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Free Matched Betting Spreadsheet

September 4th, 2018 Home, Matched Betting, Tools

Tracking your bets and profits is essential if you want to keep track of how much profit you are making. If you aren’t currently tracking your profit then I highly recommend you do as nothing is more motivating that seeing that profit total rise every month. 

However tracking all the information can be a headache. Setting up a spreadsheet and filling it in everyday is just another job you don’t need. That is why OddsMonkey have introduced Profit Tracker. Profit Tracker is fully integrated with all our tools and calculators so you can track all your bets, profits and qualifying losses with 1 click! So you can say goodbye to spreadsheets forever. 

Having said that I know some people are old school and like a good spreadsheet so we have you covered with that as well. You can download our free profit tracking spreadsheet right here.

Download your free spreadsheet here

Profit Tracker

Getting rid of the spreadsheet completely allows you to spend more time matched betting and therefore more time making money. Profit Tracker lets you track your daily, monthly and all time profits. You can add new entries with 1 click from the matched betting calculator or any of the other tools including the OddsMatcher. You can also add bets and profits manually if you didn’t use the tools.

Profit tracker allows you to record details of the bet including bookmaker, exchange, odds and when the bet has settled you can settle the bet on the profit tracker so you know exactly how much money you made and where that money went.

If you are already a seasoned matched bettor with a lot of profit then you can still move over to the Profit Tracker. Just add your existing profit and then forget about that old spreadsheet for good.

You can find out more about Profit Tracker here.