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There’s lots of money to be made from matched betting – you just need to know how to make it. Which is why we’ve created a matched betting tutorial for each of the most profitable bookmaker welcome offers. We’ve also created tutorials for matched betting tips and techniques to help you learn more about this fantastic money maker.

To find out more about matched betting and how it works, take a look at our matched betting guide.

To get you started though, the 5 free matched betting tutorials below will show you how to make an estimated £45 in under an hour. You’ll need to create a free OddsMonkey account to see the full guides but all of the money you earn from matched betting is completely tax free, so the money you make from following these tutorials is all yours.

Your step-by-step guide to matched betting

Get comfy because Tutorial 1 is quite long. However, it’s really important for you to read this page because it’s going to help you understand the rest of the tutorials clearly. Whether you’re completely new to betting or whether you’re a gambling pro, we’re going to start off my explaining something called ‘matched betting’. Matched Betting is something you might have heard about on websites such as Money Saving Expert, The Guardian or The Telegraph. It’s even on Wikipedia! You might even have heard a friend talking about it.Forget whatever you’ve heard about it and just know this : matched betting uses simple maths to make sure that when you place a Matched Bet, you’re guaranteed to profit from it.

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This tutorial is going to introduce you to betting exchanges. There are currently 4 betting exchanges available to UK residents, but the main two are Betfair and Smarkets. We’re going to get you set up, show you around and explain how they work. It should take you around 10 minutes to complete this guide. Take your time though - revisit it, even. Every matched bet consists of two halves: a BACK bet and a LAY bet. And because you'll be using Betfair or Smarkets to place most of your LAY bets, it’s really important that you get to grips with them.

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You’re almost there! In this tutorial you’re going to learn how to use our Odds Comparison App so that you can maximise the opportunity to make free cash and save time while doing it.In the next tutorial you’ll be given step by step instructions on how to use everything you’ve learnt so far to place your first Matched Bet and earn some free cash while doing it.Before we crack on, remind yourself of this example from Step 1…

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BOOKMAKER OFFER: bet £5 get £20 free

In this tutorial, we are going to put everything we've learnt so far into practice and place a Matched Bet with a real life bookmaker. This Matched Bet is going to consist of two parts, a Qualifier Bet and a Follow Up Bet. Don’t worry about them right now… everything is explained below. Both parts will involve a BACK bet and a LAY bet.Here we are guaranteed to earn about £13 – £16 by completing this Matched Bet – which isn’t a lot of money but it’s just a small one to get us started.As this is our first matched bet, it might take you a little longer than usual; about 10 minutes.  Once we are used to the process it’ll take you about 3 minutes per Matched Bet and you’ll be pleased to hear that instead of earning £13 – £16 you can earn as much as £200.

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This tutorial is pretty much the same as the last one because the process is more or less the same. Your second Matched Bet is going to be with a different bookmaker. You might have seen their adverts on the television. When you’re done with this tutorial, you’ll have pocketed another £14 – £16 (which is still small fry but you have to start small).

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