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ProfitDuel Matched Betting In The US

One of the fastest growing side hustle ideas for many currently in the US is matched betting,  with this still being a relatively new concept to many sports bettors and the general public as a whole. One platform specifically in the US dedicated to this side hustle is ProfitDuel, with this posing a whole range of features that are tailored towards learning matched betting. To understand what exactly they have to offer, all of this platform’s nuances and intricacies will be fully detailed in this following review.

What Is ProfitDuel 

Before we delve into our OddsMonkey review of ProfitDuel, we must first investigate exactly what this platform is. Essentially, ProfitDuel is the all-in-one matched betting platform in the US orientated towards both new and experienced matched bettors. The site teaches users how they can capitalise on bookmaker bonuses and promotions, converting these offers into margins of profit by using the matched betting strategy.

What Are The Requirements Of ProfitDuel?

There are just a handful of requirements needed in order for you to delve into all that ProfitDuel has to offer fully. The main requirement is purely tied to geographical location, with users having to be in one of the relevant states they are authorised in. Although there are just a number of certain states currently eligible, new ones are added regularly as regulations and licences are granted!

Another of the requirements is for users to start signing up for all of the possible bookmakers and betting exchanges. This is because the whole process of matched betting revolves around placing back and lay bets using bookmaker bonuses and promotions. Claiming all these at the beginning is an important step as it fully sets you up for your following endeavours at ProfitDuel.

The final requirement may seem a bit cliche, but that is dedication. Matched betting at first can take a little while to understand fully; therefore, sticking to all the learning materials to get yourself fully informed should be a priority. Having just a few hours spare to develop your matched betting skills could be of great use, allowing you to refine the craft over time.

The Benefits Of ProfitDuel 

One of the defining features of ProfitDuel as a whole is its polished and user-oriented interface. Whether you’re familiar with the world of matched betting or you are just a complete novice to this side of the world, the layout of ProfitDuel is streamlined for all users. Whether you are trying to find all the latest step-by-step guides, video walkthroughs or any of the dedicated matched betting tools, all of these elements can be easily located and switched between. What’s more, the stripped-back and minimalistic layout doesn’t over-clutter your screen, making it easier to focus on your matched betting endeavours.

Speaking of step-by-step guides and video walkthroughs, these are some of the defining elements behind the ProfitDuel experience. All of these are curated by matched betting experts, with all of the most in-depth knowledge and insight provided to ProfitDuel users in order to aid them in the world of matched betting. The matched betting guides themselves fully dissect all the key steps you need to learn and take in order to start applying the matched betting strategy effectively and efficiently, and the video walkthroughs visualise all of these guides, making the information even easier to digest. Once again, our experts are the ones behind these videos, meaning, once again, you are getting the best of the best insight from some of the top minds within the matched betting space.

It is not just the high-quality teaching, guides and walkthroughs that ProfitDuel provides to matched bettors either, with their dedicated software being another of their standout aspects. Their software encompasses a whole range of different specialist tools, from matched betting calculators all the way to odds converter tools.

Not only do these matched betting calculators offer immense ease of use once again to all levels of matched bettors, but they also allow you to accurately calculate potential profits, all with just a few input pieces of information. These can significantly aid your overall matched betting experience thanks to their overall efficiency and effectiveness, saving unrivalled amounts of time, all whilst removing the possibility for human error during the calculation process. This means that you can be fully informed when making decisions using one of these.

One of the more nuanced aspects of ProfitDuel is its profit-tracking tools. When matched betting, general bankroll management and keeping track of all your stakes and profits can be one of the most challenging aspects. This is not down to the fact the overall process is hard, but more in reference to the various different bookmakers and exchanges you are likely to be using. With ProfitDuel, though, our integrated profit tracking technology means that you don’t have to do your usual tedious spreadsheets, with all the relevant information being categorised, organised and clearly displayed via the ProfitDuel easy-to-use software.

Sign Up For Your ProfitDuel Free Trial

If you are looking to make money online specifically by getting into matched betting in the US, the ProfitDuel is arguably the ideal option for you. The various different features and benefits we have discussed create an overall impressive match betting-orientated platform which is complete with expert-derived content and immensely effective tools.

Yet another benefit ProfitDuel presents is that they offer new users the opportunity to sign up for a free trial. If you are just getting into matched betting, this can allow you to experience all that there is surrounding this platform, all whilst gaining some vital knowledge. What’s even better is that ProfitDuel’s free trial will actually guide you through some starter offers to potentially lock in some profit, all whilst being under no obligations!


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