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Matched betting can be an extremely profitable side hustle for those willing to put in the time and effort. This section is to highlight some inspiring matched betting success stories from real matched bettors who have managed to profit greatly with the help of OddsMonkey.

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From full-time matched bettors  to part-timers earning a nice side income, these stories demonstrate just how lucrative matched betting can potentially be. With the right tools like our matched betting calculator, knowledge, bankroll, and dedication, matched betting provides an opportunity to beat the bookies consistently.

If you're looking for motivation to get started or improve your matched betting efforts, the matched betting success stories outlined here will show you what is possible with this powerful technique. With a seemingly endless amount of offers up for grabs each month, matched betting can become much more than just a hobby for many.

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Gavin’s Matched Betting Success Story

After seeing his friend buy a fancy car through matched betting profits, Gavin decided to give it a try himself. Though he dabbled in it for a few months, it wasn't until 11 months ago that the thirty-something took matched betting seriously. Now, he earns over £1,400 per month on average, with a record of £2,900 in one month when he got lucky with some free spins.

In just under a year, Gavin has earned about £12,500 through matched betting. At first, he used the money to pay off loans and credit cards, but now he is saving up for a house deposit. Matched betting has made homeownership seem attainable when it didn't before.

Gavin spends around 2 hours per day on matched betting, fitting it in during work breaks, weekends, and while watching sports. He uses OddsMonkey for the training guides and community support, which have really boosted his profits through techniques like underlaying and overlaying.

According to Gavin, the sooner you start matched betting, the sooner you can start earning. He wishes he had listened to his friend sooner. Gavin explains matched betting to others by showing them a video on his phone. He has also earned referral bonuses by getting colleagues to sign up. For anyone considering matched betting, Gavin says the training, community, and support from OddsMonkey make it easy to pick up and maximise your profits.

Alisa’s Matched Betting Success Story

After closing her event planning business to raise a family, Ailsa started matched betting to earn extra income. Though she initially knew nothing about betting, Ailsa heard about matched betting on parenting forums and decided to give it a try after seeing rave reviews. She started slowly by following MoneySavingExpert guides but soon signed up for OddsMonkey, which helped her find her footing.

Now, 3 years later, the 33-year-old mom of two is able to earn £650-£700 per month through matched betting by spending just 1-1.5 hours per day on it. She fits it in during nap time and while breastfeeding. In total, Ailsa has earned over £21,000 through matched betting with OddsMonkey. This extra income allows her family to take holidays, shop, and enjoy little luxuries they otherwise couldn't afford after she left her business. Ailsa explains matched betting as a way to "cheat" bookmaker offers using a special calculator so you never lose. She recommends OddsMonkey for its ease of use and time-saving tools like the OddsMatcher.

David’s Matched Betting Success Story

As a freelance web designer, David was struggling to pay his bills and had a lot of downtime between projects. He wanted to supplement his income with something flexible that could fit around his work. After researching ‘what is matched betting?' online, David gave it a try through OddsMonkey and quickly started earning an extra £1000 per month on average. This extra income allowed David to feel more financially secure and treat himself and his loved ones to things like trips abroad.

However, having never been into gambling, David had to spend time understanding how matched betting works risk-free. He also had to explain it to his girlfriend of 9 years so she wouldn't worry he was gambling away their money. Once David got the hang of matched betting and had support from his girlfriend, he consistently earned a meaningful second income that changed his financial situation for the better. Matched betting gave David the flexibility and earnings he needed to supplement his freelance work.

Connor’s Matched Betting Success Story

After starting matched betting a year ago, this university student now earns around £269 per week or £1,117 per month on average. He quickly completed the main signup offers and then learned more advanced strategies like sharbing to grow his profits. During events like the World Cup and Cheltenham Festival, he earned over £4,000 each through relentless daily offers. In total, he's made about £12,500 so far.

The extra money has allowed him to travel and propose to his partner in Budapest. He's also bought an iMac to make matched betting easier. He spends 10 hours per week on it, focusing on profitable offers like 2Ups, racing refunds, and casino bonuses. His advice for beginners is to triple-check your bets, start with a separate bank account, and use tools like the OddsMonkey calculator. For advanced users, he suggests trying sharbing, underlaying, and learning the blackjack strategy. Overall, through dedication and learning advanced techniques, this student has grown his matched betting income over time.

Some Other Matched Betting Success Stories

Looking through our matched betting success stories page will allow you to view some other short snippets of success from users who have claimed their profits. Some of our favourite comments we have seen on the internet include:

Rebecca, who said a huge thank you to OddsMonkey for the 18 months of profit that went towards funding her wedding.

Sarah, who uses her matched betting profits to save up for Christmas and is able to spend money on her daughter each year.

Peter, who has made over £5,000 over his first 20 months with OddsMonkey.

As you can see, there has been plenty of matched betting success stories from our users around the world who have signed up with OddsMonkey. You can begin your very own matched betting success story today by signing up with our free matched betting trial!

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