How does a halftime/fulltime bet work?

When it comes to football betting, there are various markets available to choose from. One popular option is the halftime/fulltime bet, also known as HT/FT betting. This type of bet allows you to predict the outcomes of a football match at both halftime and fulltime. In this article, we will look at how halftime/fulltime bets work, and general rules to consider. As well as this, we’ll explore another way you could potentially lock in profits using HT/FT bets.

How Does A Halftime/Fulltime Bet Work?

A halftime/fulltime bet is a type of “double” bet that is made up of two selections. However, these two selections are placed as a single bet at the bookmaker. As the name suggests, one selection relates to the team who is ahead at halftime and the other relates to the overall result at the final whistle. It combines the halftime result and the fulltime result into a single wager. To win the overall bet, both parts must be correct. This makes it a more challenging and potentially rewarding betting option. As this is quite similar to a double bet, you could potentially take a look at the double bet calculator we have on site.

Let’s take a look at a quick example. This is taken from before England Under 21s played their German counterparts in the European Under 21 Championships in June 2023.

The odds for an outright ‘Home’ win (ie England U21) are 2.63: If unfamiliar with the decimal format, not to worry as we have an odds converter tool available!

General rules for Halftime/Fulltime bets

Specific terms and conditions can vary depending on the bookmaker you bet with but here are some general rules to keep in mind when placing halftime/fulltime bets:

  • Bets are settled based on the result after 90 minutes of play. This includes any injury time that takes place.
  • Extra time, which is played at the end of a match in certain competitions, does not count towards halftime/fulltime bets.
  • Penalty shootouts are also excluded from HT/FT betting.
  • The bet will usually be settled on the same day the game is played.
  • In the case of match postponement or abandonment, the bet may be voided and the stake returned.

Remember: it is essential that you review the T&Cs of the bookmaker you bet with to ensure you understand the specific rules and guidelines for halftime/fulltime bets.

The Value Of Halftime/Fulltime Bets

One of the advantages of halftime/fulltime bets is the potential for higher odds and increased value compared to simple ‘outright win’ bets. By adding an extra element to your selection, such as predicting the halftime result along with the fulltime result, you can significantly enhance the potential returns on your bet.

Potential outcomes for Halftime/Fulltime bets

There are 9 potential outcomes to bet on in HT/FT betting:

  1. Home/Home (1/1)
  2. Draw/Home (X/1)
  3. Away/Home (2/1)
  4. Home/Draw (1/X)
  5. Draw/Draw (X/X)
  6. Away/Draw (2/X)
  7. Home/Away (1/2)
  8. Draw/Away (X/2)
  9. Away/Away (2/2)

The options above cover all potential scenarios and provide a range of betting opportunities based on your predictions.

How Does A Halftime/Fulltime Bet Work In Matched Betting?

As you can see, the HT/FT market is a complex one to bet on. The first part of your bet may win but you won’t receive a potential return unless the second part is also correct. However, it is possible to make money from a HT/FT bet, regardless of the outcome of the match.

Matched betting is an increasingly popular method used to lock in margins of profits using a wagering strategy. Use bookmakers’ free bets and bonus offers to reduce the risks associated with gambling. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not a sports enthusiast or knowledgeable about betting. A matched betting platform like OddsMonkey will walk you through the process. Let’s take a quick look at how you can use matched betting to make money on halftime/fulltime bets:

  1. Find a bookmaker offer:
    Look for bookmakers that offer promotions or free bets related to halftime/fulltime bets.
  2. Place the qualifying bet:
    To qualify for the promotional offer, place a bet on a halftime/fulltime outcome at the bookmaker.
  3. Lay the bet on a Betting Exchange:
    This is where matched betting differs from traditional betting. This extra step in the betting process means that you can cover all potential outcomes. Using a betting exchange, place a lay bet that covers all possible outcomes of the halftime/fulltime bet. This means betting against the selected outcome to ensure that no matter the result, your liability is minimised.
  4. Calculate the lay stake:
    This is the amount of money you’ll need to bet at the betting exchange. Use a dedicated matched betting calculator to work out the correct lay stake. This can be made even easier by using the matched betting calculator on site.
  5. Repeat the Process:
    Once the qualifying bet has settled, you’ll receive the free bet or promotion from the bookmaker. Repeat the process by placing the free bet on a halftime/fulltime outcome and laying it on the exchange to lock in a profit.

Don’t worry if that looks a bit complicated, OddsMonkey is here to help! Start your free OddsMonkey trial today and dig into our extensive training guides.


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