Racing Matcher

Racing Matcher

In the UK, horse racing betting is big business. Along with big meets like the Grand National, there’s a whole host of smaller races taking place daily. Horse racing is a year-round sport, unlike seasonal football, which makes it perfect for matched betting.

Because odds can change quite quickly, horse racing’s a little more advanced to bet on than football, but it’s the perfect sport to add to your matched betting strategy.

Racing Matcher is similar to OddsMatcher in that it finds, sorts and compare odds from bookmakers and betting exchanges. However, unlike OddsMatcher, it focuses on just one sport.

The tool then goes one step further, only showing matched betting opportunities which have bookie free bets or refund offers attached to them. This means the results are pre-filtered, saving you valuable matched betting time!

Reduce your qualifying losses by finding close matches where the difference in odds between the bookmaker and exchange are much closer.

Offer list

It couldn’t be easier to see which races have bookmaker offers attached, thanks to Racing Matcher. Which is important when every second counts.

With racing odds changing right up until the ‘off’, you need to move quickly when it comes to betting on horses. Thankfully, Racing Matcher has been created with this in mind.

The event details mean you can quickly see where and when the race is taking place. Underneath that, the blue buttons show which bookmaker is offering the free bet and how much it’s for. This pre-filtering saves you so much time.


Place your bets

Just click on a blue button to open up Racing Matcher. It contains all of the race information, as well as links to the bookmaker and betting exchange so you can place your matched bets.

Bookmaker odds are compared against the three main betting exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets and Betdaq) so that you can guarantee the best possible match.

See how much liquidity there is in the market, the lay stake you’ll need to place and the qualifying you’ll receive on that particular match.

Using Racing Matcher

Every day there are lots of different horse racing offers which are posted in a Daily Racing thread in the Community. You can use the Racing Matcher tool in conjunction with that thread. The thread lists all the various offers, bookmakers and the race times. Once you know which offers you’d like to play, Racing Matcher will cut the time needed to filter your searches and take you to the matches focused to the specific offer.

Open the Racing Matcher, scroll to the specific race time you have chosen and then find the blue button that corresponds to the offer you’d like to find a match for.

In the above race, Bruce Betting is offering a £25 refund if your selection comes second to the SP Favourite. If you hover over the Bruce Betting button it will show a quick summary. Click on the button to show all the matches available.

The tool works just like the OddsMatcher from there. Click the logos of the bookmakers and betting exchanges to go to the relevant pages to place your bets. Place the £25 back bet at Bruce Betting on the chosen selection and the lay stake shown in the “Lay stake” column at the exchange.

If you need to recalculate because of an odds change or you don’t want to place the whole £25 back stake, click the calculator symbol next to the bookmaker name and it will open a pre-filled calculator ready for you to quickly amend whichever bits you need to.

Maximise your profit in the minimum time with Racing Matcher. It’s the quickest and easiest way to extract value from horse racing offers. And it’s just one of the tools available in our Premium package. Click on the menu to the left to see what else is on offer.