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Euro 2024 Matched Betting Guide

Every 4 years, one of international football’s most prestigious tournaments is held, that is the European Championship. Commonly referred to simply as the Euros, the 2024 edition of this famous competition is just around the corner, with Europe’s most elite international teams heading into the tournament in hopes of taking home this year’s Henri Delaunay Cup.

As fans from all over the continent grow more and more excited to see their home nation perform on the international stage, another thing that continues to grow in popularity alongside all of this is Euro 2024 betting. With the tournament including so many different national teams, matches, and knockout rounds, the number of betting markets for this competition is expansive. 

If all of these pose a conundrum for where to start, do not worry, as we have devised an in-depth Euro 2024 matched betting guide here at OddsMonkey for you that details all aspects of this international football tournament as well as any of the specifics you may encounter if choosing to place a bet on the Euros come this summer.

Euro 2024 Betting Explained 

Before diving straight into Euro matched betting, it might be useful to to understand regarding Euro 2024 betting before diving into any of the intricacies though is the overall format of the tournament itself. Following the qualifiers that take place prior to the competition, the 24 qualified teams are split into 6 different groups of 4, with these being labelled groups A, B, C, D, E and F.

In these groups, each team places each other once, playing a total of 3 games. The usual point system found across all of football is in play here, with the top 2 teams from each group progressing into the knockout stage of the tournament. However, some of the best-performing 3rd-place teams may also get through to the knockouts, with their point tallies and goal differences being pitted against one another to determine who goes through.

During the knockout stage, single-elimination matches are introduced, with the winning team progressing into the next round of the Euros whilst the losing team is eliminated from the tournament. This knockout process continues through the round of 16, quarter and semi-finals until the 2 final sides face off against one another in the final. This is where the winner of the 2024 European Championship is decided, with the victorious team taking home the prestigious trophy for their home nation.

The 2024 edition of the Euros will take place in Germany this time around. It commences on 14th June, with the final taking place exactly a month later on the 14th of July in Berlin’s Olympiastadion. Now that you have a full understanding of the Euros and its format, you may be wondering how exactly Euro 2024 betting works in correspondence to all of this. Each game that takes place in this tournament is able to have bets placed on it, with a whole plethora of specific markets relating to each match, some of which we will explain very shortly.

Euro 2024 Betting Markets

Like with regular football betting, the number of Euro 2024 betting markets is expansive, with each and every game that takes place in this year’s edition of the tournament having a whole range of specific tangibles and markets that bettors could choose to wager on. The more markets, the better for us as it will provide us with more Euro matched betting opportunities.

Arguably, one of the most popular Euro 2024 betting markets is the match-winner market, with this working as you might expect. These bets refer to the bettor choosing a team they think will come out victorious in their respective Euros match, with them being relatively straightforward. It is worth noting that these bets can also give bettors the option to select a draw; however, this is only applicable for the group stage, as knockout matches cannot end in a draw. 

Some Euro 2024 betting markets, though, may specify that a team must win within regular time, that being before the full-time whistle is blown, in order for a selection to be deemed a winner within this specific market. Due to the general straightforward nature in which these operate, though, they are commonly utilised as single bets as well as within multi-fold accumulators. Bettors can make use of tools like a single bet calculator and an accumulator calculator also on site which can be used in tandem with this market and a number of others to follow.

Similarly to match-winner selections, outright winner markets are also incredibly popular within Euro 2024 betting. Instead of a bettor selecting a team just to win a match, they are instead choosing the nation that they believe will win the tournament overall. Each team involved has its own set of Euro 2024 betting odds, which are determined by rankings, their group, form going into the competition and the overall set-up of the team. Some outright markets also give bettors the option of who they think will win a specific group, too, with this falling within the same market.

Rotating back around to markets for specific matches, though, another prominent Euro 2024 betting option is the over/under markets. These can relate to a whole plethora of specifics within a match, including things such as goals, shots, fouls, throw-ins, corners and even cards, just to name a few. Although these markets can also be singular, which we will cover very shortly, these are categorised together and allow bettors to select whether a specific action will occur more or less than a specified number, often displayed in ‘.5’ intervals.

Commonly referred to as just BTTS by many bookmakers and sportsbooks, the ‘both teams to score’ option is likely to be another popular Euro 2024 betting market. Once again, the name of this market insinuates how exactly it works, with players either selecting yes or no depending on whether they think both teams within a fixture will manage to score a goal. This market is especially useful for Euro 2024 matched betting as there are only two possible outcomes for this market. However, more on that strategy later on.

Player-specific markets are also huge for Euro 2024 betting too, with players being able to wager on a whole number of outcomes related to specific players individually. One example of this is card bets, with players being able to select a player they think will get either a yellow card or even sent off during a game.

Another player related Euro 2024 betting market is goal scorer bets. During a game, bettors could select a player they believe may manage to put the ball in the back of the net. As simple as this may sound, though, there are some more specific bet options applicable to this market in particular. For example, bettors could choose between the player to score first, last or at any time during a game, with each of these having differing odds.

Individual awards are also a huge part of the Euros, and unsurprisingly, many bookmakers offer Euro 2024 betting markets in relation to this. For example, bettors could select players they think will win the Player of the Tournament, Top Scorer, Young Player of the Tournament and Golden Glove accolades once the tournament has concluded. Moreover, certain sportsbooks may even give the option to wager on players to be included in the Team of the Tournament as well!

Things To Consider With Euro 2024 Betting

There are a whole host of things that should be considered if choosing to utilise any of these Euro 2024 betting markets, however, as certain factors could potentially influence outcomes. Arguably, one of the key factors to bear in mind if placing any wagers on the Euros though is the teams themselves. 

Paying attention to their form leading into the competition or the knockouts can indicate how they could perform. The same goes for any star players they have within their side or any prior matchups with their opposition, as this statistical side of things could highlight any good value bets. 

Noting how a specific group is set up can also be another key consideration to bear in mind. There are often groups perceived to be much easier than others depending on the teams within them. However, as is common in most tournaments, there is also a group often referred to as the ‘Group of Death’, which is more difficult to predict correctly due to the equally matched sides.

As the Euros utilises a round-robin style knockout round, though, another thing that could be considered is Euro 2024 betting is a team’s potential progress path. The bracket for the competition is pre-decided once the groups have been settled, with the teams that progress already knowing which group victors they could face off against in the knockouts. Visualising hypothetical bracket breakdowns could potentially highlight easier routes for certain teams in the competition.

All of these aspects are taken into consideration when determining Euro 2024 betting odds, with these statistics being an important factor that could determine any potential returns for your Euro selections.

Best Euro 2024 Betting Offers

As the tournament is such a major one, Euro 2024 betting offers and other promotions will likely be claimed from many different sportsbooks, bookmakers and online casinos.

If you are a first-time bettor at a site, there are likely some specified Euro-related sign-up offers given out by a handful of sites. Sign-up offers can come in a number of different forms, such as matched deposits or free bet credits, with the latter being especially useful should Euro 2024 betting be something you wish to wager on,

As is common across many sites, another popular Euro 2024 betting promotion is the early payout betting offers. These may only apply to certain matchups; however, these can work by paying out any potential returns early should a selection go two goals up at any point during the 90 minutes.

Nowadays, more and more sportsbooks offer odd boosts, with this likely being one of the most predominant Euro 2024 betting offers. Certain Euro markets or selections will essentially see their odds be boosted as part of these offers, with the Will Hill Epic Odds promotion being a prime example of this.

Another promotional offer related to Euro 2024 betting odds is the best odds guaranteed bonuses. If a bookmaker offers this, this could see the odds of a Euros match being the best out there, with the sportsbook matching the highest odds on any other site after a match has concluded. 

It is worth noting that all of these Euro 2024 betting offers likely come with their own terms and conditions; therefore, familiarising yourself with these before claiming any bonuses is key. No matter what type of Euro promotions may be available, though, all of these could be utilised to their full potential if using the Euro 2024 matched betting strategy, allowing the bettor to lock in profit margins if applying this innovative approach correctly.

How To Start Euro 2024 Matched Betting 

If you are especially savvy to betting, Euro 2024 matched betting is the ideal approach, as this could allow you to make the most of any promotional offers. If you are unfamiliar with this strategy, this involves you covering all possible outcomes of an event, utilising matched odds to ensure at least one leg of your matched bet returns profit. 

Matched betting is split into back-and-lay bets, with one of these being placed on a bookmaker and the other on a betting exchange. In order to begin Euro 2024 matched betting, signing up to exchanges and sportsbooks is key, with the latter being where you could claim any bonuses. These bonuses are an integral part of the approach as these are used to cover the back portion of the bet, with these free bets being a substitute for real funds.

By placing qualifying bets to claim these Euro 2024 betting offers, funds and free bets will likely be spread across a whole range of sites.  As a result of this, learning how to manage your bankroll effectively is key to the matched betting process, as it can help you keep track of all of your Euro 2024 matched betting resources.

When it actually comes to placing a matched bet on the Euros, however, learning how to use the matched betting calculator is key. This is one of the many specialised betting calculators we have on-site that can automatically calculate any potential returns a matched bet could yield if placed correctly. This tool can consider the odds, stake and exchange commission, accurately determining whether a proposed matched bet will be effective or not.

Euro 2024 Matched Betting At OddsMonkey 

Should you be entirely new to this strategy and wish to apply it when Euro 2024 betting, we here at OddsMonkey are specialists in everything regarding this innovative approach. Thanks to the range of video tutorials and matched betting guides on the site, bettors can discover why this is considered one of the most effective UK side hustles today.

Should you wish to maximise your knowledge on Euro 2024 matched betting in time for the tournament, though, we also have many other tools and resources on site that can be extremely useful. From our matched betting blog to our other sports betting guides that delve deeper into other football markets, all of these can show bettors how to make the most of any Euro betting offers.

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