7 unusual ways to make money

As much as we’d all like a bit of extra cash, sometimes it’s nice not to have to get serious about it. Whether you’re game for a laugh or just don’t want to hustle too hard – these are the money makers for you!


  • 1. Affiliate marketing

Connecting with advertisers can be easier if you join an affiliate network first (like Awin), but some brands have their own affiliate programmes, including OddsMonkey

Starting a website is typically the best way to make money from affiliate marketing: if your visitors buy something after clicking an affiliate link to another site, you’ll earn a slice of the sale. Simple! 

If you don’t fancy being a blogger, you can still get in on the action by sharing your links across social media. 

  • 2. Answer questions for cash

Hard to believe, but before smartphones were a thing, loads of folk used to pay £3-a-pop to text an answers service instead. What’s even more surprising is, some of those services still exist – and they pay researchers to respond to SMS questions on anything from “What time is the next bus?” to “Why doesn’t Gary like me?”. Best of all, you can work when and wherever you want, as it’s all done online.

Ask Any Question are “always on the lookout for researchers”. They pay around 25p per answer and, while that sounds tiny, if you’re fast (and accurate) it’s possible to build up a decent hourly rate.

  • 3. Go on a game show

The game show route is a gamble – you could win big money and luxury goodies, but you might walk away with nothing more than “a lovely day out, thanks Bradley”. Alternatively, if you opt for a makeover show, you could still walk away with freebies or a fabulous new life: it’s worth a punt!

Start by listing your favourite shows, then check the channel’s website for auditions. To bump up your chances, go through all the channels and apply for everything you’d consider doing. Start with BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

If you want to cast your net wider, keep an eye out for ‘participants wanted’ ads in magazines or online.

  • 4. Make money surfing the web

Making cash from everyday online tasks might sound too easy but, while it’s not a goldmine, it’s legit! Typically you sign-up (for free) with a ‘get paid to’ website, and earn points for searching for trending topics, visiting websites, completing surveys, watching videos or playing games. 

Once you’ve earned enough points you can swap ‘em for cash or giftcards.

Accruing points – and rewards – can be slow going depending on the website. Keep an eye out for introductory sign-up offers, invite codes and bonus tasks to get there faster! Save the Student have a great list of ways to make money online.

  • 5. Be a food tester

Finding work as a professional muncher often comes down a little bit of luck and a lot of scouring the web – but it can be done.

For the rest of us, the more likely route to scarfing down crisps for cash is through an opinions panel. Saros Research occasionally have taste tests up for grabs, while Campden BRI are just about the snacks. Either way, payment can vary from a couple of bucks to around £50 a session.

  • 6. Get paid for testing websites

Sites like UserTesting record your mouse, clicks and voice as you visit specific websites, and pay for each visit you complete. Being chosen for gigs varies according to things like your age and location, so it’s not guaranteed work, but it’s an interesting way to earn spare change. 

Payment varies, usually in the region of a fiver for each 15-20 min job. UserTesting pays out after just 7 days.

  • 7. Rent out your stuff

Selling last year’s fashion disasters along with the rest of your clutter has always been a money-making staple – but the better win is to hang on to the good stuff and rent it out instead.

Buoyed by the Airbnb effect (which is just renting out your room, after all), now there’s Fat Lama for gadgets, garden gear and everything else you’ve got stuffed in the back of your cupboards.

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