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Tennis Matched Betting Guide

In the world of sports, there are a handful of sports which seemingly dominate the space, boasting unrivalled popularity from fans worldwide. One such sport which falls under this category is tennis. The game that pits players against one another on courts with rackets in hand has been around for centuries, with its origins actually dating back to the 12th century! Tennis was originally created by European monks, with the game spreading across the continent in the 14th century and subsequently exploding in popularity in the 16th, with the game being taken up by many figures of noble and royal class.

The first official tennis club was founded in the mid-1800s in Birmingham, and shortly after, the first-ever lawn tennis tournament took place. This was held at the now-famous Wimbledon in London, with this inaugural event often being regarded as the birth of modern tennis. Due to the British Empire, the sport of tennis was spread around the world, with it making its way to various continents and quickly becoming popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

In the modern age, tennis is more popular than ever before, with there being a plethora of grand slams that pit the best players from all over the globe against each other. To mirror the popularity of tennis as a whole, tennis betting has also seen a dramatic rise in notoriety, especially in recent years following the developments of online bookmakers. 

One area in particular that has seen more and more fans of tennis look into is tennis matched betting, with this new and statistical betting strategy. In recent times, matched betting has become one of the more prevalent side hustle ideas, with there now being more betting options than ever before in the world of tennis. In order to understand how tennis matched betting can be applied effectively, all of the factors that surround it will be covered in this forthcoming tennis matched betting guide.

Tennis Matched Betting Explained

Before we start to break down tennis matched betting, we must first delve into how the game of tennis actually plays out. Put in the simplest of terms; tennis is a game in which either two or four players play in singles or doubles on a rectangular court divided by a net. The overall objective of tennis itself is to score points by hitting a ball over the net using a racket in a way that the opponent or opponents can’t return the ball effectively.

Compared to other sports, tennis is scored in a much more unique way. When a game unfolds, terms such as love, 15, 30, 40, deuce, and advantage will be mentioned. These actually refer to the individual points scored, with the first player to score four individual points with a two-point lead/margin winning the game. A match is generally divided into sets, with these, more often than not, comprising 6 separate matches. The first player to win six games with a two-game lead could claim the set. 

However, you may question what occurs if a player does not have a two-point lead upon meeting these thresholds. This is where the terms deuce and advantage come into play. For example, when two players reach the score 40-40, this is called a deuce, with the term generally connoting a match, hence its use for this scenario. To win a game from a deuce, players must win two consecutive points. If they manage to win the first one, this is called an advantage and should they win another consecutive point, the match is called in their favour. If not, the deuce resets.

Essentially, that is how a match of tennis plays out, obviously with a lot more excitement, close calls and mind-bending shots playing out on the court. If you are a newcomer to the world of sports in general, though, you could potentially take a look at the range of alternative online sports betting guides we also have at OddsMonkey to familiarise yourself with.

How Does Tennis Matched Betting Work?

Considering you are now likely familiar with how tennis plays out, you may be considering how tennis matched betting ties into all of this. Moreover, you could also be wondering, ‘what is matched betting?’ in general if you are unfamiliar with the concept. If this is the case, matched betting is a strategy which covers all possible outcomes of a sporting event by using separate bets. Looking at it holistically, this strategy can remove the overall reliance on chance and luck when it comes to your sports betting experience, applying a strategic approach that could potentially lock in profit margins.

Tennis matched betting, and the process as a whole, achieve this feat due to bettors placing two different types of bets. These are referred to as back and lay bets, with these being selected by using a betting exchange of your choice. Put simply, a back bet involves placing a stake in a sporting outcome which you think will occur. Counteractively, a lay bet involves bettors placing a stake on the same outcome not occurring, with this covering all potential eventualities.

However, you may actually be questioning how tennis matched betting is actually profitable and how you could use this to make money online. This is because people applying this strategy utilise various bookmakers and exchanges to locate and identify any potential odd differences and discrepancies. If you find odds for both back and lay bets that are greater than evens, this could lock in a profit margin regardless of the outcome of the respective event.

When tennis matched betting, this is where a matched betting calculator could come into the fray, with these allowing you to calculate any potential returns a theoretical matched bet could generate by simply inputting a few pieces of information, such as the odds of the selections. This could consequently help you determine the right stake to use for your selections in reference to applying the strategy correctly.

Tennis Matched Betting Markets

Now that you may be considering tennis matched betting, you may question which tennis betting markets this strategy can be used on. In reality, there is a wide plethora of different tennis-matched betting options, a lot of which you could likely be familiar with if you are frequented with other forms of sports betting. As tennis can’t end in a draw, the most popular type of tennis betting market is the outright winner selection. As their name implies, these refer to bettors placing stakes on the player which they think will come out victorious in a match.

As these are straight to the point and don’t involve any branching factors, these are arguably the most popular markets used for tennis matched betting. This is because a winner is guaranteed at the end of a matchup (however long it may last), meaning placing lay bets could cover both eventualities of a match’s result. As they are straightforward, these tennis matched betting markets are often backed and layed as singles; therefore, a single bet calculator could potentially come in handy.

Another popular form of tennis matched betting market is the over/under collection of bets. Unlike football betting, these don’t refer to points or goals scored in a match. Instead, they more likely relate to the number of games within a specific set. These allow you to predict how many games there will be in a set, with these being displayed in intervals of 0.5. By using different bookmakers and identifying differences and odds for the same selections, these markets could be great for tennis matched betting.

In addition to this, over/under bets in tennis could also be applied to a number of match aces, breaks of serve and even double faults, with these offering the same potential opportunities for tennis matched betting.

Things To Consider With Tennis Matched Betting

Although tennis and tennis matched betting may seem relatively straightforward, there is still a range of ways and factors that could potentially sway the outcome of a tennis match or even a tournament. The players involved in a match are obviously the deciding factor; however, there are a number of elements that could be researched in order to give you some potential indication of a game result, allowing you to make more informed tennis matched betting decisions.

One of the key elements that should be taken into consideration is a player’s form. If they are on a hot streak of victories either in a tournament or leading up to one, comparing the same thing to their opponent could give you some insight before making any selections.

In addition, the grand slams often present their own unique court surface, with these playing key roles in how a player can traverse the surface and how the ball may even bounce. For example, grass courts are the most popular and oldest type of surface, with this promoting a fast and low-bouncing style of play. Clay courts, on the other hand, promote slower playing styles, with the crushed stone, shale and clay resulting in the balls bouncing higher. The middle ground for court surfaces applies to hard courts, typically made of asphalt or even concrete. These provide a consistent medium-paced bounce for the ball, allowing various different playing styles to be adapted onto these courts.

Matching a player’s preferred playing style with the court surface at hand could also give some additional indication to how a game may play out, as it could give you some insight into a player’s approach as well as allowing you to check how they have performed in the past on similar court surfaces.

How To Start Tennis Matched Betting

Before you start your tennis matched betting journey, though, you may want to familiarise yourself with a couple of things more orientated specifically for matched betting as a whole. One thing that should be applied to all types of betting is learning how to manage your bankroll. As tennis matched betting involves placing stakes across various different bookmakers and exchanges, it is vital to have all your funds accounted for, tracking where they are and how much each specific bookmaker currently contains. In the beginning, this can be a tedious task when starting your tennis matched betting experience; however, setting a budget and keeping track of all your deposits is a significantly important aspect of your journey.

As we have already mentioned, there is a wide variety of different tennis matched betting markets and other options out there, some of which you may not be familiar with. However, this is where betting calculators can come into play once again, with these being able to negate any human error, automatically calculating any potential returns with unrivalled accuracy. This can streamline your tennis matched betting experience, making it efficient for you.

In order for these calculators to work efficiently for your tennis matched betting journey, only a handful of things are required. These include the odds of your selections, the result of each leg and the desired stake. Putting all of these into the calculator could accurately calculate any potential returns. On site, these calculators apply to all different types of betting options, with two of the most popular ones being the accumulator betting calculator and the treble bet calculator.

Best Tennis Matched Betting Offers

In regards to tennis and betting as a whole, there are certain betting offers you could potentially take advantage of to aid your tennis matched betting experience. One of the most common types of an offer is free bet offers, with matched betting being able to potentially convert free credits into real withdrawable funds if the tennis matched betting strategy is applied correctly. 

This is because free bets can be used to cover one portion of your tennis matched bets, with that being the back bet more likely than not. By laying the same selection with real funds on a betting exchange, if the proposed outcome comes true, the free bet could be converted into profit.

When signing up to bookmakers for the first time, which you are likely to do when first getting into tennis matched betting, you need to opt in for marketing communications. Although you may associate this with spam and unnecessary emails, this is where many bookmakers send out their offers and free bets to claim. If you are not opted in, you could be missing out on some nice bonuses which could be aiding your tennis matched betting.

Tennis Matched Betting At OddsMonkey 

Now that you have likely familiarised yourself with everything that encapsulates itself within the world of tennis matched betting, you might want to apply the strategy discussed for yourself. Should this be the casino, OddsMonkey is the site for you, with us being specialists in the world of matched betting and experts on everything there is to know surrounding this strategy.

Should you wish to dive deeper into the general world of matched betting, then our specialist matched betting blog covers a whole plethora of different strategies, stories and sports, all of which you could either use when starting off with tennis matched betting or any other sport you wish to apply this method in.


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