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In play betting: What is it and can you match an in play bet?

As you progress from sign up to reload offers, you’ll see that there are many different types of bookmaker offers available. And there’s also a way for matched bettors to turn pretty much all of them into real profit. This post will look at in play betting and how you can combine it with matched betting to add to your ongoing earnings.

In play betting

The term ‘in play’ is just another way to say ‘live’. So in play betting just means betting whilst the sporting event is in progress. You will find in play betting opportunities available for most types of sports. It’s then up to you to figure out the best time to place your in play bet.

In play betting odds

In play betting can sometimes offer more value than betting pre-match. This is because odds are influenced by things that happen during the sporting event. Odds swing and new matched betting opportunities are created; ones you wouldn’t have seen before the event.

In play betting odds tend to be a bit volatile so you’ll see them jump about quite a bit. This isn’t ideal for trying to place both your back and lay bets. However, it is still possible. Wait for a break in play, keep an eye on the odds, and try to place your bets as quickly as you can.

For example, if you’re betting on football, the best and easiest time to do so is during the half-time break. Depending on stoppage or injury time, this will be about 45 mins into the match. The main benefit to waiting until half-time is that there’s no risk of a goal being scored. If you placed your bet during actual play and a goal was scored, the odds would most likely change. Changing odds are one of the main things that can make matched betting tricky, which is why it makes sense to place bets when the odds are as stable as possible.

Speaking of tricky, in play betting on tennis can be difficult as the breaks aren’t as uniform as in football. However, it’s still possible to do. Wait for a pause in play, such as when the players take a sit-down break. It will only be for a short period of time, but it may be your best chance for successful in-play betting.

In play betting and matched betting

Some bookmakers offer in-play betting promotions from which you can profit, thanks to matched betting. For example, with Bet365’s in-play offer, you need to place a pre-match bet in order to receive your free in-play bet.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to find anything suitable for in-play betting. Take a look in our official Facebook group, as other members often post good matches they’ve found. The group is open to all OddsMonkey members so make sure you join for advice, tips, and more!

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