Free Matched Betting Spreadsheet

matched betting spreadsheet

Tracking your bets and profits is essential if you want to keep track of how much profit you are making. If you aren’t currently tracking your profit then I highly recommend you do as nothing is more motivating that seeing that profit total rise every month.  However tracking all the information can be a headache. […]

A beginner’s guide to OddsMonkey’s matched betting software

matched betting software man laptop

In 2011, Paul decided to give matched betting a go. He made a bit of money but found the process of manually finding offers and odds slow. Being a software developer, he knew that he could automate this, making it quicker, easier and more efficient. OddsMonkey was born. Since then, it’s become the home of […]

How to make affiliate links

Here’s a quick guide on how to make affiliate links to share with your new OddsMonkey sign ups. What is an affiliate link? When you join OddsMonkey’s affiliate programme, you’ll be issued with a unique ID number. An affiliate link is a URL that you insert this ID into and it’s used record the traffic […]

7 of the best matched betting blogs to subscribe to

The internet is jam-packed with sites waiting for you to wade through and bolster your knowledge of matched betting. But knowing which sites are worth reading can be a battle. We decided to put together a list of the top matched betting blogs, all these sites are bursting with useful information and tools you can […]

Top videos on OddsMonkey

top matched betting videos

At OddsMonkey, we pride ourselves on providing world-class training and support. This comes in the form of written guides and top matched betting videos. If there’s a function or a feature onsite, then we’ll have a detailed breakdown of it in video. With thousands of people visiting the OddsMonkey site every day, we wondered which […]

How to make money from football betting with Oddsmonkey

The 2017/18 footie season’s starting and there’s one thing everyone wants to know. And that’s how to make money from football betting, of course. It’s not surprising, seeing as how football betting is one of the most profitable sports markets.

What is Betfair Integration?

linking your OddsMonkey and Betfair accounts

Something big is happening to the world of matched betting. And it’s happening at OddsMonkey. Our core product, OddsMatcher, made matched betting easier. Now, thanks to our brand new Betfair Integration, matched betting’s about to get quicker and slicker, too.

Profit from extra places at The Open with OddsMonkey

Profit from extra places at The Open

Profit from extra places at The Open with OddsMonkey. One online matched betting site has the perfect tools for the job when it comes to profiting from extra place offers at The Open. OddsMonkey has created the Each Way Matcher and Extra Place Matcher. Designed to help matched bettors extract major value from each way […]