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Bookmakers favour Manchester City for titles

August 14th
Manchester City are the favourites to win the Premier League title next season despite finishing 18 points behind Liverpool this year. City are expected to invest heavily this summer with Guardiola being given a £150m transfer fund to bolster his aging squad. A recent decision by UEFA to overturn Manchester City’s transfer ban and reduce […] Read the full story

Who will be Watford’s next manager?

July 22nd
With only 2 games left to play on the Premier League Watford sacked Nigel Pearson it is rumoured after a frank conversation with owner Gino Pozzo. Pearson has only been at the club 8 months replacing Sanchez Flores in December 2019. In that time there have been some highlights including beating the current Premier League […] Read the full story

Sport to see the return of fans

July 18th
Fans have been banned from attending sport since March and although most sport has now recommenced it hasn’t really felt the same without the fans in attendance. The heart and soul of sport is undoubtedly created by fans. That is now about to change though after a recent easing of the lock down. The Prime […] Read the full story

NBA set to return but not as we know it

June 30th
The return of the NBA was supposed to symbolise America’s triumph over the coronavirus but as the virus shows no sign of slowing down in the U.S the NBA has made the decision to return regardless of the rising number of COVID-19 cases. 22 teams will quarantine themselves inside a Disney world bubble in order […] Read the full story

The Premier League Returns But Why Now?

June 18th
We all let out a collective cheer when it was confirmed that the premier league was coming back (albeit in a much quieter form without crowds) after almost 13 weeks away due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The top tier of our beloved sport returned yesterday with two games – Aston Villa vs Sheffield Utd and […] Read the full story