Wimbledon Matched Betting 2023 Guide

In the annual Tennis calendar, Wimbledon is one of the biggest events and attracts fans from around the world. The Wimbledon Championships date all the way back to the 1870s, where Spencer Gore won the first ever title in front of just a 200-person crowd. The competition quickly developed into one of the biggest Tennis events of the year, gaining popularity from both sports fans and sports betting fans worldwide.

For the experienced matched bettor, Wimbledon is one of the most awaited events of the year, with so much potential for matched betting across each individual match and the competition as a whole. Taking place across a 2-week span, Wimbledon provides plenty of excitement and opportunity to bettors of all skill levels, although those with more knowledge could be successful, so we are here to enlighten you on how to make the most of Wimbledon 2023.

Matched Betting with OddsMonkey 

So, in case you’re unaware, what is matched betting? Here at OddsMonkey, we provide the best services and software for matched betting, which is a form of sports betting that involves covering all ends of a bet so there are no loose ends, and therefore no chances of losing any money if the strategy is applied correctly. Let’s say you are watching a match of tennis, Djokovic vs some random player who is a clear underdog. You can place a bet on Djokovic winning the match, and then also place a bet on him NOT winning the match. This covers both events, so you are safe if either result happens, and using some basic maths and tools, you could even lock in a margin of profit.

Now, you may be thinking that doing maths just to place a bet is not your cup of tea. That’s where OddsMonkey lends a helping hand. You can use our Matched Betting Calculator to do the maths for you! Simply enter the odds of the Back bet (result to happen), and the calculator will tell you how much to place on the Lay bet (result to NOT happen). It’s really that easy! You can also use our OddsMatcher tool to potentially maximise your profits.

How do I make matched betting profit at Wimbledon 2023?

Wimbledon 2023 takes place from July 3rd – July 16th, giving you 13 days of opportunity for matched betting. If you are serious about making profit during 2023’s Wimbledon Championships, then it is important to understand how to actually do so. Bookmakers provide bonus offers to new and existing customers whenever a large sporting event is approaching. This is because, as bookmakers, they understand when people are most likely to place bets, and Wimbledon is one of those times. You could see things like refund offers, free bets, boosted odds, and more. These offers are provided by various bookmakers, which is another way in which OddsMonkey can help you with your matched betting.

In the next few sections, we will explain some of the most common offers you can expect to see depending on the specific bookmakers and their decisions. These are, for the most part, designed to entice new customers, so starting out your matched betting journey will be much more efficient if you have not yet signed up to any bookmakers. In the case that you do already have accounts with certain bookmakers, reload offers exist, and OddsMonkey Premium members can see the Reload Offers Dashboard to access these.

Refund Offers 

Refund offers are possibly the most common form of sports betting offer, especially for sports like Tennis, where certain players could narrowly miss out on the championship title. With refund offers, you are essentially given a chance to recover some money if your selection is not a winner. For example, in horse racing, you back a horse to win and it comes 2nd. Normally, you would have lost, but this bookmaker has given you a refund offer that states “Your stake is returned as a free bet if your horse finishes 2nd”. Bingo! You’ve saved your money. Now combine this with the matched betting strategy, and you would also win the Lay bet for that horse to NOT win the race, giving you a potential to make profit. This all works the same with Tennis betting markets, covering all bases.

Boosted Odds

The easiest offer to explain is boosted odds, which essentially give a slight boost to the odds of a random selection. You will typically see this be the 1st or 2nd Favourite, giving them a slight edge and encouraging more people to bet on them. While this does not exactly improve your odds of winning the bet, it can be combined with a matched betting strategy to give you more profit if the selection does go on to win. During Wimbledon 2023, you would most likely see boosted odds on Outright bets, which involve choosing who you think will take home the title as a whole.

Get ready for Wimbledon 2023: The Important Steps 

Now that you understand the two main types of offers and what their benefits are when combined with a matched betting strategy, you need to get yourself prepared for the beginning of Wimbledon 2023! Here are 3 of the most important steps to get yourself ready for this event.

  1. Create, verify, and fund all of your accounts 

The first step for any matched bettor is to get your accounts ready with various bookmakers, as well as with OddsMonkey, in order to save yourself a lot of time when the competition actually begins. Some bookmakers can take a few hours or even days to verify your identity, especially when using KYC structure to verify their customers. Setting up your accounts, getting them KYC verified, and then funding them, will make your experience much smoother and means you can get straight into betting when the opportunities arise.

  1. Organise your bankroll and offers 

One of the biggest issues that matched bettors run tino is a lack of organisation. Using so many different bookies while matched betting makes it very easy to lose track of your funds, especially when you are placing bets very quickly and completing offers at the same pace. Setting up a spreadsheet or some form of bankroll/offer tracking system will make your life so much easier during Wimbledon 2023. 

As an example, you open 6 bookmaker accounts, and deposit £50 in each. You have already spread £300 between 6 sites, which is confusing enough, but then you use £25 on 2 accounts, £40 on 1, and £10 on the rest. At this point, you are struggling to remember which accounts have money, which offers you’ve used, and which bets have won. Having a spreadsheet in place to track all of these factors will save you a lot of time and hassle in the long run.

  1. Have fun!

Possibly the most important step for Wimbledon matched betting is to actually enjoy yourself. Gambling of any format should be fun, and matched betting removes the risk that exists in regular sports betting. Getting rid of this risk should, in turn, improve the enjoyability of betting if doing so with OddsMonkey. There is no reason why you cannot start your matched betting journey at Wimbledon 2023, although if tennis betting is not your style, you could wait until the 2023//24 Premier League season starts, and begin then!

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