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Matched betting is one form of sports betting that is quickly gaining popularity and reaching the mainstream. As this goes on, there are many companies and software providers claiming to be the most useful or the most experienced. We are here to tell you that, in fact, ourselves and BetConnect are the top providers and we have plenty of proof in reviews, lifespan, and overall information. Most people do not know how efficient their matched betting experience could be if they combined both our software and BetConnect’s betting exchange, so in this piece, we will show you the proper way to combine the forces of two matched betting giants. 

Before that, we will briefly explain matched betting to anyone who is not aware. Matched betting is a form of gambling that removes the chance of losses and provides a 100% safe method of betting if it is done correctly. It utilises free bets and sign-up offers from various bookmakers, and involves placing bets that cover all possibilities in an event. For example, placing a Back bet on a horse to win a race, and then placing the Lay bet, which means the horse will NOT win (it can finish 2nd or worse). This covers all eventualities of the race, and on either end, you could lock in a small margin of profit or a free bet that balances out your two stakes. This alone is one of the reasons matched betting has become one of the most popular methods to make money online in the UK.

What is OddsMonkey?

OddsMonkey is the leading matched betting service, providing all of the information and software needed to start a matched betting journey. Anyone who is involved in matched betting should have heard of OddsMonkey, as they provide tools and services for matched betting. Matched betting is a technique that provides opportunities for profitable gambling by using bookmaker offers.

OddsMonkey has an odds matching tool, the first of its kind, which allows users to find the best matched odds between bookmakers and exchanges. This tool is beneficial for anyone just getting started in matched betting who cannot find the best bets quick enough. They also offer a calculator, a matched betting calculator, which makes the experience of matched betting much easier by removing the maths factor. This calculator is beneficial to any matched bettor, as it makes it much easier to place your bets on the Back and Lay sides of the bet.

What is BetConnect?

BetConnect is a service and platform that connects professional gamblers with individuals who are seeking to place bets or get access to expert insights. As BetConnect is not a bookmaker, and rather an exchange, users place bets on each side of a bet, both the back and lay ends. Professional punters will place bets, which are then shown to other users, and if you are the first to see a new bet show up, you can match it and have your selection covered on the other end. BetConnect, as a whole, aims to create transparency between fair gambling and peer-to-peer gambling.

Why should I use them together?

So, now that you know what the two companies actually supply to matched bettors, let’s look at why using them in combination could be a very smart move for both new and experienced bettors. We will look at the combined benefits of the two services as a whole.

You are guaranteed the best odds available 

The main benefit of BetConnect is that they guarantee the ebay odds regardless of the selection or the sport. This applies to the Back side of the site, although the Lay bets also have great odds guaranteed because the pro punters who place them are looking to be matched for a decent price. The back betting side of BetConnect provides an opportunity to place stakes with odds that are better than most bookmakers, taking out the need for searching around bookmakers to see the best odds.

Best Odds Guaranteed are actually their own type of sportsbook offer, but they are not as important when you decide to use BetConnect and OddsMonkey in conjunction with one another. 

Get notified when new opportunities appear

Setting your marketing preferences and notifications to the correct settings is another beneficial part of the matched betting experience, regardless of sport or event. Marketing preferences will ensure that you receive email notifications about new offers as soon as they become available, whether it’s a sign-up offer or a reload offer at a bookmaker you already have an account with. Outside of just using the offers provided by OddsMonkey, these notifications will keep you in the loop for all other matched betting opportunities.

Always know where the next offer and best offer is 

Similarly to the previous, making sure you know where the next and best offer is at all times will make your path between each offer much more efficient and profitable. If you are taking too long scanning for the next offer, you are wasting precious time that could otherwise be spent completing a bonus offer. When matched betting on Wimbledon 2023, it is vital to be as quick and efficient as possible, as you will need to be on the ball to keep up with the fast-paced tournament. Having an account with OddsMonkey will provide you with all of the best and newest offers as soon as possible.

Place all of your bets in one place 

Thanks to BetConnect’s capabilities on the Back Bet side, you can place all of your bets on a single site without having to rush between different bookmaker sites and depositing money in various places. Of course, this will only work with the bookmakers that are offered on BetConnect, but this is a decent range, including the likes of Bet365 and Willaim Hill. 

Matched Betting with OddsMonkey and BetConnect 

Now that you have seen all of the benefits that each company provides, you should understand the power you hold by using both of them in conjunction. Setting up an account with plenty of bookmakers is still going to be important when Wimbledon 2023 comes around, but making sure you have an account with both OddsMonkey and BetConnect could prove even more beneficial. There is so much potential during the Wimbledon tournament, with opportunities for profit arising during every match that is played. 

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