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Get 0% Commission at Smarkets with OddsMonkey Premium

OddsMonkey Premium members get 0% commission on all bets at!

If you are an OddsMonkey Premium member and don’t already have an account with Smarkets, now is the time to sign up. It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, which is totally worth it to pay no commission, right?

As an example; Without this offer, when a lay bet wins you would pay commission. At Smarkets this is 2%, so on a bet that pays £200 you would have to pay £4 in commission

As an OddsMonkey premium member using this offer, you would pay nothing in commission, nada!

During a month, most of our members place lots of bets similar to the example above – this means that this Smarkets offer can easily save you enough to pay for your premium memberships many times over – and that’s without the actual profit you’ll be making from the bookmaker offers and free bets

Before you can take advantage of this offer you need to be an OddsMonkey Premium member – sign up here

To sign up for Smarkets 0% commission, follow the steps below:

1. Make sure you have a Smarkets exchange account. If you don’t, click here to sign up.
2. If you are not already opted into the offer, opt into 0% using this link, and await confirmation via email.
3. If you are already taking advantage of the 0% offer from Smarkets, you do not need to opt-in again. By placing an integrated bet on OddsMonkey you will be eligible for the 0% offer for 30 days from the integrated bet being placed.
4. Place an integrated bet (watch this video for details on how to do this)
5. 0% commission will be applied.

Key Terms of Smarkets 0%:

Using Smarkets integration will enable 30 days of 0% commission. For example, if you place a bet on the 20th March, you will get 0% for 30 days from that point. If you placed another integration bet on the 29th March, you would get 30 days from that point.

If you don’t place an integrated bet, your commission will be set to 2%. However, if you place a bet through integration after that point, you’ll be eligible for the 0% again.

Terms and conditions

1. You must remain a Premium member with OddsMonkey for the duration of the offer.
2. You must opt-in to the offer.
3. You must place an integrated bet every 30 days via the OddsMatcher.
4. Smarkets reserve the right to remove any individuals from this promotion at their discretion.

Note: Customers who are already opted in to the “Smarkets 0% Promotion” will continue to be eligible for 0% for 30 days from their last integrated bet without the need to opt in again.




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