What Are Accumulator Offers?

Accumulator offers are bonuses that can be applied to an accumulator bet. These offers may include placing an accumulator as a ‘qualifying bet’ or even as a ‘free bet’. Accumulators, or “Accas” for short, are used often throughout sports betting, especially football betting and horse race betting. Here at OddsMonkey, we will look through all you need to know about Accumulator bets, accumulator offers, and how to make the most out of these types of promotions in a strategic way.

What Are Accumulator Bets And Offers?

Accas are bets made that have more than one selection on the bet slip. For the bet to win, all the selections on the bet slip in question have to be successful. These types of bets are most common with football as people will bet for multiple different teams to win over a weekend. Each selection in the bet has its own odds, meaning the bet slip has its own compounded set of odds that are calculated for the stake to be placed with. If you would like to work out accumulator odds, or simply just to understand what the potential returns of multiple selections could be, using an accumulator bet calculator is extremely useful in these cases!

Accumulator offers can come in different forms, such as ‘free bets’ or ‘qualifying bets’. They can also come in the form of credit to use solely for ‘bet builders’. These are essentially accumulators that only focus on one singular event, whereas accumulators in a general sense can be placed on multiple different events. These accumulator offers allow you to make multi-selection bets with different bonuses applied, such as making a free accumulator. 

However, depending on the bookmaker or sportsbook that presents these promotions, there will likely be certain conditions such as stake limits applied. Some of these accumulator offers will even require you to ‘Opt In’ before they can be applied to any selections. Once again, this means it is extremely important to check the terms and conditions of every promotion before actually placing any accumulators. 

Accumulator Offer Examples

Accumulator offers can come in many different forms; one of these forms is a boost bonus. Bet 365 allows you to create an accumulator of 2 or more selections, and if your bet is successful, the bookmaker could give you a boost of 70% of your returns once all the matches have finished. This bonus only applies to football matches, and the boost is paid in cash and added to a withdrawal balance. If you are interested in Bet 365 offers, check out our OddsMonkey Bet 365 free bets guide

They can also come in the form of free bets; in this case, PaddyPower has offered free bets for “Accas” that are not linked with horse racing, meaning all other markets are available. These accumulators could be paid out in free spins, with the max bonus being £10. If you want to know more about PaddyPower’s free bets, check out our Paddy Power free bets guide.

These examples show the different forms accumulator offers can come in, so make sure when you are looking for one to check what requirements are necessary or if they are only allowed to operate in certain markets. 

How Do Accumulator Offers Link To Matched Betting

One strategy in which accumulator offers can be extremely advantageous is through matched betting. If unfamiliar with the term, this involves backing a certain outcome and then placing a lay bet on the same outcome that essentially counteracts it.. A lay bet is a bet for something not to happen, and by placing a back bet alongside this, all outcomes of an outcome could be covered. Matched betting can link to the various different accumulator offers, with there being a dedicated Acca matcher on site to find the best value for accumulators.

As these accumulator offers come with other offers we have seen before, such as ‘Bet x, Get x‘ offers, we know we can use these in matched betting; some bookmakers also offer accumulator refund offers, which means the player is refunded if the bet does not succeed.

To learn more about matched betting, we here at OddsMonkey are specialists surrounding all things matched betting, with us having a collection of tools from matched betting calculators to a plethora of video tutorials that break down this approach. All of which can help you make the most of any sports betting or casino promotions, especially accumulator offers.

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