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Nowadays, online bookmakers only continue to innovate with the options and bonuses they offer to bettors. As casino promotions are one of the defining aspects behind a good bookmaker, many of these attempt to create their own unique offers in order to stand out from the competition. Bet365 are utilising one of the most popular ones currently out there, that being the bore draw offer. In order to understand what exactly the bet365 bore draw offer is, how it works, and how it could potentially be used for matched betting, all of these questions will be answered in the sections below.

What Is The Bet365 Bore Draw Offer? 

Put in the simplest of terms, the bet365 bore draw offer is a promotion which the bet365 bookmakers have made popular in recent years. These offers typically only come into action when a game ends 0-0 and these apply to various football betting markets such as correct score bets, result bets and scorecast bets. If you are new to football betting as a whole, you may wish to check out our comprehensive football betting guide which breaks down everything there is to know regarding this sport and its corresponding betting markets.

How Does The Bet365 Bore Draw Offer Work? 

Now that you are aware what the bet365 bore draw offer is, we will now be detailing how exactly it works. In order to benefit from the bore draw offer, the match you initially placed your bet on must end 0-0, with no goals being scored. If this occurs, any stakes which you initially wagered will be refunded in the form of free bet credits. 

The term bore actually refers to a boring match, not some fancy betting terminology. Therefore, the bet365 bore draw offer was devised to return any funds to bettors should the match they staked on not event in any excitement or goals.

The bet365 bore draw offer typically refers to single bets as opposed to accumulators, with it only being applicable to certain pre-selected matches. If you wish to work out any potential returns a single bet may garner, then you could potentially utilise the single bet calculator we have on site.

How To Claim The Bet365 Bore Draw Offer

When it comes to claiming the bet365 bore draw offers, this process is arguably one of the most simplistic aspects to the entire thing. The first thing to do is create a bet365 account if you don’t already have one. This process is relatively quick and only requires a few specific pieces of information. However, if you already have an account, just log in!

The next step to qualifying for the bet365 bore draw offer is to place a qualifying bet pre match on one of the football games that is eligible for the offer. If you are unfamiliar, a qualifying bet is a wager you place in order to unlock certain promotions or bonuses.

And those steps alone are pretty much all that is required in order to qualify for the bet365 bore draw bet. Should your chosen selection end 0-0, the stake you initially wagered will be refunded to your account. This is usually in the form of free bet credits as opposed to actual funds, however, these can be used for future bets.

The Terms And Conditions Of The Bet365 Bore Draw Offer

At bet365, the qualifying bet for the bore draw offer needs to meet certain criteria. Specifically, the selection you have chosen must have odds of 1/5 or higher. If you aren’t a user of fractional odds, you could use the odds converter tool we have at OddsMonkey in order to change these into your preferred decimal or even american ‘+/-’ format.

In addition to this, the qualifying bet must have a stake of at least £5. If you need to deposit first before placing the qualifying bet, it is worth bearing in mind that only traditional debit and credit cards as well as PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Paysafecard are eligible should you wish to claim the bet365 no bore draw offer.

Another popular factor to bear in mind is that any funds returned as a result of the bet365 bore draw offer are completely free credits. As a result of this, these can not be withdrawn as real funds, instead only being applicable for using in future bets. 

However, any returns that may be as a result of a bet which has utilised these free bet credits do not have any wagering requirements attached to them. Wagering requirements typically come hand in hand with welcome bonuses, with these requiring a user to wager their bonus credits a certain amount of times up to a certain threshold before any potential returns are eligible to be withdrawn.

The final condition that applies to both the bet365 bore draw offer and all other offers from this bookmaker is that any credits could be forfeited should your account go inactive for a 90 day period. The same will go for any other bonus funds or credits accumulated from other offers should 90 days go by consecutively without any user activity.

Bet365 Bore Draw Offer Tips 

Before placing any qualifying bets for the bet365 bore draw offer, there are a couple tips you could use to potentially make a more informed betting decision. Like with any form of sports betting, researching matches should always be a priority. The data that this provides could be vital when indicating the potential outcome of a match up. For example, you should take a look at both of the teams scoring records, both against other teams and one another as this could help identify possible matches which may end in a 0-0 draw. Taking a look at a team’s defensive strengths ties into this and looking at recent form and performances could give some indication into how a side is currently playing. The sports betting guides we have on site cover all elements you should take into consideration when researching an event.

It is worth bearing in mind though that regardless of how much research is done revolving around a matchup and what the data may imply, the main deciding factor in all avenues of sports betting is luck. This decides all outcomes of an event and even if the statistics back up a certain team being favourites, this never rules out the possibility of underdog victories.

In addition to all this, another typo is to choose eligible markets. Although this may seem like a no brainer, ensuring the market you place your qualifying bet on is actually included in the bet365 bore draw offer. The most popular markets that you could use include the correct score, half time/ full time result and even the scorecast markets.

Matched Betting Using The Bet365 Bore Draw Offer

If the research conducted indicates that a match may have a high chance of ending in a 0-0 draw, you could potentially consider hedging the bets you intended on placing, instead utilising lay bets via an exchange. This is where matched betting can come into play, with this being one of the side hustle ideas that has seen the largest rise in popularity in recent years.

If you are wondering ‘what is matched betting’, this is a betting strategy that involves covering all possible outcomes of a sporting event. When doing this, you use multiple sportsbooks and bookmakers in order to identify differences in odds. By covering all outcomes, this can potentially allow you to lock in a certain amount of profit.

Essentially you are placing a bet for an outcome to occur as well as the same outcome to not occur. These are referred to as back and lay bets, with the lay bet typically being placed using an exchange like we have already mentioned.

Here at OddsMonkey, we specialise when it comes to matched betting, providing a whole host of specialised tools such as betting calculators which are easy to use and provide unrivalled accuracy and efficiency. All that is required is the odds of each selection and the outcome of each of these, and this can provide you with the required stakes in order to potentially lock in a margin of profit.

Other Bet365 Offers

However, the bet365 bore draw offer is not the only offer and promotional bonus this respective bookmaker offers which you could potentially make use of, especially if your matched betting. The ‘2 Goals Ahead Early Payout’ offer is pretty much the complete opposite of the bet365 bore draw offer, with this potentially settling your bet should the team you selected go two goals ahead at any point in the match. These are frequently referred to as 2Up offers if you are more familiar with that term.

Another offer that can relate to football betting is the ‘Substitute Guarantee’. These offers refer to if you are placing bets on individual players within a match, and if they happen to be substituted for one reason or another before half time, your stake will be returned in bet credits. These can provide some additional protection to your bet despite not being beneficial in terms of matched betting. However, if you are looking for other matched betting opportunities and strategies, taking a look at the matched betting blog will definitely have you covered in that aspect.

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