How to do 2Up matched betting

2Up matched betting is a fantastic way to add to your matched betting profits. In this post, we’ll look at what 2up is, which bookmakers offer it, and how you can benefit.

How to do 2Up matched betting

What is 2up?

2Up is one of the most popular and profitable offers available for matched bettors. It is currently offered by bookmakers Bet365, Paddy Power, and Star Sports.
The promotion itself is very simple to understand. If the team you have bet on goes 2 goals ahead at any point in the match you get paid out as a winner. Regardless of if they go on to win, draw, or lose the match.

For example: in a match between Arsenal v Tottenham ,you place a back bet on Arsenal to win the match. At half time, Arsenal are winning 2-0 but end up losing the match 2-3. Bet365, Paddy Power, and StarSports will still pay the bet as a winner, as the team went 2 goals ahead in the match.

How to profit from 2Up

Now we understand the offer, how can we profit from it with 2Up matched betting? We need to find close odds matches between the bookmakers and the exchanges on eligible matches to place a BACK bet at the bookmaker and then the corresponding LAY bet at an exchange before the match starts. If our team then goes 2 goals ahead we wait for the bookmaker to pay out. And then look to lock in a profit by exiting our lay position at the exchange.

How OddsMonkey can help you do 2up matched betting

OddsMonkey Premium gives you access to OddsMatcher. Our core piece of matched betting software has built in 2Up filters. These filters show the best matches available to place all your qualifying bets. The tool also has an early payout calculator to do all the sums for you. It will show you how to lock in a profit once your team has gone 2 goals ahead and the bookmaker has paid out.

2UP matched betting example

  1. Find a close match between the bookmakers back odds and the exchange lay odds. Example below using the OddsMatcher:
  2. Place the back bet at the bookmaker and a lay bet at the exchange for minimum qualifying loss. Example below using the OddsMonkey calculator:
  3. If our team does not go 2 goals ahead during the match we will lose £3.02. However, if they do go 2 goals ahead, wait for the bookmaker to pay out. You’ll then need to exit your position at the exchange to lock in a profit. Example below using the OddsMonkey Early Payout Calculator:

Using the example above assuming our team went 2 goals ahead and the back odds at the exchange were 1.25 we could lock in £41.98/£41.99 regardless of the result.

Larger stakes can be used, just ensure you have the required funds at the exchanges to place the required lay bets and there are also some more advanced strategies to try and lock in greater profits which are all discussed in the dedicated 2UP thread within the OddsMonkey Community.

An example could be to wait for the opposing team to reduce the deficit to one goal and hope for better BACK odds (resulting in a greater profit) but there are many different strategies after your team goes 2 goals ahead depending on the risks you wish to take.

2up matched betting points to note

Close Odds

You want the odds to be as close as possible to reduce the qualifying loss as much as possible and using an exchange with 0% commission will certainly help with this. OddsMonkey Premium members have access to 0% commission deals with Smarkets, Matchbook and BetDaq exchanges which can cover your subscription costs alone with the commission savings.

Multiple Bets

If you are placing multiple bets on the same match, there could be many offers available. You’ll need to pretty good with your numbers but using a dedicated Early Payout Calculator takes all the hard work out of this. This is included for OddsMonkey Premium members.

High Scoring Matches

Ideally, you should avoid low scoring matches and concentrating on matches where you believe there will be many goals scored. To help with this, the exchange’s over/under goal markets will indicate the likelihood of goals. The lower the odds, the greater or more likely the chance.

Late Goals

If your team goes 2 goals ahead very late in the match ,the lower the back odds to exit your position will be.

Wait For Payout

Always wait for the bookmaker to payout before you exit your exchange position to lock in a profit. You do not want to be placing any further bets before being paid by the bookmaker. This will prevent bigger losses, should there be any issues.

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