. With these, sportsbooks often give out things such as free bets or bonus credits, some of which are applicable to certain popular events or matches.

No matter the ice hockey betting offer, though, all of these will come with their own respective terms and conditions; therefore, being aware of how these may affect actually using these bonuses is paramount. Things such as wagering requirements are commonplace, with these being in relation to how many times you need to stake your free bets before you can actually withdraw any potential profits. As well as this, certain offers may have time limits, and being aware of these can make allow you to use these effectively within a certain time frame before they expire/

How To Start Ice Hockey Matched Betting

As there are so many ice hockey betting offers and promotions out there, one way you could potentially lock in a profit is through the matched betting method.  If unfamiliar with this strategy, this involves two or more bets being placed on the same event and market that cover all possible outcomes. By selecting betting options with odds that are matched and using free bets to cover the portion of the bet placed on a sportsbook, you could turn those promotional bonuses into real profit.

Although it is relatively straightforward in concept, there are a number of things that should be done before you start ice hockey matched betting. A key component of matched betting itself is the free bets and promotional bonuses we have already touched upon. By signing up for all the different sportsbooks and claiming their different sign-up offers, this can provide you with some initial ice hockey-matched betting opportunities. 

When claiming any promos to use when ice hockey matched betting, though, one thing to remember is to opt in to any marketing communications if the sportsbook gives you the option. Although this may seem unnecessary when taking into consideration the spam some other online sites flood your inbox with when doing the same thing, this can actually be valuable due to the fact exclusive bonuses are often distributed through their respective communication channels. Essentially, this means there are more chances to apply the matched betting strategy on ice hockey games.

Before claiming any of these ice hockey betting offers, though, it’s vital that you know how to manage your bankroll and have a plan in place in order to do so. This is because your funds are likely going to be scattered across different sportsbooks and exchanges, with the same applying to any free bets you may have at your disposal. Not only can you keep track of where all your matched betting resources are located, but you can also understand the total profit you may have made when ice hockey matched betting.

To be able to place matched bets on ice hockey with unrivalled accuracy, getting yourself familiar with the abundance of betting calculators can be extremely useful. These simple software pieces can easily and automatically calculate any potential returns a proposed bet or matched bet may yield if successful, all by just requiring the odds, stakes, and any other applicable aspects of a bet.

If it is ice hockey matched betting, which you aim to apply specifically, though, the dedicated matched betting calculator is the ideal tool for applying this risk-free strategy.  However, this is just one example of the calculators available, with a variety of different options to potentially use across all other sporting events, not just ice hockey alone.

Ice Hockey Matched Betting At OddsMonkey

Suppose you are someone who aims to elevate their ice hockey betting by utilising the tried and tested matched betting approach at OddsMonkey. In that case, we can provide you with everything you need regarding this betting approach that has rapidly become one of the more popular side hustles available. 

To be able to take advantage of ice hockey matched betting to its fullest, we offer a plethora of informational resources and tools, from in-depth sports betting guides all the way to an in-depth specialist-derived matched betting blog, all of which can be used in tandem with our video tutorial and other informative assets to make the most of your ice hockey betting endeavours.

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