Connor’s Story

Customer Testimonial

Like most university students that are just about to head off to fresher’s week, Connor was expecting to hear a few wise words of advice from his mother. When she encouraged him to look into a gambling website he’d never heard of before (OddsMonkey) he got a bit of a surprise to say the least. Now pocketing £300 extra a month, he’s never looked back.

Here’s Connor’s story…

How long have you been matched betting?

“It’s about seven or eight months now. I started last summer before I went to university. I had a lot of time on my hands so it made sense.”

How did you hear about it?

“It was my mam that told me about it! Someone she knows was doing well out of it and just said to go and have a look at OddsMonkey. I can’t imagine that there are many mothers who’d encourage their son to gamble but she kept saying “no it’s not gambling”. She wants to get into it now that she knows how much I’m earning.”

How easy was it to get started?

“Like I say, before I started uni I had the time to put a few hours aside to properly get my head into it and over the course of a couple of days I just concentrated on doing some of the smaller, introductory offers. There was a bit of trial and error but once I fully understood everything it was like second nature after that.”

How long do you spend on matched betting now?

“It just depends. I do as little or as much as I want. Some days, like if I have a busy day at uni or if I’m at work, I’ll do none and then other days I’ll do an hour. I have a part-time job as a porter but I make more money using OddsMonkey. I keep the job because it’s more a case of wanting something on my CV.”

What does an average day look like for you and where does matched betting fit into it?

“On an average uni day, if I’m studying from 9 till 5, I’ll probably have a free hour at some point or I can use my lunchtime to do some matched betting. I sometimes do a bit at teatime as well, it just depends. I just fit it in and around whatever I’m doing. I play footie and I like to socialise with my mates. My accommodation building has a bar and Sky Sports so I’ll often socialise with friends and then nip back up to my room at halftime to place bets.”

How much money are you able to earn from it consistently?

“I wouldn’t say I’m consistent because it varies but if I had to average it out I’d say £300 a month.”

What’s the most you’ve earned in any one month?

“Last month (March) I made £700. Most of that was because of Cheltenham (a horse racing festival).”

How much have you earned overall? Approximately?

“Overall, I’d say about £2,000”.

What does the extra money mean to you? How is it helping?

“It helps in all sorts of ways. I use the extra money for special occasions – like birthdays or Christmas. I use it to save for holidays. I use it for day to day socialising. It’s there as a backup and it’s there to help me put a bit of money aside.”

How do you explain Matched Betting to other people?

“It’s quite hard when you try to tell people about it. The first thing that happens is that they have 100 questions for you. I just say that it’s a way of betting so that you can guarantee that you win. There are 13 lads on my floor and I’ve talked 3 of them into it now and 2 of them have taken to it properly. ”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about starting to matched bet?

“I’d just say go for it – just try it. There won’t be many people that would look back after trying it. You’re not tied into a long term contract with OddsMonkey so just try it and you’ll be a member for life. No regrets. I can’t see myself not being a member.”

What’s the best thing about OddsMonkey?

“How easy it is to earn extra money.”

*The above is an actual customer success story. Results may vary and are not guaranteed

So, how about it? Try OddsMonkey for free and see how matched betting really works.

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