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How does a halftime/fulltime bet work?

There are a number of markets to bet on in football. In this post I’ll answer the question: how does ht/ft betting work? Short for halftime/fulltime, this kind of bet can also be used to bet on a match where one team is a very short price to win.

How does ht/ft betting work?

A halftime/fulltime bet is a type of ‘double’ bet because it’s made up of more than one selection. This market It’s used to bet on the results of football matches at both halftime and fulltime and because it’s a double, both parts have to be correct for it to win.

Let’s take a look at a quick example. This is taken from before Juventus played Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Final (June 2017).

The odds for an outright ‘Home’ win (ie Juventus) are 2.90:

how does a halftime/fulltime bet work

However, the odds for HT/FT bets are Home/Home (1/1) 4.85 and Draw/Home (X/1) 6.30:

halftime fulltime betting1 = home X = draw 2 = away

The above example shows that by adding an extra element to your selection, you can greatly increase the value of your bet.

Potential outcomes for halftime/fulltime bets

There are nine possible outcomes that you can place your bets on. These are:

Home/Home = 1/1 Draw/Home = X/1 Away/Home = 2/1
Home/Draw = 1/X Draw /Draw = X/X Away /Draw = 2/X
Home/Away = 1/2 Draw /Away = X/2 Away /Away = 2/2

General rules for halftime/fulltime bets

The points below are general rules but can depend on the bookie that you place the bet with. Please check individual T&Cs first.

  1. Bets are settled on the result after 90 minutes of play (this includes injury time).
  2. Extra time (played at the end of the match) doesn’t count.
  3. Neither do penalty shootouts.
  4. Markets are usually settled on the the day the game has been played.
  5. The bet will be voided due to postponement or abandonment.

Remember: check the terms and conditions first.

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