Guide to Matched Betting

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The phenomenon of matched betting is a fairly new addition to sports gambling and is quickly becoming a popular addition to many online betting sites. This method of betting consists of two separate stakes that cover all outcomes of a sporting event, be that a football match, horse race or anything else. If you are looking to try out this sports betting method for the first time, you can then check out some of the matched betting guides available on this page.

What is Matched Betting? 

The concept of matched betting is based on placing a stake with a second bet in place that covers the risk of losing the original. The first bet placed is known as a ‘back’ bet and will be based on one of the teams, horses or any sides taking part to win. The second bet that is placed here is called the ‘lay’ bet, and this covers every other possible outcome of play, for example, another team or horse winning or the game ending in a draw. When done correctly, this will ensure that those placing the stakes will either receive a winning payout or break even with their two betting stake values returned. 

Matched betting is much more simple in sports that include only three possible outcomes, such as football, rugby, cricket etc. When it comes to using horse racing matched betting, where the ‘lay’ bet backs the horse coming in any position other than first, it may require a greater stake to break even. This is because there are more parts included in the bet that could stop the ‘back’ bet from paying. It is important to calculate the right stakes for both bets when using matched betting to ensure that no outcome of play will result in a loss. Guides offering more information about football matched betting, and many more betting strategies can be found here on the OddsMonkey site.

Matched Betting Calculator

One such piece of software that could come in useful for experienced match bettors and newcomers to this method is the matched betting calculator. This software is used to indicate the required stakes of a matched bet, ensuring that any eventuality will at least return the stake value, if not more. The matched betting calculator asks users to input their ‘back’ bet stake along with the odds from the ‘back’ and ‘lay’ bets. It will then show users the returns on offer from different values placed on the ‘lay’ bet and the profit potential of the matched betting stakes as a whole. 

Matched Betting Offers

An important use of matched betting is for online bettors to claim the bonuses available from betting sites without risking losing any of their own funds. Many sportsbook welcome offers require users to place a qualifying stake and reward them with bet credits of the same value. With matched betting, the potential to lose this qualifying stake is removed whilst the bonus bet credits are still claimed!


The purpose of matched betting is to remove the potential risk of betting and supplement your income. If you are a fan of sports then you may like to check out our online sports betting guides which could provide you with some extra insight when looking to place bets.