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When it comes to bookmakers, there are often a multitude of offers these sites portray to their customers. From sign up offers to matched deposits, these are offered in order to keep bettors engaged. However, one which has seen a recent rise in notability is the Best Odds Guaranteed bookies have steadily begun to roll out. If this is a new piece of terminology you have stumbled across, that is not an issue, as we will be dissecting each and every aspect when it comes to this bonus, as well as how you could potentially utilise it to your advantage.

Here at OddsMonkey, whenever we see a Best Odds Guaranteed offer, our eyes light up and this article will explain why.

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Put in the simplest of terms, Best Odds Guaranteed is a form of betting promotion or bonus offered to players by bookmakers and other betting sites that ensure bettors will get the best possible odds for the respective event they have placed a stake on, even after the event has begun or concluded.

This works in a rather simplistic way. As with a majority of sporting events in which betting is applicable, the odds can fluctuate thanks to a number of factors. Whether this is due to a certain option having an advantage or run of good form, the odds will correlate the probabilities of the options winning. Even the popularity of a certain type of bet could cause the odds for the option to shift, depending on the number of bettors placing stakes on it. 

However, if a bookmaker states they guarantee the best odds for a specific event, should their odds be lower than other comparable bookmakers, the bet will be settled after with increased odds, regardless of what they may have been beforehand. This means that should you place your stakes at a significantly lower set of odds, you will still receive the higher price at the end. Consequently, this could be a great way for you to optimise the best possible returns you could receive.

When matched betting, best odds guaranteed is important as it can help you maximise profits by receiving boosted odds.

Why do Bookies Offer Best Odds Guaranteed?

Although this may seem unbeneficial for bookmakers, they actually offer these bonuses and promotions for a number of reasons. Firstly, by offering best odds guaranteed, this can help bookmakers set themselves apart from their competition, as this provides a unique selling point for their respective platforms. Consequently, this can be a way to attract new customers as by ensuring bettors get the best odds on their site provides a potential sense of security, with them knowing they will receive the best offers out there, regardless of the actual time they placed their stakes.

However, it is important to keep in mind the different terms and conditions that may apply to specific bookmakers when venturing into the best odds guaranteed promotions. For example, certain sites may require specific wagering requirements in order to be applicable for the best odds guaranteed offer. Additionally, bookmakers may also restrict the type of bet you can place, as well as the amount you are able to stake on it. Some bookmakers may even place time limits on these offers, making them available for limited periods of time before the start of an event.

To work out how much better your Best Odds Guaranteed returns are, you can compare the initial odds vs best odds using our single bet calculator.

Examples of Best Odds Guaranteed 

Due to Best Odds Guaranteed offers being a fairly simple concept, they can therefore be applied to a host of different sporting events. One of the most popular sports which frequently sees this offer put in place is horse racing. This is likely due to it being one of the most popular betting events, as well as the varied betting options it presents to bettors. 

For instance, suppose you select a horse to win a race and decide to place a stake on it. At the time of doing so, the odds were 5/1, however, before the start of the race, a different bookmaker offered odds of 6/1 for that same exact horse. Should this be a factor, the best odds guarantee will come into place. After the race concludes, the odds of your initial bets will be increased to 6/1 thanks to the offer. As a result of this, it means you could get the best possible payout should the horse you selected win, regardless of the point you placed your bet.

This is similar when it comes to greyhound racing as well. As there are a number of different runners you could potentially choose from, the odds are likely to fluctuate depending on the factors we have previously discussed. Should you initially place a bet at 9/2 before the race, the odds may once again change and increase to 5/1. But once again, thanks to best odds guaranteed, your bet will be matched to the higher 5/1 price.

However, best odds guaranteed offers aren’t solely exclusive to race-based sporting events. For example, football is another immensely popular betting avenue that frequently sees this betting offer come into place. The same concept applies to betting on the outcomes of games as your initial 2/1 odds could increase depending on whether the odds on the same site or others increase in the period after your stake was placed. Conversely, this isn’t only applicable to outright winner markets, as best odds guarantees can also span across markets such as goalscorers, both teams to score, player cards and even potentially match corners. Regardless of the type of option you select, if the best odds guaranteed offer is in place, any odds within these markets could increase in order to match the best possible price bettors could have received. You could also try out our accumulator calculator if you want to place acca bets instead of other types.

Why is Best Odds Guaranteed Good for Matched Betting?

One avenue in which Best Odds Guaranteed offers could aid in is matched betting. One reason is because it helps bettors to ensure they review the best possible odds for their bets. As matched betting is all about exploiting odd discrepancies between bookmakers, this can be taken advantage of in order to potentially maximise profits, all whilst minimising the risk that is involved. This is significantly beneficial as it reduces the impact of market changes which is a frequently encountered problem when it comes to matched betting endeavours. 

However, if matched betting is a new avenue for you, here at OddsMonkey we have a plethora of resources and tools you could utilise to aid you. From the Matched Betting Calculators all the way to Horse Racing Betting Guides which break down all key terminology, you could check all of that out to get an overall better understanding of the betting industry, and how you could potentially benefit from certain betting tactics.

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