Matched Betting

Whether you’re new to the world of matched betting or a successful veteran, this section will have something for you. Here we look at what to do, what not to do and the best way to do it. Most importantly, we give you the best ways to make money from matched betting.

What is advantage gambling?

July 7th
Matched Betting
There are lots of ways to gamble. Card games, bingo and sports betting, to name a few. And despite their differences, one thing’s the same: they’re all designed to take your money. However, there is a way of putting the odds in your favour by giving yourself an advantage. So what is advantage gambling? Keep […] Read the full story

What is an ante post price?

June 21st
Matched Betting
What is an ante post price? Ante Post is the term for bets placed in advance of the event. This is most commonly used on horse racing markets for bets placed before the declaration stage, which takes place at around 10am the day before the race. Punters are able to take favourable prices on these […] Read the full story

What is Betfair commission?

July 1st
Matched Betting
As well as being a bookmaker, Betfair also offers a casino, bingo and is home to the world’s largest betting exchange. There are two key differences between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. Firstly, at a bookie, you bet directly against him, whereas in a betting exchange, you bet against other punters. Read the full story

What is Betfair Integration?

July 27th
Something big is happening to the world of matched betting. And it’s happening at OddsMonkey. Our core product, OddsMatcher, made matched betting easier. Now, thanks to our brand new Betfair Integration, matched betting’s about to get quicker and slicker, too. Read the full story

No risk matched betting

June 28th
Matched Betting
Having the word ‘betting’ in its title doesn’t help matched betting’s argument that it’s not gambling. Yes, it involves placing bets, but the very process of matching these bets means that your money is protected. This post will answer the question, “what is no risk matched betting” and explain exactly how you can use it […] Read the full story

What is the Asian Handicap?

May 3rd
Matched Betting
Asian handicap betting is becoming one of the most popular ways of betting in football matches. But it’s pretty difficult for many people to grasp without explanation. When you see all the numbers and plus and minus symbols, it’s no wonder it looks so complicated! What is the Asian Handicap? The asian handicap is a […] Read the full story