US Open Tennis Matched Betting Guide

The next date in the Tennis Grand Slam calendar is fast approaching as all of the biggest names in Tennis prepare for the US Open. This prestigious competition is approaching its 150th anniversary, and all of the best tennis players worldwide will be participating. If you’re looking to place a stake on the upcoming tournament, then US Open matched betting at OddsMonkey may be worth looking into.

This method of placing bets on sports events is steadily increasing, with more bettors placing matched bets every day. The upcoming US Open is a prime opportunity to try out matched betting for yourself, with so many different games and promotional offers available over the course of the tournament. Newcomers to placing stakes on sports fixtures may be interested in our sports betting guides before looking into methods like US Open matched betting.

What is Matched Betting?

This style of betting on sports events involves wagering on all outcomes of play with stakes big enough to ensure the worst the bettor can do is break even. This is done by placing what is called a Back bet and a Lay bet on chosen fixtures. The Back bet here is based on the player you think will win, whilst the Lay bet covers all other outcomes of a fixture. An important part of matched betting is ensuring that stakes are placed to reward a payout that returns the value of both stakes, which is where a betting calculator comes into play.

The matched betting format can be used in a variety of sporting events though games like Tennis that do not feature the possibility of a draw are better for new starters. Anybody looking to get more confident with this betting style can check out the ‘what is matched betting’ page at OddsMonkey

US Open Matched Betting Explained

US Open matched betting is based on backing both players in a game by placing a Back and Lay bet. The Back bet is placed on the player you think will win, and the Lay bet is placed on that player to lose, with stakes placed that ensure bettors either win or break even. 

This competition features a plethora of fixtures to implement the matched betting strategy ranging from qualifiers to the finals. Odds are available on stakes for the mens, womens and mixed singles and doubles fixtures at the US Open that bettors can take advantage of for their matched betting. The competition takes place over 19 days, during which there is plenty of chance for bettors to take advantage of this betting method proving this is one of the best sports for matched betting.

As the competition progresses, many sports bookmakers will start to offer promotional offers, including free bet stakes on fixtures that can be used in US Open matched betting. These bonus offers can cut the cost of matched betting by providing the value of a Back bet which also means a lower Lay bet stake is required to break even. Those looking to find out more about the benefit of promotional offers and other factors like the odds available with matched betting could check out the matched betting blog we offer.

Another advantage of matched betting on the US Open is the potential for boosted odds on fixtures in this competition. During the US Open, certain sports bookmakers may provide boosted odds on players that can be used to rely on a lower-value Lay bet to provide the safety net in matched betting. It could also result in greater odds providing further winning potential from the Back bet in place, so boosted odds are certainly worth looking out for.

US Open Matched Betting Markets

The most simple betting format that newcomers to matched betting with the US Open will use is that of outright winners amongst the fixtures in this competition. As the name suggests, this tennis betting market is based on which player you think will win a fixture or competition. Matched Betting with the outright winner market is great for newcomers to this method that only need to calculate the stakes required for a player to win or that player not to win. 

Another betting market that players could make use of is that of a player to win the first game or set of a match. Using this market in US Open matched betting relies on the bettor to place a stake on the player or pair they believe will win the first game or set of a fixture and the opposing player or pair to win instead. This matched betting method could provide greater odds to place stakes across various sports betting sites, particularly after a couple of games or sets have been played.

There are a number of other betting markets that can be used with the US Open matched betting stakes that provide more potential for experienced matched betting. This strategy for placing stakes can be implemented in all of the Grand Slam tennis events, as you can see in our Wimbledon Matched Betting Guide.

Matched Betting with the US Open

Anyone looking to place stakes on fixtures in the upcoming US Open without the risk of losing funds may find matched betting worth trying out. Fans of matched betting may find the huge range of fixtures and potential promotions across sports betting sites offer a lot of opportunities to place bets on. It is important to remember that matched betting is not intended as a method of getting rich or a replacement for employment; these bets offer the chance to win a bit of extra money on the side.

If you are looking for another way of making a bit of extra money each week with little to no risk involved, there are plenty of side hustle ideas to check out at OddsMonkey. These guides offer a great starting point for anyone looking to make extra money or stay productive and fill some spare time.


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