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Best casino offer? How to determine if a casino offer is worth doing

You’ve heard and seen people profit from casino offers and are sitting on some of your own, but have no clue how to weed out the profitable offers from the ones to avoid. What is the best casino offer to do? This post will help clear that up!

How to find the best casino offer

When an offer comes through, it might look and sound good but it’s very important to be able to decide which ones are profitable. The way we do this is by calculating the Expected Value (EV) of the offer. If the EV is positive, it’s worth doing but if it’s EV negative, avoid it.

OddsMonkey will always include the EV of an offer when adding it to the offers list but if you ever get an offer that is invite-only, it’s important to know how to be able to work this out for yourself.

The first thing we look at is what game the offer is on. Is it slots, blackjack, or roulette? This is important as each of these has a different RTP (Return to Player) value. This is the % the game pays back to the player. Let me explain a bit more about the types of games you might find the best casino offer in:


Different games have different RTP but we aim for the one that pays out the highest. For example, if we select a slot that has an RTP of 95%, this means that for every £100 we play, we expect a return of £95. This isn’t guaranteed but is mathematically likely over the long term.


This has the highest RTP at 99.5%. So if you played £100 on BlackJack (using the OddsMonkey BlackJack strategy, you would expect to get back £99.50). Again, this isn’t guaranteed but is mathematically possible over the long term.


This has about a 97.3% RTP when using the Red or Black strategy (wagering only on red or black during gameplay). This means that if you played £100 (£1 each round) on either red or black, you would expect to receive back £97.30. This isn’t guaranteed but is mathematically likely over the long term.

So now that we understand RTP, how does this help us with working out the Expected Value of an offer? Here are some examples:

Example 1

Play £20 on slots and get a £10 bonus with a 10x wagering requirement. We play our £20 on a selected slot. We expect an RTP of 95%. Playing £20 we should return: 0.95 x £20 = £19.00. So at the moment, we are down £1. We now have our £10 bonus which has a 10x wagering requirement. This means we need to play £10 x 10 = £100 worth of spins before our bonus will turn to cash. We expect a return of 95%, playing £100 worth of spins we expect to return 0.95 x £100= £95. From our £10 bonus, we expect to lose £5 completing the wagering. This gives this offer an Expected Value of £4. (The £5 we retained from the bonus, minus the £1 we lost from our qualifying spins).

Example 2

Play £50 on any casino game and get a £10 free ‘Stake Not Returned’ bet. We now have a choice of what casino game we should play. Looking at it based on RTP percentages, it is clear that playing blackjack is the best strategy. We play our £50 on Blackjack. We expect an RTP of 99.5%. Playing £50 we should return: 0.995 x £50 = £49.75. So at the moment, we are down £0.25. We have now triggered our £10 free ‘Stake Not Returned’ bet. From our SNR bet, we should look for an 80% return, 0.8 x 10 = £8. This offer would have an Expected Value of £7.75 (£8 from the free bet, minus the £0.25 from the Blackjack £50 wagering).

I hope this helps when it comes to finding the best casino offer. If you have any questions about any of the information above, please comment below!
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