Single Bet Calculator

Single Bet Calculator
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In the simplest of terms, single betting is placing a singular wager on specific outcomes of sporting events, games or tournaments. Compared to other, more extensive betting forms, this is one of the most straightforward types of betting, with a majority of bettors utilising these bets at one stage or another. 

Single bets can relate to a number of different outcomes, with some of these predicting a team winning a game, player winning a tournament or even a horse finishing first in a race. Each of these outcomes will have differing odds, reflecting the overall likelihood of said outcome actually happening. However, these odds are not typically fixed, instead fluctuating depending on certain factors that may influence the outcome. Some of these factors could relate to the general form of a player or team, any disadvantages a team may have in relation to injuries and suspensions, and can even change depending on the popularity of the respective event.

Despite the various outcomes you could select from, single betting doesn’t typically offer the largest potential payouts as these bets are limited to single outcomes. Unlike accumulators which offer the opportunity to bet on multiple outcomes, single betting offers more control as these forms of bets are more specific.

What is a Single Bet Calculator?

Should you wish to test out single betting for yourself, one tool that could potentially aid you is the Single Bet Calculator. This tool on offer by OddsMonkey could help you determine the potential payout of a single bet. This is typically advantageous before placing the bet in question as this could allow bettors to see the expected return should the bet win. 

The single bet calculator is especially easy to use, only requiring  a small number of inputs from the user. One of these inputs is the overall odds of the bet, with this either coming in decimal or fractional form. The desired stake is another required input for the calculator to work, and any potential taxes or fees the bet may incur may also be inputted.

Once all of these factors have been implemented, the single bet calculator allows bettors to compare the different potential payouts for all of the betting options, which could in turn help them to make informed decisions when placing bets. Additionally, the function of the single bet calculator can also help bettors to determine the potential impact of changing odds, helping them to make decisions about whether to place a bet and how much to wager.

When you put multiple single bets in the same bet, you can use our accumulator calculator to work out your returns.

Who can use the Single Bet Calculator?

Anyone could utilise a single bet calculator, however, certain types of bettors could find this tool extremely useful. Horse racing enthusiasts could be one of these groups, with this betting market also being one of the most popular. Using a single betting calculator could help horse racing bettors determine the potential wins for all the different horses should they win. This can be applied to all the different markets of sport betting also, as it could allow you to determine all of the different potential wins for each betting option available, whether its team-based or player-based sports.

Alternatively, casino bettors could also adopt the single betting calculator during their gameplay. If you are solely placing bets on singular outcomes, this information could calculate the potential returns for fixed odd options. Whether it is blackjack, roulette or dice, a majority of table games could work when putting their corresponding odds into the single bet calculator. However, for things such as slots which have varying odds, this is not entirely applicable.

If you are looking to place double and treble bets then you are in luck as we also have a double bet calculator and treble bet calculator on site.

Why use a Single Bet Calculator

Referring back to horse racing, this avenue provides a great example for why you could and should use a single bet calculator. For instance, if a race has multiple runners, each with different odds. You could potentially work out which horse could wield the greatest returns should it win. By inputting a desired stake across all of the options, this could help make more informed decisions. However, it is worth keeping in mind that higher odds correlate to the probability of a bet winning, but using a single bet calculator could help you find those good value bets.

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The single bet calculator at OddsMonkey has multiple benefits, however, this only applies to the more popular single bets. Not to worry though as we also offer an extensive collection of alternative betting calculators, each one for specific types of betting. 

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