Extra Place Matcher

Extra Place Matcher

This is an advanced tool. If you’re just starting your matched betting journey, you probably won’t be doing any extra place bets, but it’s good to be aware of the tools and techniques that can help you continue to profit from matched betting one you’ve completed the ‘new customer offers’.

An each way bet is essentially 2 separate bets: one on the horse to win and one on the same horse to be ‘placed’. For a horse to be placed, it needs to finish in the top 1-4 runners, based on the number of horses in the race.

If there are 16 horses in a race, there’ll usually be 4 places to be paid. (This depends on the bookmaker and number of runners).

Sometimes though, bookmakers choose to pay an extra place. For example, bookies who usually pay 4 places might up the offer to pay out on 5. This will always be one extra place on the Betfair lay market, meaning that there’s potentially a huge pay out to be made.

The Extra Place Matcher has been designed to help you maximise your profits from extra place races. It sorts and presents all of the data clearly, showing the highest rated horses at the top and is best used for backing and laying the best-priced horses in a race.

Find your match

If there’s a plus sign next to the horse, that means there are other matches available. These will be at a lower rating than the top selection, which is why they weren’t shown initially, but you can still pick them.

See which bookmakers are offering extra places on a particular horse and quickly jump on the odds.

Save your bets

Once you’ve placed a bet, you can save the selection by clicking the floppy disc icon. Who remembers those?! Your saved races will be stored under the ‘My Bets’ tab.

See which horse/bookmaker combinations you’ve already matched and then quickly check back after the race has been run to see if any of your selections finished in the extra place.

Using the Extra Place Matcher

In races where bookmakers might be paying out on an extra place, you can use the Extra Place Matcher to narrow down your search for possible bets.

Open the Extra Place Matcher and use the drop down menu to select the race you’re looking for. You can click the + sign on a horses name to show more bookmakers that are available for that selection.

In the Extra Place Matcher, the calculations are done for you. At the beginning, the default stake is £10 each way (total £20). You can change this in the 1st column (“E/W Stake”) to get new lay stakes. In the example above, the stake of the Betfred bet has been changed to £15. This has automatically updated the win and place lay stakes.

3 steps for an each way bet (example)

Step 1: Bookmaker each way bet.
Back “King Kevin” for £15 Each Way @ 3.50, (total stake £30)

Step 2: Lay the Win.
At the exchange, lay a £13.71 stake @ 3.85 at Smarkets on the win market, along with the liability.

Step 3: Lay the Place.
At the exchange, ensuring the right number of places are being matched, the right number should be one (or more) less than the bookmaker is paying out for. So at Smarkets, again lay a stake of £12.64 @ 1.80. The liability in this example should be £10.11.

Reading further along the line we can see this bet will incur a qualifying loss of £4.18 in every situation except if the selection comes in the extra place which we can see in the final column is 4th place in this race. If it comes 4th, you’ll win £18.32.

Once you’ve placed the 3 bets as outlined above, click the blue “save” icon to save the bet into your “My Bets” tab ready for logging once the result is known.

Maximise your profit in the minimum time with the Extra Place Matcher. It’s just one of the tools available in our Premium package. Click on the menu to the left to find out more.