Each Way Matcher

Each Way Matcher

This is an advanced tool. If you’re new to the world of matched betting, it might be a while before you do any each way matching, but it’s a good way to add to your future profit-making potential. Get to know more about the Each Way Matcher, the tool OddsMonkey has created to help you with this.

It analyses thousands of odds and each way prices from over 50 bookmakers and compares them with the opposing win and place bets from the betting exchanges.

Each way betting is usually done on horse racing, but can also be done on sports like golf. It’s a betting strategy where you place a bet on a horse to win and a second bet on the same horse to ‘place’. That means that it will finish in one of the positions pre-set by the bookmaker (usually the first 2, 3 or 4 places).

However, when matched betting, there’s another step to add to the process. You’ll need to place another bet – at the betting exchange. You need to ‘match’ your each way bets. Don’t worry if this sounds like a few too many plates to spin, because that’s where OddsMonkey’s Each Way Matcher comes into help. This tool makes matching when betting each way quicker and easier by finding and analysing the best each way odds.

The Each Way Matcher really comes into its own when extra place races become available. You can quickly filter results to show horses in a particular race to see if an extra place race is profitable.

Each Way Matcher can be used on any day of the week, not just when the big race meets are on. In fact, it’s fairly typical to be able to make a good daily profit by using this tool alone. The software is an excellent resource for accounts which are restricted from bonuses but able to place normal bets.

The runners and riders

With a layout similar to our other tools, Each Way Matcher shows you everything you need to know about the event. Get a brief overview of the race, the horse the bet is on, the bookmakers and exchanges and the latest odds.

Importantly, you’ll also see the number of runners who’ll be taking place in a race. The numbers in red are a warning. If too many racers drop out, the number of places may be affected, so make sure you know what’s going on!

Built-in calculator

Because there’s quite a few moving parts to an each way matched bet, you’ll be relieved to hear you’re not on your own when it comes to working everything out!

The calculator will work out the stake amounts for each of the 3 bets you’ll be placing:

  • The each way back bet at the bookmaker.
  • The lay bet in the exchange for the win part of your each way bet.
  • The lay bet in the exchange for the place part of our each way bet.

Make it your own

Set an alert to make sure you never miss a thing. Set your alert limits and you’ll be notified when a matching selecting arises, even if you move away from the page.

Filter the results by sports, markets, bookmakers or more to make sure the Each Way Matcher finds the right each way betting opportunities for you.

Using the Each Way Matcher

At the bookmaker, each way bets are placed as one bet, but with the EW (Each Way) box on the bet slip ticked. This automatically places 2x stakes: one on the selection to win and the second on it to ‘place’. You’ll also need to place 2 bets (the win and the place), at the betting exchange.

Once you find a bet on the Each Way Matcher, open the calculator for further details of stakes. By default it’ll open with the stake available at the exchange, so you’d need to change your back stake to the required amount then click recalculate.

The top selection here opens with a £25 total back stake which has been changed to £5.00 total. This means a £2.50 each way bet. The top summary then changes to re-calculate the lay stakes.

Open the exchange to the selected race to check the lay odds are available and open the bookmaker to the same race too.

Then just follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 as per the top of the calculator pane.

Step 1: At the bookmaker, place a £2.50 each way bet, making sure you tick the EW box on the betslip and ensure the total stake says £5. Once you’ve confirmed it matches, place the back bet.

Step 2: Lay the win part of the bet. In this example, Each Way Matcher advises a lay bet of £2.24 @ 38.  Once in the bet slip you can check that the liability matches that from the calculator. (£82.88 from the above image).

If everything’s looking good and the back bet’s been confirmed, go ahead and lay that bet

Step 3: Now it’s time to lay the place part of the bet. At the betting exchange, make ssure you have the Place tab selected. You can follow the direct link beside Step 3 to help you reach the right market.

Again, check the horse, odds, stake and liability on your bet slip matches that shown in Step 3 and when you’re sure it does, place that bet too. That’s all there is to it!

Maximise your profit in the minimum time with the Each Way Matcher. It’s just one of the tools available in our Premium package. Click on the menu to the left to see what else is on offer.