How to make money from football betting with Oddsmonkey

The 2017/18 footie season’s starting and there’s one thing everyone wants to know. And that’s how to make money from football betting, of course. It’s not surprising, seeing as how football betting is one of the most profitable sports markets.

What is a treble bet in betting?

Bookies offer many types of multiple bets, all known by weird and wonderful names! Getting to know them and what they are about is an absolute must. This post will focus on answering the question, “what is a treble bet?”. I’ll also include an example of what this looks like on a couple online betting […]

What is an accumulator bet?: A guide to accas and accumulators

what is a bookmaker

Accumulators (also known as accas) are an exciting type of bet, usually placed on football. In fact, accas have become a ‘must do’ for many fans as part of their Saturday afternoon entertainment! This post will look at answering the question, “what is an accumulator bet?” Because of the way accumulators are calculated, the winnings […]

Meet the OddsMonkey team: Suzy Beth (part 2)

In the first part of our interview with OddsMonkey team member, Suzy Beth, I found out how long she’d been matched betting and just why her name might sound familiar. In this post, Suzy Beth tells us how she thought up, created and built her matched-betting-world-famous acca spreadsheet. Jenna: Where did the Acca Spreadsheet come […]

Football accumulators: what they are and how to do them

Football accumulators are now firmly embedded in Lad culture. There used to be a time when betting was seen as a silly thing to do, but now that it’s been given a mainstream platform, more people are placing football accumulators than ever before. The thing with football accumulators, is that they allow people to dream […]