Rishi Sunak impresses with performance – backed to be future PM

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak has impressed hugely during the Coronavirus pandemic, and he is now odds-on to become Prime Minister in his career. The 39-year-old has approved a series of packages to try and help stabilise the economy, and whilst Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received some negative press. But, Sunak is being […]

Biden comes from nowhere to emerge as favourite to challenge Trump

Joe Biden is now odds-on to be the man to take on Donald Trump in the US presidential election later this year. The 77-year-old, a former vice-president to Barack Obama, did not run in 2016 when many people hoped he would – instead deciding to back Hillary Clinton – who lost to Trump, in one […]

Boris Johnson new favourite to replace Theresa May

Boris Johnson is the new favourite to succeed under-fire Prime Minister Theresa May as the next leader of the Conservative party. Mrs May is fighting hard to secure a Brexit deal but her decision to enter into dialogue with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, after three failed votes for her plan, has not gone done well […]