Dutch Matcher

Dutch Matcher

This is an advanced tool. If you’re just starting your matched betting journey, you probably won’t be ‘dutching’ or dutch betting for a while, but it never hurts to find out a bit about what techniques and tools are around.

Dutching is a method of backing all of the outcomes in an event and can be used as an alternative to laying. This means you can match the odds between bookmakers, instead of using a betting exchange and save yourself commission fees.

The Dutch Matcher is an advanced tool. In simple terms though, it shows you what stakes to bet in order to equalise the profit (or loss) among all outcomes.

It identifies opportunities not highlighted by regular odds matching, so you can add to your matched betting strategy and profits.

Why go dutch?:

Three’s a crowd

…or is it? If you’ve ever looked at a horse race and struggled to decide which horse to bet on, then this could be the strategy for you.

Dutch between two or three bookmakers with the Dutch Matcher and increase your chances of picking a winner.

With football, you can bet on the home team, the away team or the draw. This means that you’ll get money back, no matter what the outcome of the match.

Built-in calculator

The calculator shows your overall stake and how this should be split between the bets.

You can easily change the stake amount and the calculator will work everything out for you. You can also round your bets to the nearest pound to appear more ‘normal’.

See the event details, potential return and guaranteed profit.

Maximise your profit in the minimum time with Dutch Matcher. Just one of the tools available in our Premium package. Click on the menu to the left to see what else is on offer.