Unmatched Bets, Partially-Matched Bets, And How To Fix Them

Ever placed a lay bet at the betting exchange only to see that it hasn’t matched? Whether that’s all of it or part of it, the natural reaction is to panic. But fear not because partially matched and unmatched bets in matched betting are completely fixable. Here at OddsMonkey, we’ll look at how this is done, as well as highlighting the significance of amending any unmatched bets.

What Are Partially-Matched Bets And Unmatched Bets?

When only part of a lay bet is matched, this is a partially-matched bet. When a lay bet isn’t matched at all, we call this an unmatched bet. Identifying and being aware of these when matched betting is crucial, as this means the strategy hasn’t been applied correctly, therefore, not all eventualities of an event are covered.

What Causes Partially Or Unmatched bets?

There are two reasons why partially matched bets and unmatched bets could potentially happen:

  1. There isn’t enough liquidity available in the market.
  2. The lay odds may have changed as you were laying.

Depending on the situation, the fixes are different. We’ll take a look at both now.

What Is Liquidity

As we have just briefly mentioned, the market not having enough liquidity could be the reason behind partially matched bets or any completely unmatched bets. If you are unfamiliar with the term, liquidity is essentially the money that is already being traded on a betting exchange. Should there not be enough funds on a specific market, the requested lay bet may not be matched.

When it comes to obscure games and sports betting markets, there is generally less liquidity available for these respective events. If using one of these for a prospective matched bet however, this could potentially cause unmatched bets should there not be enough liquidity to accommodate your lay stake. In order to ensure there is enough of this available for a successfully placed matched bet, we have an OddsMatcher on site that showcases this information.

How To Fix Unmatched Bets

If the issue is a lack of liquidity at the betting exchange, you can choose to leave it and see if it matches on its own. However: this may not happen so be aware that you’ll probably have to step in. If the issue is a change in odds, simply cancel the lay bet and lay again at the new odds. Watch our video guide on unmatched bets for more information:

How Do I Fix A Partially Matched Bet?

Partially matched bets are a bit trickier to fix. But still possible. Again, it’s important to know what the issue was to know how to fix it. If there is a lack of liquidity, you can try to leave the bet pending to see if more cash comes into the market and the lay bet may be matched on its own. However, if it’s a change in odds, then you need to cancel the unmatched portion of the pending lay bet and use the partial lay calculator. This is essentially the standard matched betting calculator but with the ‘partial lay’ option set to ‘show’.

Using The Partial Lay Calculator

To use the partial lay calculator to resolve any partially matched bets, in the top section, enter the full amount you wanted to back and lay. Then in the bottom pink section, enter what actually matched. The calculator will then give you the next lay stake to place at the new odds. The process is really as simple as this, with this also being applicable for all of the other betting calculators we have.

Fixing Unmatched Bets At OddsMonkey

Here at OddsMonkey, we have all the matched betting tools needed to help you resolve any unmatched bets or partially matched bets you may have. Not only do we have the appropriate calculators, but we also have a dedicated matched betting blog that can help solve any other matched betting problems you may have, all of which ensure that profits can potentially be locked in.

If you have any questions or need help fixing partially or unmatched bets, join our Facebook group and share screenshots of your bets! Alternatively, OddsMonkey Premium members can swing by our Community. Start your free trial today and upgrade your membership when ready.

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