Premier League Darts Matched Betting Guide

Following on from the PDC World Championships, the Premier League Darts is the first major tournament of each year. Especially in recent years, the sport of darts itself has only continued to grow in popularity immensely, with it becoming more mainstream than ever before, breaking viewership number records consistently.

One of the main contributors behind the rise of darts and, in turn, Premier League Darts is the overall simplicity of the game in regards to both its rules and format. As a result, darts betting is one of the most accessible and easy to understand methods of placing stakes on live fixtures, even for newcomers. 

Therefore, in line with increased viewership, darts betting and Premier League Darts matched betting has also become more prevalent, with there being a whole range of markets to use and a collection of specific strategies which you could apply in relation to one of darts’ many prestigious tournaments.

Premier League Darts Matched Betting Explained 

To understand Premier League Darts matched betting, though, we must first break down the actual concept of darts and how a game of this sport generally plays out. In most cases, apart from the Darts World Cup, which features doubles, a game of darts sees two players face off against one another, aiming to be the first player to check out a target score of 501. 

Each player participating has 3 darts, with them throwing these in turns to try and land the highest score possible, with this subtracting from the initial 501. Gradually, players will subtract from this starting score, aiming to finish a leg by throwing a double to secure a match. This is referred to as a checkout and is the only way in which a game can be won.

The dartboard itself is split into 20 equally spaced segments, each relating to a score between 1 and 20. However, the arrangement of these numbers sees different scores scattered across the board, typically seeing the bigger numbers located next to some of the smaller ones. This means precision is key, with this being the case even more when taking into consideration the inner and outer rings that are featured across each of these segments. 

The inner ring is referred to as the treble, with this being the ring that players most often aim for to score the highest totals. The outer segments are referred to as the doubles, with these being the segments players must land a final dart in to check out their score. There are also two circular segments located in the middle of the dartboard. The bull’s eye is green and has a value of 25, whereas the inner red circle is the bull, with this offering a score of 50 whilst also being a segment players can use to check out their score.

Most major tournaments in darts are leg-based, with individual legs being won by being the first player to reach 3 individual game wins. Depending on the prestige or stage of the tournament, there are different leg targets which players must be the first to reach to win the match as a whole.

The format of games in Premier League Darts sees the tournament split across 17 different nights, with 8 of the best players participating in it. Each night, there are 4 quarter finals essentially, with the winners of the first to win 6 matches progressing into the next round. There is a scoring system based on the placements of players each night. The winner of the final receives 5 points, the runner-up receives 3, and the losers of the 2 semi-finals receive 2 points each.

When it comes to the 16th night of the Premier League Darts competition, the top 4 players in the points table progress to a play-off round on the final night. The player who finishes top is put against the player in 4th position, with 2nd and 3rd playing each other in the other leg. These playoff matches are best of 19 legs, with the final match being a 21-legged final, with the first player to 11 legs being crowned the champion.

How Does Premier League Darts Matched Betting Work? 

Now that the sport of darts, and more specifically, the Premier League Darts, has been fully dissected, it is time to explain how exactly Premier League Darts matched betting can play out. However, should this strategy be a relatively new concept, you may wonder: what is matched betting?

Matched betting is a betting strategy which involves all potential event outcomes being covered. This is achieved by placing two types of bets: back and lay bets. A back bet relates to a bettor placing a stake on an outcome to occur using a traditional online bookmaker. In contrast, a lay bet relates to a bettor placing a counteracting bet for the same outcome not to occur using a betting exchange.

Should both of these bets be placed correctly, covering all of the eventualities in the process, this removes the reliance on luck and could lock in profit margins. However, in order for there to be profit, a number of aspects need to be taken into consideration. One of the main ones is the odds of each respective betting selection, which need to be balanced out in order to ensure no money is lost in the process, regardless of the outcome.

This can be overcome by utilising the plethora of free bets and credits bookmakers give out, either in welcome bonuses or reload offers. By using free bets to cover the back leg of a matched bet, bettors only need to cover the lay selection using real funds, meaning that the free bet could potentially be converted into real profit if the odds are correct. This can be capitalised on further by identifying any major odd discrepancies across various online bookmakers, all whilst ensuring that at least one of your selections will be deemed a winner if the strategy is still applied correctly.

Premier League Darts matched betting, like with all other sports, is completely reliant on the stakes and odds of each of your selections. Despite this, a number of tools can streamline the entire process of placing a matched bet correctly, with the appropriately named matched betting calculator being just one of these. This automatically determines theoretical returns based on the odds and stakes you input into the calculator, helping you determine whether or not the bet in question is actually profitable and negating the chances of any calculation errors, too.

Premier League Darts Matched Betting Markets 

Premier League Darts matched betting can take advantage of a whole range of different betting markets. One of the most popular markets is the ‘Match Winner’ bets, with these arguably being amongst the most self-explanatory options. Due to draws not being a possibility in a game of darts, these bets refer to bettors placing a stake on the player they think will win the match out and out. Due to the lack of specific technicalities and the general concept of these bets being straightforward, they are used heavily with Premier League Darts matched betting, as both outcomes can be covered easily.

The over/ under betting markets are also used frequently in regards to Premier League Darts matched betting, with there being a number of options that are similar to football matched betting. The over/under predictions can be related to a number of aspects within a match, with one of the main ones being the number of 180s in a game or competition. This allows bettors to predict whether or not there will be more or less maximum scores than a selected number, with all of these options being displayed as intervals of 0.5. What makes this betting market especially useful is that there are only two possible outcomes, with the same applying to the match-winner bets we have just covered as well.

Sticking with Premier League Darts matched betting markets, which still only have two possible outcomes, highest checkout bets are another feasible option for this betting strategy. As their name implies, these types of bets refer to bettors placing a stake on which player in a match they think will have the highest checkout. Each player in the match will have their own respective odds; therefore, scanning bookmakers to see if there are any odd discrepancies is often useful for matched betting.

Similar to matched winner bets once again, tournament winner bets don’t just refer to a player winning a match; instead, they are in relation to the player winning the tournament as a whole. Due to Premier League Darts being in a tournament format, this market is applicable, with each player once again having their own respective odds determined by a number of different factors. However, as the competition progresses, these odds can change to align with current standings, which could be taken advantage of in terms of Premier League Darts matched betting.

One final Premier League Darts betting market we will be covering is the ‘Correct Score’ bets. Due to these being much more specific than other markets, with players having to predict the exact score of legs, these tend to have higher odds This is in correlation to the difficulty of correct predictions; however, with smaller amounts of legs, the score combinations are also lower, meaning they could present the opportunity for bets to be matched if the odds are once again favourable.

Things To Consider With Premier League Darts Matched Betting

Although the concept of Premier League Darts matched betting may seem relatively straightforward in a holistic sense, there is still a collection of factors that should be considered that may impact the odds and outcomes of darts matches.

Arguably, one of the key considerations to bear in mind when making selections is a player’s form. Although there are plenty of outliers, form leading into a competition is one of the key things that can influence a player’s performance, especially in Premier League Darts. Paying attention to previous major events, how they performed, and where they finished could give some indication of how a player could be expected to play in the Premier League. By noting if they are on a hot streak or have struggled against higher-ranked players could help your decision-making be more informed, with it also helping you to identify any potential value bets when also considering the odds of each player.

Form is not only determined by results either, though, as a match typically relies on two things: average score and checkout percentage. If a player boasts two high scores in both of these areas, it could give justification for their form. However, if the player boasts a high average score but a low checkout percentage, this could potentially cause them to lose out on games and sets should their opposition manage to checkout with higher efficiency.

In addition to all of this, taking note of previous matchups between sets of players could be another piece of analytical data which could help you make more informed decisions. Certain players have impressive records against certain players, and bearing this in mind when making selections once again ties into your bets being more informed as a whole. However, with Premier League darts matched betting, this is not the most useful; however, it can still help identify good value odds.

How To Start Premier League Darts Matched Betting 

To begin matched betting on the Premier League Darts, we recommend beginning by signing up with the various bookmakers out there, in turn, claiming all of the relevant signup bonuses and welcome offers each of these presents. Doing this with exchanges such as Smarkets and Betfair Exchange means you are ready to place back and lay bets from the get-go.

However, due to funds likely being spread out across these different bookmakers at the beginning of your Premier League Darts matched betting journey, it is essential you learn how to manage your bankroll. This ensures you can keep track of where all funds and potential profits are located.

As well as this, familiarising yourself with the host of betting calculators out there is another key step that should be taken. These often only require simple pieces of information such as selection odds and stakes; however, these could be highly useful due to them being highly accurate and doing calculations automatically. They also help streamline matched betting on the Premier League Darts, negating the need for lengthy, manual calculations.

Best Premier League Darts Matched Betting Offers 

The free bets bookmakers give out in the leadup and during the first darts major of the year are undoubtedly the best Premier League Darts offers for matched betting. Whether these come in the form of welcome offers or reload bonuses for users, these are extremely useful due to the whole strategy of matched betting revolving around using free bets to cover the back bets. Without having to use your actual funds, you could take these Premier League Darts offers and potentially convert the free credits given by bookmakers into real profit. 

If you are signing up to be a bookmaker for the first time, however, you must turn on marketing communications. Even though this may seem unnecessary, like it often is with most signup processes, this is often how you can stay informed about ongoing promotions a specific bookmaker may offer. In addition to this, certain sites may also give exclusive free bets out via email; therefore, by opting out, you could potentially be missing out on some opportunities for matched betting on the Premier League Darts.

Premier League Darts Matched Betting At OddsMonkey 

Should you wish to start applying this betting strategy on the Premier League Darts after we have fully delved into the technicalities, we here at OddsMonkey have everything you may need in regard to matched betting, with the information and knowledge applying to a whole host of sports betting markets, not just the darts.

From a collection of betting calculators, which we have already touched upon, to sports betting guides and a dedicated matched betting blog, there is everything you may need regarding this strategic betting approach at OddsMonkey.

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