How to Use Free Bets on William Hill

Free bets are a promotional tool used by online bookmakers to attract and retain customers. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great opportunity to potentially boost your profit if used correctly. This article will look at free bet examples and how to use William Hill free bets, with this bookmaker being one of the most popular in the UK. We’ll also show you how to lock in profits and turn your William Hill free bets into real money when you use OddsMonkey. So keep on reading!

How To Get Free Bets On William Hill

First, let’s look at how to get William Hill free bets. There are a few different types of free bet offers and your eligibility for each will depend on factors such as customer status, time of year, and account ‘health’.But what do those things mean?

In order to attract new customers, online bookies like William Hill often offer sign up bonuses in the form of free bets. These promotions are only available to someone who has never previously had an account with William Hill. You can get William Hill free bets when you follow the instructions, which we’ll look at in a bit more detail later on. There’s also a way to potentially lock in profit with OddsMonkey, so make sure you keep reading!

If you already have a William Hill account, don’t worry. There are still lots of opportunities to get William Hill free bets, such as reload offers and random free bet offers which usually accompany big sports events. TheseWilliam Hill free bets are usually advertised to existing customers via email or text message, so make sure to have your marketing preferences set accordingly. You can do this by logging into your William Hill account.

Please be aware that if your account is restricted or you have been gubbed, you most likely won’t receive any William Hill free bets or promotional offers.

How To Claim Your William Hill Free Bets 

Claiming your William Hill free bets is a simple process. You just need to follow the specific terms and conditions of the individual offer. For example, with their current new customer offer, you need to do the following:

  1. Open an account with William Hill
  2. Deposit some money into your account
  3. Place a bet of at least £10. You must do this using a mobile device in order to receive the advertised free bet.

By following these instructions, you should automatically get some William Hill free bets. You shouldn’t need to do anything to actually claim the free bet. It should just be added to your William Hill account once the qualifying bet has settled. However, if this doesn’t happen, you can contact William Hill’s customer service team for information or advice.

Please note that T&Cs vary depending on the offer, so always make sure you read the fine print before placing any bets.

How Long Do William Hill Free Bets Last? 

Again, the ‘lifespan’ of your William Hill free bets depends on the individual offer you’re completing. You’ll be able find the info in the T&Cs of each free bet promotion. For example, the free bet in William Hill’s current new customer offer is valid for 30 days. This means that it must be used within 30 days of claiming the offer. If it isn’t used within this time, these William Hill free bets will disappear, so don’t miss out! 

The Best Way to Use Your William Hill Free Bets

One betting strategy that can also be applied when using William Hill free bets is matched betting. This has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in recent years and if you are unfamiliar with the concept, instead of relying on luck as in traditional betting, matched involves you placing multiple bets to cover all potential outcomes of an event. By using William Hill free bets, you can eliminate the risk associated with traditional betting by placing two bets instead of just one, using the promotional offer to make money online by covering one segment of the bet.

William Hill Free Bets And OddsMonkey

OddsMonkey is a matched betting service which features tools, sports betting guides, and a team of experts ready to help you turn your William Hill free bet into real profit. 

Please note that matched betting eliminates the risk associated with traditional betting, and using William Hill free bets in this strategy could be an applicable option. However, it is always worth noting that human error can cause mistakes and result in money being lost. Always double-check everything before you confirm any bets.

Using the matched betting techniques and tools on OddsMonkey, you will typically retain approximately 80% of the free bet amount. So a £30 free bet becomes around £24 profit.

Find out more when you start your OddsMonkey free trial today!

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