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Esports Betting Guide

In recent years, the rise of esports has been remarkable, with this once-niche subculture rapidly exploding into a global phenomenon. Although many aren’t aware that competitive gaming is an actual sport, it has only continued to gain recognition and notoriety. This is thanks to the standout nuances esports brings to the table when put in comparison with more traditional sports and competitions. 

Mirroring the dramatic popularity surge of esports, esports betting has increased in prevalence. This means that a number of the most popular bookmakers and even dedicated online casinos offer the possibility to place stakes on your favourite games, teams and players. Consequently, there are now more opportunities for esports matched betting, with a collection of online casinos and sportsbooks now offering promotional offers and free bets in relation to this realm of competitive gaming. 

Here at OddsMonkey, we specialise in everything to do with matched betting. By providing you with all the relevant information, you can make the most of esports betting offers by applying this strategy.

Esports Betting Explained

Before diving into the matched betting side of esports, we must first unfold what exactly esports is and how it works.  Essentially, esports is competitive gaming that is organised at a professional level. With esports, teams or individuals compete against one another across various different video game titles and genres, with this being done either online or in front of a live audience. Esports itself can range from casual, community-based events all the way to highly complex leagues and tournaments, some of which have substantial price pools.

What Games Are Involved In Esports Betting?

Esports itself encompasses a whole array of video game genres, which is one of the reasons esports betting offers a plethora of market options. Some of the most popular games out there include real-time strategy, multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA), first-person shooters (FPS), battle royale and sports simulations, just to name a few. 

Each genre has its own standout games within the realm of esports, with certain titles like Starcraft, League of Legends, Counter Strike, EA FC, and Fortnite all dominating their respective genres. Every specific game has also cultivated its own dedicated fanbase, with even more niche titles within esports also having cult followings due to their competitiveness and excitement.  As there are so many different games out there, esports betting, in particular, has grown in tandem with this.

How Esports Betting Odds Are Calculated

Like with most other sports betting markets, the way how esports betting odds are calculated is determined by a number of factors. Whether it is based on a team or individual play card, the form leading up to a match-up will play a key role in determining the odds of the respective selections. Like with most other sports, there is likely to be a favourite and an underdog, with the probability of winning being influenced by skill level and previous matchups as well. For team-based games, group brackets and map pools could also influence the odds within certain markets.

Esports Betting Markets 

Esports betting has a number of markets that are widely applicable to most other conventional sports, with match-winner bets arguably being the most popular and straightforward markets applicable to pretty much any genre or title. As you can likely denote by its name, this market refers to a bettor trying to predict who they think will win a match outright. 

However, if a game is multi-legged and being spread out, map winner bets are another popular market within esports betting. Betting on the winner of individual maps and legs could be a great in-play market as you can take into consideration previous legs in a matchup, as well as odds changing based on current standings. If you are aware of a team having certain preferences or weaknesses on a specific map, you could potentially attempt to take advantage of this information by placing a map winner bet.

‘First to’ bets are another popular esports betting market, with these involving bettors predicting which player or team will score the first point, goal or elimination in a match. In theory, these markets work essentially the same as first goalscorer markets in football betting and other sports; however, due to the pace of esports being a lot quicker when compared to some sports, it can be a lot harder to predict which player will be the first to break the deadlock, especially so when taking into consideration each players own unique playstyle.

Once again, in relation to scoring, over and under markets are highly popular within esports betting. These can allow bettors to place stakes on whether or not they will be over or under a total number of quantitative elements in a match. These can be in relation to points,  the number of maps in a match, or even the number of successfully completed objectives in a game.

Typically placed before a tournament, competition, or league begins, outright winner bets refer to a team or player winning an event completely, not just a singular game or match. Depending on performances leading into a competition, the placement in the bracket, and other opponents they may be pitted to face off against, each competitor will have unique odds, something that is likely to change as a tournament progresses and other teams are knocked out.

One esports betting market which often has higher odds when compared to the ones already mentioned is correct score markets. This is simply down to the fact the final score of a match must be predicted exactly to be deemed as a winner. Due to the unpredictability of esports and the score lines, which drastically differ from game to game, it is one of the harder markets to predict accurately.

Things To Consider With Esports Betting

There are a number of things to bear in mind with esports betting, some of which apply to most other sports betting markets, some of which are more relevant to esports specifically. 

One thing is game patches and updates, and although this may seem relatively inconsequential, this can actually have a huge impact on how a game plays. Gameplay mechanics, map changes, bug fixes, quality-of-life adjustments, and new features can all significantly impact the fundamentals of a game, as taking time to adjust to any changes could affect a team’s strategies or a player’s playing style. Although a competitor may be perceived as an underdog due to their odds, a gameplay patch may go in their favour, essentially presenting opportunities for value betting if you understand the impacts of an update

The overall format of a tournament is also something to potentially consider when esports betting. Whether the competition in a game title features group stages, league tables or even a knockout bracket, understanding how an event may play out is key in making decisions. This can allow you to envision a certain player or team’s route should they progress through a tournament and theorise potential matchups in the future.

Tournament formats can also relate to whether a competition is played online or on a local LAN network. The latency between the two differs, and certain teams and players may perform better online compared to in-person in a live setting. If it is a major competition and there are huge crowds, players who are new to experiencing all of this may be impacted by the occasion; therefore, bearing in mind a player’s comfortability and composure in a certain format could prove valuable.

How To Start Esports Matched Betting

Now that you likely fully understand esports betting, you may wish to delve into esports matched betting. If this is a concept that is new to you, it simply involves placing counteracting bets, referred to as back and lay bets in order to cover all potential outcomes of an event. This means regardless of the result of an esports match, one position of your matched bet could return a profit. 

Due to all eventualities being accounted for, matched bettors aim to utilise differences in odds in order to lock in margins of profit. This is especially the case when using free bets to cover the back portion of a matched bet, as you could potentially convert these offers into real profit. 

To actually start esports matched betting, there are a number of key steps which you should initially start out with. Firstly, signing up to different bookmakers and claiming all eligible promotions can get you ready for matched betting. When signing up, though, opting into marketing communications is important, even though it may seem irrelevant. This is because certain online sportsbooks offer exclusive offers via their marketing, something which you can utilise when matched betting of course!

As well as this, familiarising yourself with the collection of different betting calculators out there could be invaluable, as these tools can streamline the overall matched betting experience and improve the accuracy with which you place matched bets.

What’s more, employing an effective bankroll management system should be key if beginning esports matched betting. This is because your funds and free bets are likely to be spread out across various sportsbooks and online casinos. Therefore, ensuring that you keep track of all funds, promos, and profits is essential in terms of keeping your matched betting endeavours effective.

Esports Matched Betting At OddsMonkey 

At OddsMonkey, we are experts in all of the aspects involved in matched betting. Should you wish to apply this risk-free strategy to esports betting or any other sports-related markets, our range of tools, learning resources and sports betting guides may help. The specialist matched betting blog can also be highly useful in potentially making the most out of any free bets, offers or promos you may have at your disposal.

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