The Racing Matcher

The Racing Matcher

Make your search for horse racing refund offers easier, quicker and more profitable. Focus your search and get the best matches straight from the horse’s mouth with our new Racing Matcher.

  • Races with refund offers are pre filtered
  • The maximum stake for the bonus is clearly highlighted
  • Selections are automatically filtered for the race. For example, for the Bet365 offer which requires a horse to win at odds over 5.0, the Racing Matcher won’t show any selections under 5.0
  • Takes the maximum bonus stake possible and calculates your lay stake and qualifying loss, making it easy to quickly identify a bonus opportunity
  • Compares the three main betting exchanges (Betfair, Smarkets and Betdaq) so that you can guarantee the best possible match

Reduce your qualifying losses by finding close matches where the difference in odds between the bookmaker and the exchange are much closer.